Best Breweries in Chattanooga, TN

Discussion in 'South' started by CaptCleveland, Dec 24, 2018.

  1. CaptCleveland

    CaptCleveland Crusader (727) Jun 18, 2003 Ohio

    Looking for suggestions for breweries in Chattanooga. Looks like most are not kid friendly. I searched the forums without success. Thanks!
  2. MrKennedy88

    MrKennedy88 Initiate (32) Aug 17, 2015 Tennessee

    Heaven & Ale Brewing - Not sure about the kid part.
    OddStory Brewing - 21+
    Hutton & Smith Brewing - 21+
    Naked River Brewing - Kids Allowed

    Those are the best options in Chattanooga brewery-wise.
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  3. WPZY

    WPZY Initiate (86) Jan 17, 2014 Tennessee

    Pretty sure I've seen kids in Heaven & Ale before. Big River would be another option as well, but probably behind those listed above.
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  4. CaptCleveland

    CaptCleveland Crusader (727) Jun 18, 2003 Ohio

    The amount of time I had diminished quickly so plans needed to be fluid. I was not able to hit any breweries this time but was able to pick up some cans of Bearded Iris and BCBS Vanilla and Orange in downtown Chatt and stopped off at Beast and Barrel for some bourbon. Thanks for all the recommendations!
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