Bigfoot moves to 4-packs

Discussion in 'Beer Talk' started by wcintula, Mar 21, 2012.

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  1. imbrue001

    imbrue001 Aspirant (216) Aug 6, 2010 Pennsylvania

    I'm always amazed at the number of people on here who enjoy price increases and/or less beer for the same money. LOL, I mean obviously having 6 beers is better than having 4 beers. Obviously spending less money for your goods is better. There is no argument to be made. No no you guys are right, mo money mo problems, sure ok.

    Me, I was never in love with bigfoot to begin with. So this change ensures I will never purchase it again.
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  2. stayclean

    stayclean Initiate (0) Mar 17, 2012 Wisconsin

    I'd say a brewery is entitled to profit SOMEWHAT off a beer they make.
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  3. maltmaster420

    maltmaster420 Aspirant (295) Aug 17, 2005 Oregon
    Beer Trader

    Are you stupid, or just being obtuse? Nobody likes paying more for stuff, but some of us would like to see quality breweries like Sierra Nevada continue to grow and be profitable so that they don't go out of business. As far as you not purchasing any, that's fine, it just means there's more for the rest of us.
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  4. bum732

    bum732 Meyvn (1,150) Feb 18, 2008 Lesotho

    not sure if trolling.
  5. imbrue001

    imbrue001 Aspirant (216) Aug 6, 2010 Pennsylvania

    ?? Of course they are entitled to make profits. I'm entitled to not enjoy watching the rapid extinction of the 6-pack.
  6. maltmaster420

    maltmaster420 Aspirant (295) Aug 17, 2005 Oregon
    Beer Trader

    Overreact much? Out of the hundreds of different beers available in 6pks, only a tiny fraction have moved to 4pks. Frankly, I'd be surprised if anyone could list more than a dozen brands that have made the switch.
  7. BillManley

    BillManley Aspirant (246) Jul 2, 2008 California

    Guys, I honestly realize that nobody likes to pay more for the things that they buy. Sierra Nevada included. We have to pay more for malt, and hops, and glass, and crowns, and water, and transportation, and the labor it takes to brew the beer and sadly, these increases add up to Bigfoot selling under profitability.

    We also realize that four beers are less than six beers, but the thing is, in this scenario 6 Bigfoot for 10 dollars was/is not a sustainable option. 6-packs of Bigfoot for $15 would be a much more likely scenario. (both price points are hypothetical BTW...prices vary nationwide)

    Instead of doing that, we think it's a little bit easier to take a lower per-carton price, rather than have a big jump on the 6-pack. Also, as someone stated above, this will now be part of a series which helps our bee find a spot at retail: Hoptimum, Imperial Stout and Bigfoot sharing the same slot in the cooler and price points to you.

    We also realize there will be some backlash for this. We have always tried to be fair with pricing, and we've gone out of our way with several of our beers to deliver a reasonable price point, even if it meant we were actually loosing money on a certain item (Estate Ale for example.) Clearly, as a business this is not a sustainable option. Our employees have families too!:slight_smile:

    We're sorry if we've upset some folks, and we realize some people will no longer purchase Bigfoot. While we find this terribly sad, it is an inevitability that we've got to accept moving forward. We hope that in the coming years, fans of Bigfoot will be able to look past this necessary increase. Again, we're really sorry for the disappointment, but I'm afraid this is the only way.


    Bill Manley
  8. Beerandraiderfan

    Beerandraiderfan Initiate (0) Apr 14, 2009 Nevada

    Uh, Imperial Stout? 4 packs?

    Please, do share. . . what is this beer you speak of?
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  9. BillManley

    BillManley Aspirant (246) Jul 2, 2008 California

    Patience, my friend, patience. Details to follow. On shelves this fall.
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  10. Beerandraiderfan

    Beerandraiderfan Initiate (0) Apr 14, 2009 Nevada

    But the commercial said if my "condition" lasted for longer than 4 hours, to see a doctor. . . and you're asking me to wait until Fall for this undoubtedly awesome liquid that created this "condition" just a few minutes ago?

    Well, if there's any brewery worth waiting for, its the one that busted my craft cherry. . .

