Best beers to drink with Chili

Discussion in 'Beer Talk' started by CoastieSimon, Jan 13, 2017.

  1. CoastieSimon

    CoastieSimon Initiate (0) Nov 3, 2010 Florida

    For my dad's birthday we are throwing a chili cook-off type party. What are some good beers to pair with chili, I was thinking some saisons would do the trick.
  2. beersite

    beersite Initiate (0) Nov 8, 2016 Illinois

    for me a clean pilsner does the trick for chili.
  3. nachos

    nachos Initiate (104) Jun 4, 2012 Michigan

    Beers that taste good.
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  4. Squire

    Squire Poo-Bah (1,979) Jul 16, 2015 Mississippi
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    I choose the beer after I decide what to put in the chili but for a crowd I'd pick a selection built around what the guest of honor likes.
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    GOBLIN Meyvn (1,242) Mar 3, 2013 Ohio
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    I enjoyed a Founders Breakfast Stout with chilli once and thought it paired well. Miller Lite works too
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  6. drunkenmess

    drunkenmess Zealot (595) Mar 27, 2015 Michigan

    IMO stouts. Maybe even a session ipa would work.
    Actually some lagers might do good as well...:wink:
    Try a variety of styles. See what suites best with you.

  7. Scott17Taylor

    Scott17Taylor Meyvn (1,322) Oct 28, 2013 Iowa

    Saisons pair well with everything, but it depends on the chili. If it's really spicy I actually like to go with a Pilsner or adjunct lager. If it's really meaty and doesn't have a ton of spice I like to go with a brown ale. You still can't go wrong with a saison.
  8. NeroFiddled

    NeroFiddled Poo-Bah (9,925) Jul 8, 2002 Pennsylvania

    For a party I always provide a wide variety of beers and soft drinks. Cans work well as the labels don't come off in the ice water.
  9. Nickwierda

    Nickwierda Initiate (130) Feb 8, 2015 New Jersey

    Hopefully not too late here but a smoke beer is a favorite of mine to pair with chili. Especially spicy chili. I recently had an aecht schlenkerla smoked doppelbock with spicy chili and it was perfect.
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  10. OldRickSputin

    OldRickSputin Initiate (176) Jan 7, 2014 Illinois

  11. Brent212

    Brent212 Initiate (122) Jan 13, 2014 California

    stone smoked porter
  12. pjbear05

    pjbear05 Initiate (163) May 28, 2008 Florida

    Modelo Negra.
  13. LarryV

    LarryV Meyvn (1,024) Jun 13, 2001 Massachusetts

    I like an IPA with chili, Green Head IPA goes very well. I make it very spicy and the IPA is like a palate cleanser. Making some right now .....
  14. Lazhal

    Lazhal Devotee (440) Mar 13, 2011 Michigan

    The beer you used to make the chili of course!
  15. HeavyDandtheGirls

    HeavyDandtheGirls Initiate (197) Mar 7, 2014 Massachusetts

  16. elohim

    elohim Initiate (154) Dec 4, 2010 Georgia

    Samuel Smith Organic Chocolate Stout paired with Cincinnati style chili. For those unaware Cincinnati style chili has a vastly different flavor profile than traditional chili to the point where some people don't even consider it "real chili" but I think it is absolutely delicious. Give it a try if you ever get a chance you might be pleasantly surprised.
  17. Dka67

    Dka67 Aspirant (265) Nov 27, 2014 California

    A Stout with coffee and or chocolate will work Both those ingredients also work in a chili.
  18. Ahonky

    Ahonky Initiate (108) Feb 13, 2018 New York

    If only that wonderful beer were still available.

    On the back label it suggested PB&J as a likely pairing, and by God it was