Big beers have ruined my palate

Discussion in 'Beer Talk' started by Johnnyramirez, Jan 10, 2013.

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  1. Johnnyramirez

    Johnnyramirez Nov 17, 2012 California

    I was drinking a Kona Big Wave with some friends earlier and I used to have some fond memories of this beer. It was sweet with tropical fruit notes and just overall good. Lately I've been drinking ALOT of Pliny, stouts and getting into sours and now this beer tastes like water. It smells like beer, it looks like beer but I might as well be drinking a Perrier right now.

    How do I get my palate to reset so to speak so I can enjoy simpler beers
  2. UCLABrewN84

    UCLABrewN84 Mar 18, 2010 California

    Don't drink beer for a while.
  3. lucas1801

    lucas1801 Apr 5, 2012 Massachusetts

    Drink what you are in the mood for style wise, Pliny is a great beer but far from a palate killer.
  4. MattSweatshirt

    MattSweatshirt Jun 29, 2011 Texas

    Take a trip to Bamberg. Drink a fresh Fässla pilsner and try and tell me it is not awesome. Or any other beer in the city. I guess that is not the most feasible thing to do, but otherwise I don't know what to tell you.
  5. basscram

    basscram Mar 29, 2006 Maine

    It could possibly be your mindset at the moment. Our minds can really alter our tastes at times I believe. I would like to say, I've had beers with fond memories of them and the incredible tastes and come back to them and they were like total garbage. It will subside. This beer, will taste wonderful at another point in time to you for sure :slight_smile:
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  6. Johnnyramirez

    Johnnyramirez Nov 17, 2012 California

    Oh I'm not saying it's a palate wrecker at all. Just that since I've been drinking that, other DIPA's, Imperial Stouts, and now slowly sours it seems my palate wants complexity. So I drank a simple beer and it tasted like water
  7. lucasj82

    lucasj82 Aug 13, 2009 Indiana

    BMC it up for a week or two.
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  8. MCImes

    MCImes Dec 31, 2010 Connecticut

    Longing for a beer of your palate past is like a woman in her 40s with frizzy 90's hair wishing she was still 20.

    I ruined my palate a long time ago. You'll come to terms with the new reality of your palate. its actually not a bad thing in my opinion. just look into more sours. Time is constantly moving forward. so is our tongue
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  9. BourbonDork

    BourbonDork Sep 15, 2010 Virginia

    This is actually common among whiskey drinkers; palate fatigue. It's happened to me and I just stop drinking for a while. I'll go sometimes a week or two with nothing to drink to kind of reset. As mentioned above, mindset, or emotional state can affect how we taste along with state of health and what we eat prior to drinking.
  10. starrdogg

    starrdogg Jun 21, 2010 District of Columbia

    Palates change over time as you try more beers with different flavors. I'm not sure that it's exactly that the beer tastes bland, just that perhaps it's not a very good beer and drinking better beers have made that apparent to you. Example: when I first got into craft beers, I loved the big DIPAs and barrel-aged stouts, and I thought styles like saisons were boring and flavorless. Over time, my palate changed to the point where I could appreciate the subtleties of styles like that despite the fact that I honed my palate drinking largely big beers. On the other hand, beers that I used to love (Fat Tire, for example) taste incredibly mediocre to me now because they are mediocre beers.

    Your problem is not that big beers make small beers taste like water. Your problem is that drinking good beer makes bad beer taste bad.
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