    On a total sidenote, cool dude brought a bottle of Sierra Nevada "Audition" Smoked Porter to a bottleshare I organized last week. . . put me down for "recommend" as another 4 pack release right next to the others, very good.
  11. jchoffman

    jchoffman Initiate (0) Jan 28, 2012 Georgia

    I was on the phone with a SN Sales person and he mentioned Imperial Stout as well.. made my mouth water! Looking forward to it....
  12. Gabany

    Gabany Initiate (0) Feb 29, 2012

    Fair explanation, sir. Thank you.
  13. ewright

    ewright Initiate (0) Oct 25, 2007 North Carolina

    Screw patience! We talking something like the 30th anniversary imperial stout here? If so, I'm in like Flynn. Would LOVE something like that in 12 oz format!
  14. imbrue001

    imbrue001 Aspirant (216) Aug 6, 2010 Pennsylvania

    Maybe you havent been paying attention.
    North Coast
    Flying Dog
    Oskar Blues
    Green Flash
    Goose Island
    Long Trail
    Thats 20, off the top of my head, all in my store. Not including SN. It an official trend bro.
    I dont like it.. you dont have a problem with it. Difference of opinion.
    And for the record I don't fault SN one bit. I'd be doing the exact same thing if I were in their shoes.
  15. SHODriver

    SHODriver Poo-Bah (1,584) Aug 13, 2010 Louisiana
    Beer Trader

    would anybody really pay 20 bucks for six cans of ten fidy? it's an excellent stout but at the cost of four I can justify it, but a six pack for 20 would have me reaching for something else. Sure the cost per unit is the same, but sticker shock is a bitch.
  16. ewright

    ewright Initiate (0) Oct 25, 2007 North Carolina

    No, but I don't think it's worth $4/can now. I do think Bigfoot is worth $2.50/bottle and will buy it at $10/4pk or $15/6pk. Just gotta watch those retailers who will price the 4pk the same as the existing 6pk. Stay away from those guys.

    Hopefully the new 4pk series has a new SKU, forcing retailers to actually price the SKU. If it has the same SKU as the current 6pk, it probably won't get repriced ... not really an issue of the retailer screwing you, just not paying enough attention to avoid screwing you.
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  17. acevenom

    acevenom Initiate (0) Oct 7, 2011 Louisiana

    This isn't actually a big deal. Bigfoot has been a bargain. While I'd like to keep the six packs, four packs are inevitable due to rising prices for commodities. I'd like to keep enjoying Bigfoot every year, so if this is the way to do it, then so be it.
  18. bditty187

    bditty187 Initiate (0) Jul 10, 2002 Nebraska

  19. Beerandraiderfan

    Beerandraiderfan Initiate (0) Apr 14, 2009 Nevada

    I see plenty of people dropping $20 or more for just one stout, that isn't as good as Ten Fidy IMHO. So yeah, I'm pretty sure people would pay $20 for a 6 pack. . . since they pay $20 for a one pack sometimes and it flies off the shelf.
  20. LeeMarvin

    LeeMarvin Initiate (0) Jan 15, 2005 Massachusetts

    Whatever helps SN. They've done a lot for the craft beer community over the years. I can't blame them for doing it.

    But it still sucks. Bigfoot was the first barleywine I ever tried back in 1994. It was one of the first really good beers that put its claws in me. Putting it in a six-pack made it so you could share with friends. It kept it humble and subtle. And affordable. Oh well.
  21. MoeSyzlak

    MoeSyzlak Initiate (0) Sep 27, 2005 New Jersey

    Pretty much the same case for me. Around 1994 or so was when I discovered Bigfoot and I thought that I had found the greatest beer ever. I used to hunt it down every winter and when they stopped shipping it to the East coast during the brewery expansion, I was bereft. Then, in 1998, I saw it back in NJ liquor stores for the first time in years. So I went a little crazy and bought about 25 cases of the stuff. Actually, it was probably more. I still have a few bottles left. LOL

    It is still one of my top favorite beers, so I am not going to criticize Sierra Nevada for doing what they feel they have to do to keep the beer available for all who want it and for themselves to make some money in the deal. Why shouldn't they get a fair price for their beers? It will be weird seeing it in 4 packs but I am sure that we will all make the adjustment and life will go on much as it has before.
  22. kevinv

    kevinv Initiate (0) Nov 23, 2009 Texas

    Man, I feel so young. I was 8 in '94, probably watching Doug on Nickelodeon or something and taking a sip of my Dad's Busch Light, swearing that I'd never like beer.

    I wouldn't mind the shift to 4-packs for Bigfoot, but will withhold final judgement until I see what it's priced at relative to the current 6-pack pricing. Honestly, I usually just buy singles of Bigfoot anyways.
  23. steveh

    steveh Poo-Bah (1,972) Oct 8, 2003 Illinois

    Why not? The store I was in yesterday had Leinenkugel's Big Eddy Imperial Stout for $10 a 4 pack. And the Big Foot was $12 a 6 pack.* Injustice, indeed.

    *FYI -- that was Northern Illinois sticks, and I agree with the many who are saying $2 a 12 ounce bottle is a bargain -- imagine what the 8 oz. snifter costs at the better-beer-bars!
  24. CrazyJoeDavola57

    CrazyJoeDavola57 Initiate (0) Jul 6, 2010 Massachusetts

    I paid 50 and change (under 51) at Gordon's with deposit. Similar to Berman's price.
    Bought 4 cases throughout the year at $54 at Colonial. Going up there today and will check.
  25. abraxel

    abraxel Initiate (0) Aug 28, 2009 Michigan

    I certainly wasn't saying that no retailer would sell it for $10+ per four pack, just that retailers who currently have it at $10 (or at a comparably low price) probably aren't the type to increase prices by 50% just because they can. They're more likely to put the four-pack at less than the sixer price, just as Sierra Nevada intended. I'm sorry if you don't have such a retailer nearby.

