Best everyday drinking beer?

Discussion in 'Beer Talk' started by DEdesings57, Jan 31, 2013.

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  1. rgdevera951

    rgdevera951 Initiate (0) Apr 2, 2014 California

    I don't know about you guys, but I find Pizza Port swamis & session IPAs are perfect for everyday drinking, specially during these hot summers.
  2. peteboiler

    peteboiler Initiate (175) Dec 16, 2010 Florida

    Off topic but I love the gunslinger profile pic. Huge King fan here.

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  3. milkbone_underwear

    milkbone_underwear Devotee (402) Mar 6, 2012 Massachusetts

  4. sagesebas

    sagesebas Initiate (0) Jan 25, 2013 Oregon

    I went a long time without drinking lagers or pilsners, I kind of wrote them off. But these past few weeks I've been getting a six pack or 4 pack for the whole work week. First it was Pivo by Firestone and then 1811 lager by Fort George both excellent refreshing beers.
  5. jayrutgers

    jayrutgers Aspirant (223) Oct 29, 2011 New Jersey

    Sierra Nevada Pale Ale
    Sam Adams Noble Pils
    Sam Adams IPL
    Sam Adams Boston Lager
    Brooklyn EIPA
    Brooklyn Pennant Ale
    Victory Prima Pils
    Dogfish Head Indian Brown Ale
    Dogfish Head 60 Minute IPA
    Stone IPA
    Stone Pale Ale
    Ommegang Hop House
    Dales Pale Ale
    Oskar Blue Mama's Yella Pils
    Sixpoint Crisp
    Sixpoint Bengali
    Carton Boat
    Flying Fish Farmhouse Summer Ale
    Kona Castaway IPA
  6. sammyg832

    sammyg832 Initiate (0) Oct 17, 2013 Arizona

    My fave easy drinking beers are sours and New Glarus fruits. I could easily drink New Belgiums La Folie everyday for the rest of my life
  7. sammyg832

    sammyg832 Initiate (0) Oct 17, 2013 Arizona

    Cheers to Red Chair. Love this beer!!!! :grinning:
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  8. lester619

    lester619 Devotee (473) Apr 17, 2009 Wisconsin
    Beer Trader

    There are at least two bottles of Moon Man in my fridge at all times.
  9. Doomcifer

    Doomcifer Champion (819) Nov 10, 2005 Rhode Island

    Pilsner Urquell
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  10. slusk

    slusk Disciple (368) Sep 28, 2009 Virginia
    Beer Trader

    I am a huge fan of English styles... so I keep Fullers London Pride and ESB on hand but if the English knew that I had a soft heart for Highland Brewing's Gaelic ale... they might draw and quarter me. :wink:
  11. fx20736

    fx20736 Meyvn (1,006) Mar 7, 2009 New York

    Fuller's London Pride used to be an every day beer for me but it has become too expensive, Honker's Ale is a much cheaper alternative.
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  12. slusk

    slusk Disciple (368) Sep 28, 2009 Virginia
    Beer Trader

    Ah yes... Honker's is quite nice. Another worth checking into is Legend's Brown ale. Not sure if you can get it in NY though, but it's a keeper.
  13. LagerCognoscenti

    LagerCognoscenti Initiate (0) Jun 28, 2013 United Kingdom (England)

    Pilsner Urquell. Warsteiner Premium Verum. Varying selection of Polish, or sometimes Romanian or Lithuanian lagers. Never really have a true go to anymore as it's more fun to change every time you go shopping. Sometimes have a session where the cheap swill was the favourite beer of the night!
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  14. Iain_Borowicz

    Iain_Borowicz Initiate (0) Jun 13, 2014 Pennsylvania

    Yuengling black and tan or lager for me.
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  15. maxhock

    maxhock Initiate (0) Dec 20, 2008 Massachusetts

    Jacks abbey - digging hoponious union lately.
  16. malvrich

    malvrich Initiate (0) Feb 17, 2014 North Carolina

    If I throw in Urquell, that covers my year!
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  17. thammz

    thammz Initiate (0) Jun 13, 2012 Connecticut

    Good thing Sierra Nevada Torpedo IPA is year round, easily my go to, or New England Brewing Co. Sea Hag IPA
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  18. Vukusich

    Vukusich Zealot (535) Jul 4, 2013 Wisconsin
    Beer Trader

    Founders - Centennial or Surly - Furious or Both.
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  19. Tucquan

    Tucquan Poo-Bah (2,271) Oct 11, 2007 Pennsylvania

    21st Amendment Bitter American - 4.4%
    Pilsner Urquell - 4.4%
    Troegs Sunshine Pils - 4.5%
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  20. StLeasy

    StLeasy Initiate (0) Sep 8, 2013 Illinois

    Founders Red's Rye (Used to be available every day, at least :slight_frown: ) Dirty Bastard and seasonals
    Stone Arrogant Bastard, Ruination, SSR and seasonals
    Sierra Nevada Torpedo and seasonals
    Ballast Point Big Eye, Sculpin, Calico
    Bell's Two Hearted and plenty of seasonals

    There are so many others I didn't list that I enjoy just as much. If I had to pick one.. Red's Rye or Arrogant Bastard. Cheers
  21. SFACRKnight

    SFACRKnight Meyvn (1,006) Jan 20, 2012 Colorado
    Beer Trader

    Saint lupulin. Good god I wish it was year round.
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  22. Phobicsquirrel

