Best coffee beer you've had lately

Discussion in 'Beer Talk' started by inchrisin, Jan 18, 2013.

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  1. isturbo1984

    isturbo1984 Initiate (0) May 25, 2013 Washington

    I just picked one of those up. One fo the few Ninkasi (my favorite brewery) I haven't tried. I thought their Vanilla Oatis was an oatmeal stout or a cream stout. Actually, I'm sure it is. Sorry, bud.
  2. Acropora

    Acropora Initiate (0) Oct 15, 2013 California

    Oatmeal Stout :slight_frown:
  3. Lutter

    Lutter Initiate (0) Jun 30, 2010 Texas

    Cigar City Café Americana Double Stout... by far.

    That's also the thickest beer I've ever seen. Makes BCBS look like water.
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  4. ultravista

    ultravista Initiate (76) Dec 11, 2010 Nevada

    Is Pizza Port's Dusk Till Dawn a rebranded Coffee Monster? Both are imperial coffee porters. The Coffee Monster has cacao.
  5. rgdp

    rgdp Initiate (0) Aug 21, 2013 California

    Mocha Machine. Beechwood.
  6. spicoli00

    spicoli00 Defender (642) Jul 6, 2005 Indiana

  7. sicilian

    sicilian Initiate (175) Sep 30, 2008 Florida

    Cigar City Cubano-Style Espresso Brown Ale
    Amazing rich Cuban coffee and sweet flavors

    FBS is an amazing bitter coffee bomb, this was more balanced and easy drinking
  8. wrv01

    wrv01 Initiate (0) Oct 24, 2011 New Jersey

    pugent sound porter form Harmon, joe mamas milk from keegan, cafe americana doube stout from cigar city, stone expresso IRS
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  9. Lfty357

    Lfty357 Initiate (0) Jul 24, 2013 Florida

    The best coffee beer I have had lately is probably Founders Breakfast Stout.
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  10. LeeMarvin

    LeeMarvin Initiate (196) Jan 15, 2005 Massachusetts

    Finally drank the GI BC Coffee Stout I hid in the cellar for a couple of years. Yes, it's all it's cracked up to be.

    Had a Speedway Coffee Stout on Saturday and it was pretty darn good as well.
  11. splendidsplinter

    splendidsplinter Initiate (0) Dec 29, 2008 Massachusetts

    terrapin wake 'n bake
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  12. spitshaded

    spitshaded Initiate (0) Nov 12, 2012 Virginia

    Over the weekend I got to try FW Parabajava & Elysian Punkacino. Both were mighty tasty.
  13. nophunk

    nophunk Aspirant (239) Nov 27, 2011 Louisiana

    Herbert West from Tired Hands was killer!
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  14. rc51sport

    rc51sport Initiate (0) Feb 25, 2013 North Carolina

    CCB Cubano Espresso

    Best coffee beer every time I drink it
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  15. SingularWalker

    SingularWalker Initiate (0) Oct 9, 2013 Georgia

    My local growler bar/store had some dusty 4 packs of Terripan's Wake n Bake their distributor found from last year. Grabbed some and its mighty tasty aged a wee bit.
  16. starrdogg

    starrdogg Crusader (786) Jun 21, 2010 District of Columbia

    2012 BCS Coffee on tap a month or so ago. Best coffee beer I've ever had. Had a Beer Geek Brunch Weasel on Friday too that was damn good.
  17. loafinaround

    loafinaround Aspirant (200) Jul 16, 2011 New York

  18. GetTheYayo

    GetTheYayo Devotee (436) Aug 26, 2012 Pennsylvania

    Epic's Big Bad Baptist

    A really remarkable beer. Have been drinking Batch #14, featuring Cranknstein’s Black Satin coffee.

  19. jbck109

    jbck109 Aspirant (222) May 30, 2010 Michigan

    Got one of them waiting to kick the weekend off with, hope its tasty
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  20. Kelly2213

    Kelly2213 Initiate (0) Oct 21, 2013 New York

    Oyster bay brewing company amber! A surprising coffee twist! Mmmmmm! A must try.
  21. kemoarps

    kemoarps Poo-Bah (1,970) Apr 30, 2008 Washington
    Society Trader

    Lucky enough to get a pour of the Coffee Abraxas at Perennial's 2nd Anniversary over the weekend...

