Black-Owned Breweries in the United States

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    As Dr. J. Jackson-Beckham told NPR back in 2018, "There is an overrepresentation of white folks on both the production and the consumption side" within the beer industry and its community. The article mentioned that there were maybe 50 black-owned breweries in the US at the time. I'm not sure how many there are today, but to put things into perspective: we now have well-over 8,000 breweries in the US alone.

    The goal here is to collectively create and maintain a helpful list for those interested in supporting Black-owned breweries.

    Before you reply: I'm not looking for opinions or to start a discussion on the general topic, just updates to help maintain a list of black-owned commercial breweries in the US; including Black co-owners who have an equal or majority stake.

    And with that, here's what I have so far:

    Gravity BrewWorks - Big Flat

    Chula Vista Brewery - Chula Vista
    Crowns & Hops Brewing Co. - Inglewood *
    Speakeasy Ales & Lagers (Hunters Point Brewery) - San Francisco
    Urban Roots Brewing - Sacramento
    Warcloud Brewing Co. - Los Angeles

    Hogshead Brewery - Denver
    Novel Strand Brewing Co. - Denver

    Rhythm Brewing Co. - New Haven

    District of Columbia
    Sankofa Beer Co.
    Soul Mega

    Green Bench Brewing Co. - St. Petersburg

    Black Horizon Brewing Co. - Willowbrook
    Soundgrowler Brewing Co. - Tinley Park

    18th Street Brewery - Gary, Hammond, Indianapolis
    Hop River Brewing Co. - Fort Wayne

    Down Home Brewing - Atlanta
    Khonso Brewing - Atlanta

    Cajun Fire - New Orleans

    Earth Tap Brewing - Annapolis
    Joyhound Beer Co. - Baltimore
    Patuxent Brewing Co. - Waldorf
    Union Craft Brewing - Baltimore

    67 Degrees Brewing - Franklin
    Brazo Fuerte - Watertown
    Brockton Beer Co. - Brockton
    Crue Brew Brewery - Raynham
    White Lion Brewing Co. - Springfield

    734 Brewing Co. - Ypsilanti

    ONE Fermentary & Taproom - Minneapolis

    New Jersey
    Four City Brewing Co. - Orange
    Hackensack Brewing Co. - Hackensack
    Montclair Brewery - Montclair

    New Mexico
    Nexus Brewery - Albuquerque

    New York
    Dale View Biscuits and Beer - Brooklyn
    Harlem Blue Beer - New York
    Harlem Brewing Co. - New York
    Island to Island Brewery - Brooklyn

    North Carolina
    Dirtbag Ales - Hope Mills
    Harlem Brew South - Rocky Mount
    Rocky Mount Brewery - Rocky Mount
    Spaceway Brewing Co. - Rocky Mount

    Alematic Artisan Ales - Huber Heights
    Black Frog Brewery - Holland
    Esoteric Brewing Co. - Cincinnati *

    Harris Family Brewery - Harrisburg *
    Mack Brewing Co. - Philadelphia *
    Two Locals Brewing Co. - Philadelphia *

    Blackman Brewing - Dallas
    Weathered Souls Brewing Co. - San Antonio

    Policy Kings Brewery - Cedar City

    Métier Brewing Co. - Woodinville

    * = in planning

    Related Resources:

    Thanks in advance.
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    Vice District Brewing in Homewood, Illinois.

    FWIW -- this brewery is listed at BA and as closed, but it shows the tasting room they once had in Chicago. The pub brewery in Homewood is still open.
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    It's listed as closed on Untappd, too, and their social media hasn't been active in roughly a year.
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  5. steveh

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    I'll give the number a ring, unless anyone has more solid info.
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  6. travis224

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    Novel Strand in Denver, Colorado. Three owners, I believe. Two are black women. They make exceptional hoppy beers with a global hop focus. South African, Australian, and New Zeland hops used in many beers.
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  7. steveh

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    Number redirects to an unidentified answering service. Bah. That's too bad, never had their beer, but it -- and the pub -- looked good. @Todd
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  8. Jsalz21

