Black-Owned Breweries in the United States

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  1. mjvos

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    Came here to mention Nexus if it hadn't been already. Not disappointed. In addition to the beer, the food menu is bomb.
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  2. oN3xM

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    Two owners. One is Latinx and the other black.
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    Grateful for this post and the position of Beer Advocate. We have faith in this community to truly represent the radical change needed to contribute to dismantling white supremacy in this country and achieving social and racial justice. It's going to take a lot of work, but we're dedicated to achieving results.
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    I took a ride today to one I found on the list - Crue Brew - and picked up a mix-pack. Good call, whoever suggested they be added! I'm totally digging their Raynham Red as I type this.
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    You missed one in Michigan... Ypsilanti's 734 Brewing. Here's a story on the brewery and its mission of diversity and inclusion. Plus, during the pandemic, they are delivering cans of beer to their customers in Ann Arbor and beyond.

    Thanks for taking on this project!
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  7. Todd

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    If we're missing some, it's because some of the breweries on their list are homebrewers. I'm still in the process of reviewing the list and suggestions.
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    These guys looking to open PA's first black-owned brewery on Harrisburg.
    In Harrisburg, a struggle to open Pa.’s 1st Black-owned craft brewery: ‘It shouldn’t be this hard’

    Probably a good business plan to start with a known target market rather than trying to go mainstream right off the bat.
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    Harris Family Brewery is already on the list.
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    Sorry, didn't see it.
  12. beerthulhu

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    Surprised 7five brewing wasn't mentioned. Co-founded by one of my fav. ex-pens (though all to briefly) and one of the best heavy weight enforcers in hockey Ryan Reeves.
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    When it opens... 1865 Brewing in Phoebus VA will be black owned
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    I've met the founders/owners of both Brazo Fuerte and White Lion Brewing in Mass at local beer shops dropping off beer and doing a tasting. Really nice people, and the beers are good too. I haven't seen much of their beers around me since, they might still be self-distributed and selling mostly from the taprooms, I do see an occasional White Lion 4pk here and there. The White Lion owner seems like a cool dude and the woman that owns Brazo Fuerte is really fun too. I even got a free glass from them. Cheers!
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