Best Fruit Flavored Beer

Discussion in 'Beer Talk' started by ZAP, Jun 28, 2012.

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  1. TheBeerSnob

    TheBeerSnob Initiate (0) Jun 13, 2012

    TS would probably like Kasteel Rouge and would probably find Hoegaarden rose and citroen super refreshing, not sure if the latter two are available in the US. I drink them as sodas in Europe, since Euros don't seem to believe in cold drinks
  2. BeerSingh

    BeerSingh Initiate (0) Jul 25, 2009 India

    1. Kriek De Ranke
    2. Three Philosophers
  3. Msquared2

    Msquared2 Initiate (0) Jul 28, 2011 North Carolina

    21st Ammendment Hell or High Watermelon. Doesn't have the best rating on here but it's a great summer beer.
  4. sideshowe

    sideshowe Disciple (373) Jun 20, 2008 Pennsylvania
    Beer Trader

    Outside of fruited lambic, probably Selinsgrove Phoenix Kriek.
  5. Durb777

    Durb777 Initiate (0) Nov 30, 2011 Illinois
    Beer Trader

    I really enjoy Magners Irish Cider on a hot summer day.
  6. jlordi12

    jlordi12 Zealot (502) Jun 8, 2011 Massachusetts
    Beer Trader

    I didn't like Founders Cerise at all. It was a pretty big disappointment for 14$ for a four pack. By far the worst beer I've had from them .
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  7. DanimalFL

    DanimalFL Initiate (0) Mar 15, 2012 Florida

    Nope. Youre all wrong. It's lemonade flavor Four Loko. Original recipe of course. Grape is pretty good too. But who cares? Just a bunch of hunks drinking fruit beer ya dangus.
  8. ggfunk

    ggfunk Initiate (0) Mar 29, 2010 Oregon

    Stumpton Tart from Bridgeport is pretty solid this year and very reasonably priced.
  9. kmello69

    kmello69 Defender (618) Nov 27, 2011 Texas
    Beer Trader

    Founders Cerise
    Founders Blushing Monk
    DFH Festina Peche
    Shiner Ruby Redbird
    Abita Strawberry
    Left Hand Good Juju (yeah, not fruity, but light and gingery and great for summer)
  10. KAF

    KAF Initiate (0) Jun 22, 2007 Iowa

    New Glarus Belgian Red, Raspberry Tart, Cranbic and Apple were all great to good.
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  11. MrHassellYaHurd

    MrHassellYaHurd Initiate (0) Jul 21, 2008 Louisiana

    They're not my type, but Abita brews Purple Haze and Harvest Strawberry Lagers. They're not too bad, and easy on the sweetness. My girlfriend really loves Magic Hat #9, which is in the same vein.
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  12. bierfreundlich

    bierfreundlich Initiate (0) Aug 24, 2011 California

    Dubuisson Scaldis Peche Mel
    Dogfish Head Festina Peche
    21st Amendment Hell or High Watermelon
    Alpine Mandarin Nectar
    The Bruery Nottenroth
  13. fixscott

    fixscott Initiate (0) Aug 13, 2012 Texas

    All of the Lindeman's flavored lambic are good. Abita strawberry harvest is nice. And for something different, try a Lava Lake Wit from Crazy Mountain. It uses coriander, CuraƧao orange peel and camomile. The camomile really comes through and makes this beer different. It is very refreshing and easy to drink in the Houston heat.
  14. Mshull

    Mshull Devotee (413) Mar 26, 2013 Ohio
    Beer Trader

    NG raspberry tart
    Founders rubaeus
  15. jesster64

    jesster64 Initiate (0) Aug 3, 2013 New Jersey

    tried watermelon wheat, blueberry, banana, and rasberry wheat. Only one I would buy again is sam addams cherry wheat. I did enjoy ice cold miller chill on a hot day.
  16. SeanBond

    SeanBond Champion (835) Jul 30, 2013 Illinois
    Beer Trader

    Yeah, if you can get a hold of pretty much any fruit beer New Glarus makes, you're good to go. With that being said, they're a lot different from Shocktop and Leinenkugel's offerings, so keep that in mind.
  17. Ilovelampandbeer

    Ilovelampandbeer Zealot (545) Aug 25, 2013 New York
    Beer Trader

    sam adams cherry wheat is worth a try its very good imo
    blue point blueberry ale
    wachusett blueberry ale
    magic hat no9 is a nice apricot beer
  18. mrcraft

    mrcraft Meyvn (1,318) Dec 15, 2012 California
    Beer Trader

    I had Founders Rubaeus. I have a sweet tooth, in general, so I liked it. I was reading through the description for Blushing Monk and it says that beer was brewed with 4 times the raspberries of Rubaeus. I hope Founders decide to brew Blushing Monk again. I'd like to try that one too.
  19. PaulyB83

    PaulyB83 Crusader (781) Sep 1, 2013 Michigan
    Beer Trader

    While Short's Peaches & Cream might not be my favorite, I think it deserves to mentioned here.
  20. jivex5k

    jivex5k Initiate (0) Apr 13, 2011 Florida

    New Glarus Serendipity was pretty amazing.
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  21. Mongrel

    Mongrel Crusader (749) Feb 14, 2013 Maryland
    Beer Trader

    I really enjoy DFH's Red and White. The pinoit noir juice is done with delicate restraint and the little Belgian spice kick doesn't hurt either. Dangerously drinkable.
  22. Hendrick24

    Hendrick24 Crusader (717) Sep 6, 2013 Wisconsin
    Beer Trader

    Agree with the New Glarus fruit beers, Strawberry Rhubarb being my favorite of the 4 offerings.
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  23. Gregg_Kawakami

    Gregg_Kawakami Initiate (0) Apr 19, 2013 Hawaii

    Waialua Ale from Kona Brewing co.
    The passion fruit enhances the flavor without overwhelming the beer.
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  24. Loganyoung

    Loganyoung Initiate (0) Jul 16, 2011 Georgia
    Beer Trader

    Outside of the lambic's there's not to many I really care for. Most are way to artificial tasting. Though I like a few like black and blue and aprihop. One of may favs was a homebrew i did a while back, a wheat beer I racked to secondary on to 25 kiwis and 10 mangos. Still yet to try any of NG stuff though.
  25. sajaffe1

    sajaffe1 Aspirant (274) Feb 16, 2013 Utah

    Southern Tier Plum Noir Imperial Porter is pretty good
  26. WilderPegasus

    WilderPegasus Initiate (0) Dec 16, 2012 Ontario (Canada)

    Dieu du Ciel Solstice d'Ete
  27. Keffa

    Keffa Defender (634) Jan 8, 2009 Ohio
    Beer Trader

    Best at what? Fruit flavor? Overall flavor?

    If it's overall, Raspberry Eisbock from Kuhnhenn. Easily top 3 beers I've ever had, if not tied for best. Sooooo good.
  28. Gorillahead

    Gorillahead Initiate (0) Oct 15, 2013 Missouri

    Same here. I don't care much for fruit beers, but Abita's Strawberry Harvest is my wife's absolute fav. I have to keep it in the stash when it's in season for her.
  29. jcos

    jcos Aspirant (243) Nov 23, 2009 Maryland

    I like this one the best as it still tastes like a beer but with a fruity edge.
  30. Malaya

    Malaya Initiate (0) Apr 28, 2013 Illinois

    framboise for a cause
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