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    At the very least if co-owners are included, both Hackensack Brewing and Four City Brewing in NJ have black co-owners/founders. They also both continue to make exceptional beer during the pandemic.
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  9. Beerdawgydawg

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    Crue Brew Raynham Massachusetts
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  10. bsp77

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    So not exactly what you were asking for, but how do you handle someone like Garret Oliver? He is *only* the brewmaster at Brooklyn Brewery, but he is is very much the face of the brewery and an author as well. I kinda always assumed he was the owner too for some reason.
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  11. Todd

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    Yeah. This is a list of "black-owned commercial breweries in the US; including Black co-owners who have an equal or majority stake." Kirin owns nearly 25% and I believe that the Ottway Brothers own the rest. I'm sure Garrett has common stock at this point, but he doesn't own an equal or majority share of the business.
  12. mistermapes

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  13. eppCOS

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    Crap, I kinda like Vice Brewing - solid beers, but a better social vibe than a lot of other taproom breweries in Chicago. That's a bummer to hear.
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  14. phil_cutti

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  15. michaeltrego

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    Two Locals Brewing Company in Philly
  16. midegrou

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    I believe 18th Street also has locations in Hammond and Indianapolis. Might want to include those along with Gary to increase awareness/support among locals.
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  17. animal69

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    I believe Southern Craft in New Orleans is black-owned. I'm not 100% sure but I think they may be a subsidiary of Cajun Fire, not alot of info on them.
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  18. AdamRBurnett

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    Nexus Brewing in Albuquerque, NM is a black-owned brewery!
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  19. VeronicaVega

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    Assembly Brewing Portland Oregon
  20. BoroBob

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  22. jlr45193

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    Island to Island Brewing - she just moved to Texas from NY (moving the brewery)
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  23. MDiment

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    Assembly Brewing in Oregon.
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  24. beer2day

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  25. BriDrinksBeer

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    This is great. Thanks for the info.
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    If you click on Rhythm Brewing in CT above, you are directed to Great Rhythm Brewing in NH.
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    Please add Alematic Artisan Ales in Huber Heights (Dayton), OH to your list of black owned breweries.
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  28. Todd

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    Thanks for the catch.
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  29. BFrank

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    This is a tremendous initiative. Thank you.

    I saw your definition but I think it would be worthwhile to add smaller businesses so that local folks can seek them out to support them.

    Dale View Biscuits and Beer is a tiny hole-in-the-wall in Prospect Lefferts Gardens, Brooklyn. I’ve only visited once and the owner and all of the employees are a wonderfully friendly, warm and important part of the community. The biscuits are out of this world. I haven’t been by since lockdown started but if they have stopped brewing I’m sure they’ll appreciate all the love we can provide once they start up again.

    They are on Nostrand Ave. not far from Prospect Park.
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    This is a good thing. Thank you for this initiative.
  33. Emichaelbray

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    I was going to suggest Two Locals, but thanks! Good brews from the greatest city in the world.
  34. feloniousmonk

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    Hi Todd,

    Island to Island Brewery in Brooklyn, New York is black owned, by a woman named Danii Oliver! Here is a link to an interview with her:

    I'm new to the Beer Advocate community, so I haven't ever added any beers or breweries to the website, but I would be happy to add something for this brewery. I love their beers. They focus their beers around fruits grown in the Caribbean, which is where her family is from.

    Thanks for putting this together!
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    Sour Note Brewing is also a separate entity, owned by the same owner. All of those beers are listed in 18th Street Gary.
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  39. SlapDash

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    Both have closed, as you’ve figured out.

    The Homewood location had a bit of a “drink hard” vibe when I was there, and it sounded like they were have squabbles with Homewood and some neighboring businesses. But the Chicago location was pretty nice, and had a lively vibe (both had friendly staff). The beer was pretty good, so I was sad to hear of their demise.
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  40. salcedo

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    I was going to suggest Thunderhawk as well, but I just saw their posts on Facebook and Instagram. Turns out this is their last weekend :cry:
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