    I need some way of getting that into my life, pronto.
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  22. Eastside151

    Eastside151 Initiate (0) Jun 29, 2012 Ohio

    Latest choice, damn good too!
  23. anti-temperance

    anti-temperance Initiate (0) Feb 17, 2014 West Virginia

    Damnnnn. Prairie Bomb! is amazing. If you can get a hold of it do it! Dark, bold true espresso flavors.

    Drink ir fresh too.
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  24. Fordzilla

    Fordzilla Initiate (0) Nov 25, 2013 New York

  25. Stevedore

    Stevedore Poo-Bah (5,741) Nov 16, 2012 Oregon
    Society Trader


    In terms of value and quality, a $6.99 six pack of New Glarus Coffee Stout is hard to beat. It's a nice mix of coffee and base American Stout that is not a coffee bomb.
  26. Hop-Droppen-Roll

    Hop-Droppen-Roll Initiate (0) Nov 5, 2013 Minnesota

    Not the best, but the most recent coffee beer I've had lately is Surly Coffee Bender. I wasn't too excited about it - it's super aggressive on the coffee as it's basically just cold press brewed with beer instead of water.
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  27. ifnkovhg

    ifnkovhg Initiate (192) Aug 12, 2008 California

    Isn't Kopi Luwak the coffee that's harvested from fermented weasel sh!t?
  28. snansel

    snansel Disciple (343) Jan 12, 2014 Missouri

    I think you are talking about the Mikkeller Beer Geek Brunch Weasel.

    Best coffee beer I've had lately is 2nd Shift Blueprint Coffee LSD.
  29. Can_has_beer

    Can_has_beer Savant (927) May 14, 2013 Texas

    Correct sir! Kopi Luwak is the name of the coffee made from the excreted beans of the Asian civet cat
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  30. ledzeppelin4

    ledzeppelin4 Initiate (0) May 18, 2011 Illinois

    Central Waters Peruvian Morning
  31. RVigz

    RVigz Initiate (0) Jan 22, 2014 Pennsylvania

    I would have to say Saint Drogo's Coffee Porter from All Saints Brewery. I liked it so much in the taproom i had to take home a growler. :grinning:
  32. pimpinmidget

    pimpinmidget Aspirant (240) Mar 20, 2012 North Carolina

    Foothills randalled their Stout today with espresso beans and lemon zest.....amazing
  33. Cugabuh

    Cugabuh Initiate (66) Dec 6, 2012 Massachusetts

    Just had Berkshire Brewing's Coffee House Porter last week. I always forget how underrated both that beer and that brewery as a whole are!
  34. BreakMyPickle

    BreakMyPickle Initiate (0) Sep 27, 2013 Indiana

    Bean Gene from revolution. Blew my mind
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  35. BennyBeer04

    BennyBeer04 Initiate (0) Aug 27, 2009 Massachusetts

    Berkley Beer Coffee Porter.. absolutely outstanding.
  36. jcos

    jcos Aspirant (214) Nov 23, 2009 Maryland

    Bell's Java Stout.
    • Comes in 12 ounce bottle six packs +1
    • Not terribly hard to find when it is released +1
    • "Only" 7.5% +1
    #677 jcos, Feb 17, 2014
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  37. michaelg137

    michaelg137 Initiate (165) Oct 18, 2013 Ohio

    best coffee stout IMO is bourbon county coffee!
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  38. bubseymour

    bubseymour Poo-Bah (3,028) Oct 30, 2010 Maryland
    Society Trader

    Bourbon County Coffee Stout. Way, way smoother and tastier than regular Bourbon County IMO.
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  39. mmulebarn

    mmulebarn Initiate (0) Sep 1, 2013 Minnesota

    Alesmith's Kopi Luwak Speedway Stout was much better than anticipated.
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