Best beers to seek out in Chicago?

Discussion in 'Great Lakes' started by BBA2019, May 12, 2019.

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    Will be in town next week and plan to fill up an extra piece of luggage with beers that aren't distributed in the Philly area.

    Also, plan on stopping at a few taprooms for flights.

    I will be staying in Wrigleyville.

    Would appreciate your recommendations for beers, taprooms, and bottle shops.

    My favorite styles are stouts and porters, preferably barrel aged.

    I also enjoy Belgians, IPAs, Double IPAs, and fruited sours.
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  3. BBA2019

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    It's available all over Wrigleyville
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    As an aside, when I went to Siebel back in '95 I was told of a cool old man / dive bar where you had to knock on the door and tell them who you were to get them to let you in. I think it was an Old Style only, or close to that in selection kind of bar. Anybody know what I'm talking about? I never got the chance to visit.
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    You might be thinking of the bar that was eventually taken over by Michael Roper and changed into Hopleaf.

    That bar was an old man bar with a locked door and the little slide window they would open to see who you were. The main purpose was to keep minorities out really.

    Good chance there were a number of places like that.
  7. NeroFiddled

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    That sounds like the place. I had no idea it had to do with race; I probably wouldn't have gone if I knew that anyway.
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    I would guess it was Johnny's Tavern which closed in 2009 when it's 80+ year old owner/bartender passed away.'s/Johnnie's.htm

    "Johnnie's is one of those old-school neighborhood taverns, of which so few remain. When you walk up to the bar, Johnnie himself has to buzz you in at the door (if he is awake)."