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Discussion in 'Europe' started by Beerbom, May 23, 2016.

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  1. Beerbom

    Beerbom Pooh-Bah (1,576) Dec 20, 2014 California
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    Does anyone have any insight into Nice places to go in either Lake Como or Rome Italy. In Rome I'll be staying near the Termini Train Station. I am interested in a bottleshop type setting with good european bottles as well. I know about Il Birrificio di Como and also Ma che Siete Venuti a fa in Rome. I was on BA several mos ago and read about a place in Como that fit the bill but can't seem to find anything about it now. It could've been Il Birrificio but I'm not sure. Leaving very soon for Italy. Thanks guys/girls
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  2. Lurchus

    Lurchus Zealot (733) Jan 19, 2014 Germany

    Wow, no mention of where to find Cantillon. I'm amazed.
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  3. Beerbom

    Beerbom Pooh-Bah (1,576) Dec 20, 2014 California
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    I have lots of Cantillon already. I know Ristorante Consorzio in Turin has lots of Cantillon if I'm dying for some. I'm planning to bring some Bourbon County Stout, Pliny and Parabola to share with them hopefully.
  4. dphalpin

    dphalpin Devotee (390) Jul 3, 2012 Virginia

    Just went to Johnny's Off License yesterday (not the central Rome location).

    Awesome selection and the guy working (Trevor) was great. Had numerous recommendations for beer and bars/restaurants in Rome. For those looking they had Cantillon (Kriek, RdG, and Grand Cru Bruocsella) along with plenty of other great options.
  5. atomeyes

    atomeyes Initiate (0) Jul 13, 2011 Canada (ON)

    i just came back from italy.
    Lake Como doesn't have much, but there is a bar in Bellagio that isn't half bad. Il Tiglio. it's a 20+ min walk from the ferry terminal. it's in Piazza Canestri. look for the large Paulander sign.
    on tap, they have 3 Italian micros on tap, but, to be honest, i wasn't in the mood for a bock or APA. they also had Chouffe Soleil on tap. their beer fridge (self serve) has Pannepot, Rodenbach Grand Cru, some trappist beer.
    you will not find LoverBeer or other small breweries in Como.

    i also ate at Ristorante Consorzio and skipped the Cantillon and drank some of the Italian sours. had a Mummie 2009 and it was excellent. that restaurant's great.
  6. jesus_man

    jesus_man Devotee (349) May 8, 2015 North Dakota

    There was a cool bar near the Pantheon and perhaps on the way to Trevi that was really cool. American football themed, especially the Steelers, but staff was fun and interactive. Perhaps that would jog someone else's memory. If not, perhaps I can look back at my visa statement and see if I used my card there??

    Actually, it's amazing what you can find with a well worded google search!
  7. atomeyes

    atomeyes Initiate (0) Jul 13, 2011 Canada (ON)

    when i was in Rome, we went up one of the hills to go to Monti to shop, eat and get a nice (and different) view of the Colosseum.
    We turned a corner and, within a few hundred meters from the Colosseum, saw:
    Brew Dog.
    didn't realize they also expanded to Rome (brussels, yes. Rome, that was news). went inside. the staff was nice, place is nice. if you like sours, they always seem to have a BFM offering on tap. i missed the Bon Chien by 1 pour. they put a slightly sour spiced amber on tap that wasn't really good.
    but anyways, when the options are paper thin in the Roman Forum area, you have a pretty decent option tucked a bit out of the way and down a street that isn't crazily touristy. and it gives you a good excuse to walk 5 minutes further to see Michaelangelo's Moses statue
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  8. atomeyes

    atomeyes Initiate (0) Jul 13, 2011 Canada (ON)

    walked by that place countless times and it looked like a teen touristy shithole. they offer student discounts. looking briefly at their beer list, i'd suggest that it's not for beer geeks. to each his own.
  9. atomeyes

    atomeyes Initiate (0) Jul 13, 2011 Canada (ON)

    the good and bad about Ma che Siete.

    The good: tap list is very good to excellent. you'll find things there you wouldn't find anywhere else in Italy. owner is nice. and Beer & Fud is across the street, which, in my opinion, is the superior bar. a really pretty space, a bit more polished than Ma che, a larger tap list.

    the bad: that part of Rome isn't for everyone. i'll be blunt. if i was a horny, single guy that was 18-25, i'd be hanging out in that hood. lots of action, lots of young people, good vibe for younger people. my wife and i are over 30 and that neighbourhood was too much for us. the annoying street vendors that sell tourist shit, drum circles, stumbling drunk teens. not our thing anymore.
    it's also a bit meh outside of Ma che. people just huddled around and smoking. in the summer, when it's hot and humid, i'd probably have zero desire to park my ass and drink in there. Bier&Fud is much more welcoming, in my opinion. had a quick pint of LoverBeer at Ma che and my wife isn't prissy or snobby by any means, but she had no desire to go there and drink. Bier&Fud? i could hang out there for a while. reminds me of Moeder Lambic.
  10. DJ-Hophead

    DJ-Hophead Initiate (0) May 28, 2015 England

    Went to Rome in February and also recommend Johnny's Off Licence, very knowledgeable, helpful staff. Tried a peppery saison brewed especially for them from Extraomnes which was very good. Huge selection there. Also much nearer to Termini was this bottle shop, Domus Birrae :

    Again very helpful staff who recommended a number of local beers, particularly a nice imperial from Lariano. They had a number of international beers, some from Moor brewery just down the road from where I live in the UK which are fantastic.

    Personally I thought Ma che a brilliant beer bar but each to its own. Then again I was there early doors in February.
  11. NeroFiddled

    NeroFiddled Grand High Pooh-Bah (7,000) Jul 8, 2002 Pennsylvania
    Pooh-Bah Trader

    ROMA: The whole bottle shop versus draft bar confuses me, but whatever... I found a nice place via BA called Baguetteria Del Fico that was family run, had a great selection of bottled beers, and superb deli-like food items - west of Piazza Navona, it's also near No.Au. which is nice.

    Ma Che Siete Venuti A Fa can be fun if you're there early before the crowds... (don't mis a stop across the street at Bir & Fud) but Birreria Trilussa a few blocks down the road might be more of the European bottle shop you're looking for!

    I'll second Johnny's and Domus Birrae. I'd also recommend a trip to Serpente, Birra +, and perhaps Luppolo12 to the north of Termini.
  12. spartan1979

    spartan1979 Pundit (924) Dec 29, 2005 Missouri

    I'll be in Rome for a few days in October. I'm going to try and visit Bir & Fud and Open Baladin. Can anyone tell me if these places also serve wine? The other couple with us probably won't go if wine isn't available. Thanks.
  13. mjdailey87

    mjdailey87 Initiate (0) Nov 28, 2016 Pennsylvania

    Going to Rome in July for 3 weeks. Hoping to hit up some of these places. Also, we may head up to Germany for a few days. Would love to drink some good beer in these countries.
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