Best Porter in New England (no adjuncts)?

Discussion in 'New England' started by GiantCogs, Aug 7, 2017.

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  1. GiantCogs

    GiantCogs Initiate (102) Oct 25, 2012 Massachusetts

    I'm having a Stoneface porter right now. Absolute slam dunk. This beer rocks me again and again.

    Everett is probably still my favorite. There is something about the attenuation/texture/finish that is really magical, but Stoneface Porter is close...I think.
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  2. thedude180

    thedude180 Initiate (108) Apr 3, 2009 Massachusetts

    That Stoneface Porter is solid. Unfortunately, I've never had Everett.

    My favorites brewed in New England are:

    Mayflower Porter
    Exhibit A Briefcase Porter
    Mystic The Hum
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  3. SunDevilBeer

    SunDevilBeer Defender (660) May 9, 2003 Massachusetts

    Always been a fan of Cambridge Brewing Co's Charles River Porter.
  4. seanwhite

    seanwhite Disciple (378) Jan 31, 2008 Massachusetts

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  5. jhavs

    jhavs Poo-Bah (1,961) Apr 16, 2015 New York
    Society Trader

    Stoneface, especially super fresh on tap at the brewery (or growler brought home) is excellent.

    Everett gets my vote, but the Stoneface Porter is not too far behind.

    I would not complain about a Mayflower either though, great brew.
  6. BumpkinBrewer

    BumpkinBrewer Disciple (326) Jan 6, 2010 Massachusetts

    Recently had a Foundation Bedrock that I thought was worth a mention.
  7. Jesse14

    Jesse14 Initiate (198) Jul 21, 2011 Massachusetts

    Kelsen's Draken Robust Porter is my favorite for readily available. Love the depth of flavor and smoothness.
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  8. vtcraft

    vtcraft Initiate (173) Apr 1, 2013 Vermont

    Smuttynose porter, imperial porter is even better
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  9. JoeB51982

    JoeB51982 Initiate (185) Jan 10, 2008 Rhode Island

    I had Hearthbound Robust Porter by Fox Farm this past weekend and came away pretty impressed... Went there for the IPA's, but their porter is damn tasty. That being said, Everett is my choice for best porter in NE... I actually prefer the barrel-aged version over most barrel aged stouts even. I also have a soft spot in my heart for Leaning Chimney from Grey Sail and Robust Porter from Smuttynose.
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  10. Sweatshirt

    Sweatshirt Disciple (328) Jan 27, 2014 New Hampshire

    Same here.
  11. JuanFushashi

    JuanFushashi Initiate (153) Feb 5, 2011 Maine

    I'm just going to throw a bunch out there since I think there are so many and it's fun to talk about beers that aren't lupulin, orange, 500-people-in-line juice bombs or barrel-aged, wax-topped, diabeetus stouts.

    Vermont: Have really loved Shirley Mae: Sunrise Edition on nitro from Hill Farmstead, it is basically a milkshake. I also love Everett from them as well. I think Pappy's Porter from the Alchemist is also pretty great, albeit hoppy for a porter. The peanut butter fiend in me loves Chunky from Burlington Beer Company as well.

    Massachusetts: The Framinghammers from Jack's Abbey are pretty great, I've had the PB&J, Mole and Cocoa-Nut versions. Porter Square Porter from Slumbrew is solid. I'm also a huge fan of Trillium's Pot & Kettle and its variants, which is great because it's always around and doesn't require you to rush when they release it. You also can't go wrong with Awake from Night Shift.

    Maine: Hard to get aside from on tap at the brewery, but Bissell Brother's Angels with Filthy Souls, and more importantly, Angels with Even Filthier Souls is solid.

    New Hampshire: Haven't had a ton of NH beers, but Kamarade from Schilling is one of my favorite from them.

    I honestly would say that I love that Shirley Mae: Sunrise Edition the most, but will defend Pot & Kettle as being totally underrated forever.
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  12. M-Fox24

    M-Fox24 Meyvn (1,139) Mar 17, 2013 New Jersey

    OP is looking for "no adjuncts"
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  13. lic217

    lic217 Champion (885) Aug 10, 2010 Connecticut

    Smuttynose robust porter
    MBC king Titus
    Back east porter
    HF Everett
  14. JuanFushashi

    JuanFushashi Initiate (153) Feb 5, 2011 Maine

    Yeah...I honestly wasn't sure what that meant...apologies, I guess.
  15. M-Fox24

    M-Fox24 Meyvn (1,139) Mar 17, 2013 New Jersey

    Additions outside of the essentials (i.e. water, hops, malted barley, and yeast). So nothing containing lactose, coffee, vanilla, cocoa, herbs, and whatnot
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  16. JuanFushashi

    JuanFushashi Initiate (153) Feb 5, 2011 Maine

    Oh shoot, that's basically everything I listed.
  17. M-Fox24

    M-Fox24 Meyvn (1,139) Mar 17, 2013 New Jersey

    Ha. No worries man, wasn't sure if you just skimmed the title too fast -
  18. macandrewsRIP

    macandrewsRIP Initiate (50) Oct 28, 2007 Massachusetts

    Berkshire Draymen's Porter
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  19. Piels25

    Piels25 Aspirant (211) Dec 17, 2013 Massachusetts

  20. MNtoMA

    MNtoMA Initiate (52) Jun 23, 2015 Massachusetts

    HF Everett & Fear and Trembling
    CBC Charles River
    Mayflower Porter
    Trillium Pot and Kettle
  21. soheadyithurts

    soheadyithurts Initiate (130) Jan 4, 2013 Massachusetts

    When's the last time trillium released Pot & Kettle without the coffee addition? I don't think I've seen it in 18+mo
  22. GabrielEVH

    GabrielEVH Initiate (144) Mar 24, 2016 Massachusetts

    Exhibit 'A' Briefcase Porter hits all the notes I'm looking for while being a manageable ABV. Also a fan of Smuttynose.

