Best Breweries to visit in Texas Hill Country

Discussion in 'Southwest' started by Bolivian_brewer, Apr 11, 2019.

  1. Bolivian_brewer

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    I'm taking the family up to the Texas Hill Country in a couple of weeks and wanted to visit some breweries, which one(s) do y'all recommend? We're staying around Dripping Springs, but can drive if needbe...

    I've been to Jester before, so that one's off the list...any other place? Ideally, it should be kid friendly as with the kiddo (but I guess most breweries are anyways). A nice quintessential Austin-ish beer garden would seal the deal with the missis' as well.
  2. beeragent

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    Family Business Brewing is in Dripping Springs. Decent beer, but in a great hill country setting, and with a playground for the kids. Another great place, not too far from there is Vista Brewing. Again, great hill country scenery with a huge area for the family/kids to interact. A bit further drive, but in San Marcos, is a new brewery called Roughhouse Brewing. Not nearly as big as the first two mentioned, but great rustic ales with a nice hill country view.
  3. Roadkizzle

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    I've heard good things about Last Stand Brewing which is near Jester King. But I've never been so I can't tell you how it is.
  4. Roybert

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    Acopon brewing is a great spot in Dripping proper. Check out Gaspipes on cask. I've heard tale that Suds Monkey is good, but their branding is so shitty that I haven't made an effort to go.
  5. donspublic

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    We stopped in at Last Stand Brewing was pretty good, inside taproom with a bier garden on the side. Lots of games inside and outside. Right next to a distillery, so you can kill 2 birds with one stone. We hit Vista earlier in the day, and were one and done. Was picking up a weird vibe in the taproom, only a hand full of people there, told us to sit down and someone would take our order, no one ever came. Should have left but went back to the bar and said no one taking our order. Basically a service shit show. Shit like that pisses me off because I was wanting to go out there when they got there cabins set up, but not wasting my time with them now
  6. Nightwish1094

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    Family Business is right around there. Real Ale is in Blanco but has limited taproom hours.

    Could always drive into Austin and have a ton of options.
  7. ilikebeer03

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    Haven't been to a ton of breweries out there, but Real Ale was a very enjoyable experience.
  8. mig100

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    Jester King, Last Stand, Real Ale
  9. zonker17

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    Not mentioned yet is Twisted X, which has brewery-only items that can be quite good. Not sure how many stops you can physically do in a day without getting too buzzed. As far as best path/grouping, this might be helpful. Pick any starting point and go as deep as you can.

    1) Vista - kind of like a 'normal' person JK that is not as sour and more farmhouse/standard, decent but spendy food, lots of room for kids
    2) Twisted X (Gordo's 2nd BBQ trailer) - standards, decent kids games
    3) Acopon - great beer, not very family friendly, the 'downtown' Dripping Springs experience
    4) Family Business (Jep's Southern Roots) - standards/Belgian's, food trailer is spendy for what you get
    5) Treaty Oak (Alice's) - great distillery, draft/mixed cocktails, marginal beer, great family environment, mid-tier food trailer, higher-tier food restaurant
    6) Last Stand / Revolution Spirits / Brewer's Choice - smallish beer garden but covers many bases
    7) Jester King - you've been here
    8) Suds Monkey - good standards, pizza, games, play area

  10. chaser85

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    Twisted X just doesn't make very good beer (my opinion) but my friends always have a very good time when they go out there. To each their own!
  11. hopfenunmaltz

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    In Drippin' a favorite is the Barber Shop which is a multitap in a former auto repair shop/Barber shop. On Sunday afternoons "the pickers" show up, all of the locals that play sting instruments. I've enjoyed that several times.

    Pretty sure it is owned by the same people as Apocon.