    Phobicsquirrel Devotee (480) Oct 1, 2013 Oregon
    Beer Trader

    Drinking the shit out of the fort george/boneyard/block15 3way ipa
  23. Highbrow

    Highbrow Devotee (450) Jan 7, 2011 California
    Beer Trader

    @keithmurray sorry for the thread drift. you don't seem to accept Messages & the thread this pertains to is closed/ no longer quotable. in case you were serious, i happened upon & grabbed another one of those glasses you joked about last week. lmk
  24. makeminerandom

    makeminerandom Initiate (0) Jan 11, 2014 Pennsylvania

    Lagunitas IPA or Sumpin' Sumpin' Ale
    Clown Shoes Hoppy Feet
    Molson XXX (seriously, it's cheap and very drinkable when I want something without a hop kick)
  25. Vogt52

    Vogt52 Initiate (0) May 25, 2014 Maryland

    Sam Adams Boston Lager is easily accessible, affordable, delicious, and not too heavy
  26. Kadonny

    Kadonny Meyvn (1,190) Sep 5, 2007 Pennsylvania
    Beer Trader

    Huh? Sam Adams BL is the poster boy (IMO) for a easy drinking quality lager. Hoppy, biscuity, crisp, easy drinking. A great beer that is very much under appreciated as stated above.

    Funny you bring this up. I was a HUGE Bling Pig fan, but have not had it in quite awhile. Recently during PBW I was lucky enough to have both a Fat Heads Head Hunter IPA and a RR Blind Pig on draft back to back. Granted, I did not know the age of either keg, but Head Hunter absolutely blew Blind Pig out of the water. It was super surprising to me.

    If Head Hunter were available in my area regularly, it would be my everyday IPA no questions asked.
    #186 Kadonny, Jun 18, 2014
    Last edited: Jun 18, 2014
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  27. FoamInnovation

    FoamInnovation Initiate (0) Nov 12, 2013 Washington

    Uinta Hop Nosh
    Wells Bombardier
  28. keithmurray

    keithmurray Meyvn (1,087) Oct 7, 2009 Connecticut

    Tell me about it! When it came in six packs it was 10.99, now they have gone to a 4 pack format and I saw it in stores for 9.99 - it just doesn't compute.
  29. sAvAgE69

    sAvAgE69 Initiate (0) Aug 31, 2013 Alberta (Canada)

    Nelson brewing company wild honey ale

    Great stuff!

  30. edwado

    edwado Initiate (0) Jul 9, 2013 New Jersey

    there isn't enough dirtwolf in this world for you and I
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  31. JimKal

    JimKal Devotee (469) Jul 31, 2011 North Carolina

    When I was quite a bit younger I would try SABL and could not get into it as my AAL trained taste buds couldn't adjust to the hops. But now I'm into IPAs and SABL, in cans, is a frequent visitor to my fridge, especially in the summer. I can't say I have a real go to brew as I usually have a mix of beers. The heat has arrived in NC and various wheat beers and SABL are becoming a more frequent choice along with home brew. But, I always have at least one IPA around. Recently I've become a Two Hearted convert (cans only). I'll get it when I can't get Hop, Drop, and Roll (you have to be there when it's delivered or it's gone).
  32. JCicero08

    JCicero08 Initiate (0) Jun 16, 2014 Pennsylvania

    1. Two Hearted
    2. 60 minute
    3. Troegs Pale Ale
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  33. JCicero08

    JCicero08 Initiate (0) Jun 16, 2014 Pennsylvania

    In the summer my go to would have to be Hala Kahiki from Rivertowne. It is sex in a can.
  34. FrankHammer

    FrankHammer Initiate (0) Jan 31, 2013 Michigan
    Beer Trader

    Thankee sai, long days and pleasant nights.
  35. jimmyfishkin

    jimmyfishkin Aspirant (215) Nov 17, 2008 Wisconsin

  36. SteveSexton203

    SteveSexton203 Aspirant (204) Feb 19, 2014 Connecticut

    Would definitely have to say my good to Ipa be my Everyday drinker- Sierra Nevada Torpedo Ale
  37. Harnkus

    Harnkus Initiate (0) Oct 31, 2013 New York


    Someone above said Brooklyn Summer, and I would agree that has great everyday appeal. I would also add Two Brothers Domaine DuPage, Anchor Porter, Great Lakes Dortmunder Gold, Victory Festbier (if it were year round) and Aecht Schlenkerla Maerzen Rauchbier (if I could afford it I would buy it by truckload)
  38. TexAg11

    TexAg11 Initiate (0) Jun 15, 2014 Texas

    Lagunitas Lil sumpin or Sierra Nevada pale ale. 2 of my favorite easy drinking every day beers. If you ever venture to Texas I would suggest the Karbach Weekend Warrior, a pale ale perfect for a day at the pool.
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  39. SCbrewpubfan

    SCbrewpubfan Aspirant (205) May 27, 2010 South Carolina
    Beer Trader

    I recently discoverd NoDa's Jam Session which I really like as a session ale. It's not nearly as hoppy as HDaR, but it's very well balanced.
    I agree with SammyG832 regarding La Folie. I could drink it every day.
    I had some "throwback" Schlitz that was suppose to be like the 70's version of it and it was pretty damn drinkable.
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  40. yuenglingfan101

    yuenglingfan101 Zealot (592) Jul 7, 2010 Ohio

    Sam Adams Boston Lager
    Pliny the Elder
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