    This is a great thread. I need to remember this set of beers in about a month when the weather starts to change.

    Also, I know it isn't a porter (however, it is about a 1/2 step away from one and adjunct-free), but Slumbrew's Attic and Eaves is a fantastic toasted brown, IMO.
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  23. DarthCerevisiae

    DarthCerevisiae Initiate (48) Jan 13, 2016 Massachusetts

    So good. Every once in a while they'll put it in a cask.. Drool.
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  24. GiantCogs

    GiantCogs Initiate (102) Oct 25, 2012 Massachusetts

    I completely forgot about The Hum! That beer is incredible.

    HF Everett
    Stoneface Porter
    Mayflower Porter
    The Hum
    Smuttynose Robust Porter.

    I've probably had Mayflower the most. It has that ye ole English level of gulpability.

    Based on what people are saying, I'll look out for the Exhibit A Briefcase and Kelsen. All of Kelsen's darker offerings have been on point.
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  25. joberlander

    joberlander Disciple (361) May 30, 2014 Massachusetts

    second on mystics the hum. Great beer. reading these posts makes me realize how few non adjunct porters there are out there. So many have cacao or coffee added at least.
  26. skivtjerry

    skivtjerry Zealot (556) Mar 10, 2006 Vermont

    For a straight porter, not hyper-imperial strength or containing additives like coffee, vanilla, etc. Everett is about the best in the world right now, IMO. Not dissing coffee, barrel aging or other treatments but for 'just a porter' Everett is hard to beat.
  27. smutty33

    smutty33 Crusader (749) Jun 12, 2009 Connecticut

    Yeah that Fox Farm Hearthbound is amazing. Had a chance to have a pint recently and was very impressed.
  28. dental

    dental Devotee (431) Apr 2, 2014 Massachusetts

    co-sign on mayflower porter.
  29. Hop-Bomb

    Hop-Bomb Initiate (70) Jan 11, 2016 Massachusetts

    Enjoying a NightShifts Awake right now. Outstanding!
  30. SABERG

    SABERG Poo-Bah (2,538) Sep 16, 2007 Massachusetts

    Smuttynose Robust Porter
    Mayflower Porter
    The Hum from Mystic
    Berkshire Brewing Porter
    Cambridge Brewing Charles River Porter (especially on Cask)

    Cheers all
  31. KingCobra686

    KingCobra686 Initiate (129) Aug 13, 2014 Connecticut

    I'm a fan of the Foolproof Peanut Butter Raincloud Porter
  32. WolfsburgVW

    WolfsburgVW Disciple (321) May 21, 2013 Maine

    Might want to re-read the title of this thread.
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  33. topsham134

    topsham134 Initiate (16) May 18, 2017 New York

    Everett is porter perfection.
  34. hopley

    hopley Meyvn (1,326) Feb 24, 2010 Massachusetts

    Smuttynose Robust Porter for me is a stand out - while I've had lots of the others listed above, including Everett, SRP was the only one I immediately rated a 5 without thinking (that was before the individual attribute ratings), and I believe the only porter I've ever given such a rating. So there!
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  35. hopley

    hopley Meyvn (1,326) Feb 24, 2010 Massachusetts

    Guys - I meant to say Smuttynose BALTIC Porter!!! Huge difference!! Ironically I haven't even had the Robust Porter...

    In reading the above comment about "peanut butter" and in thinking about not including adjuncts in this thread, I wondered if including a "Baltic" or for that matter an Imperial would be fair game, but I just did it anyway. So there, again!! Cheers!!
  36. lic217

    lic217 Champion (885) Aug 10, 2010 Connecticut

    Robust porter is an incredible beer
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  37. Leebo

    Leebo Initiate (192) Feb 7, 2013 Massachusetts

    Jacks Abby, framinghammer. The barreled aged ones, bourbon esp, way awesome. Forget all those add ins, mole, peanut butter etc.
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  38. EnronCFO

    EnronCFO Zealot (565) Mar 29, 2007 Massachusetts

    CBC Charles River Porter is pretty great. But I'll also throw in a vote for Slumbrew's Porter Square Porter.
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  39. jbarletto

    jbarletto Disciple (336) May 18, 2013 Massachusetts

    Everett is tops for me too but as far as readily available I always go for Mayflower and Smuttynose Robust
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  40. Newport_beerguy

    Newport_beerguy Zealot (594) Feb 24, 2011 Rhode Island

    Went to Ragged Island Brewing in Portsmouth, RI the other day and the IPA/PA's are ok but the Baulston nitro porter was fantastic. Such a great roastiness to it. Fox Farm also had a nice porter. Too bad neither of these are packaged yet.
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