    Also, I was going off the prices I see where I shop, which usually have the lowest prices I can find nearby. At the store I go to most often, Bigfoot has been $9.99/sixer and the beer guy actively resists price increases in general, to the point that he's sent beer back to the distributor when he realized the price to him rose. I'm certainly not that passionate about it, but I know I can trust him not to take too much advantage of the format change.
  26. steveh

    steveh Poo-Bah (1,972) Oct 8, 2003 Illinois

    To be sure, I don't think a 50% jump is really going to happen either, but my point was that if Leinie's is selling their "premium" beer at $10 a 4 pack (around here), you can bet that SN will be comparable.

    And yeah, I saw the price of Big Foot jump considerably from last year, but it's still a decent price for the product.
  27. LeeMarvin

    LeeMarvin Initiate (0) Jan 15, 2005 Massachusetts

    I have heard from a very reliable source that the price of the four pack will be lower than the six. In the neighborhood of $10.
  28. bobv

    bobv Poo-Bah (1,585) Feb 3, 2009 Vermont
    Beer Trader

    Thank you!
  29. atone315

    atone315 Savant (933) Oct 8, 2008 Wisconsin
    Beer Trader

    $8.99 at Woodman's.
  30. Heatwave33

    Heatwave33 Devotee (456) Sep 13, 2011 Florida
    Beer Trader

    My favorite Barleywine for sure. Too bad more $$ Less Beer! I will still buy it. Just not as much (OBVIOUSLY!)
  31. ParchedNeedBeer

    ParchedNeedBeer Initiate (0) Feb 21, 2011 California

    Whats ridiculous is that I live in Sacramento, about an hour away from the brewery and 6 packs of Bigfoot cost almost twice as much. All over Chico you can get a 6 pack for $7.99, an hour away it jumps up to $13.99. Thats one hell of a fuel surcharge.
  32. UncleJimbo

    UncleJimbo Site Editor (3,411) Sep 11, 2002 Massachusetts
    Subscriber Beer Trader

    For years I have been annoyed that "local" beers in my area (e.g., Sam Adams, Harpoon, etc.) are often the same price or higher than beers from the West Coast. You would think distribution of 20-30 miles vs 3000 miles would be reflected in the retail price, but apparently it isn't.
  33. sweethome

    sweethome Initiate (0) Jun 25, 2004 Illinois

    My vertical is to 1999; back then, I used to get a case every year
  34. animal69

    animal69 Savant (952) Sep 21, 2007 Louisiana

    In NOLA it was 10.49/ 6pk., for $10/ 4pk it'd still be a deal, i mean a $2 to $2.50 per beer jumps not bad, another poster listed 20 breweries that have had 4pks in the $9-$12 price range for years, it's fair since it's a high abv anyway, i sorta felt wrong buying a 6 pk of paulaner O'fest for the same price that day, lol
  35. Jason

    Jason Founder (8,126) Aug 23, 1996 Massachusetts
    Staff Subscriber

    I am sure there will be enough trickle down from the distributor to give most retailers no choice but the charge the same price as the six-pack. Not pointing blame ... this is just reality. The consumer will most likely shrug with some frustration but in the end still buy it.
  36. sinkas

    sinkas Aspirant (206) Jul 9, 2008 Australia
    Beer Trader

    AUD$110 for a case of 24 here,
  37. BillManley

    BillManley Aspirant (246) Jul 2, 2008 California

    In Chico we self distribute. Not so for any other part of America.
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  38. ParchedNeedBeer

    ParchedNeedBeer Initiate (0) Feb 21, 2011 California

    I'm not complaining about Sierra Nevada, I realize this one has nothing to do with you guys, and I love your beers and your brewery. If the distributors and stores down here want to bend us over for your product though, screw them, which in turn screws you because I wont be buy it knowing I'm getting ripped off. I buy your products all the time when I go through Chico, usually bring home growlers too, but you loose my business once I'm back down in Sacramento. For being less than 100 miles away, cant you put pressure on our local stores and distributors to keep the costs down so we can support our local brewery?
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  39. muchloveforhops3

    muchloveforhops3 Zealot (573) Apr 5, 2009 Oregon

  40. BillManley

    BillManley Aspirant (246) Jul 2, 2008 California

    Sadly, no, we can't put pressure on wholesalers or retailers about pricing anywhere. It is considered a violation of the three-tier system and against the law to set pricing to wholesalers. We can aim for a suggested retail price, but outside of suggesting, there is little we can do.

    Sorry ' bout that.
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