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    Looking for some tips on a trip from Boston to Portland.
    I'm in Boston later this year and there and there seems to be a train from Boston North Station to Maine.
    The plan would get the earliest train which arrives around 12.30 and return on the last train at around 18.30.
    So timings are tight with around 5 hours to cover what I can!
    The plan is visit on a Sunday as I hope there would still be a fair amount of cans from the weekend release, correct ? I just wondered how manic it is on a typical Sunday ? Ideally I don't want to spend my time in too many queues. Thought about starting at Bissell Brothers then an uber to Goodfire then onto Austin St and the bars/breweries around there (looking for Hops) working my way back to the train. Just these seem like a suitable route to make the most of my limited time? Any tips & pointers would be great!

  2. jaxxs

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    Sorry, that should have read ' does this seem like a suitable route to make the most of my limited time'
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    You should not have to deal with lines other than some type of special event or release. Bissell seems to be the only place with lines anymore, but if you show up after initial line up it shouldn't be a problem. I believe the train gets off right by Bissell, so that is a good starting point. From Austin St (new location) you can walk to Goodfire and Lone Pine for hops. Oxbow, Rising Tide and Extrava are also right there. Industrial way will have your other spots to hit (Battery Steele, original Austin St., Foundation, Definitive, Allagash)

    That should be a reasonable amount of time to grab some retail cans and tastes at a lot of places. Can pick and choose based on what they have available.
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  4. rightcoast7

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    When are you going? It's impossible to give you much in the way of a prediction on can availability or lines without knowing the season. In the winter/spring, cans at most breweries, including BBB, tend to stick around a few days and also can be found in a few choice stores (Bier Cellar should be at the top of your list if cans are a priority). In the summertime, everything is much crazier in Portland on weekends, although Sunday would be better than Saturday. And there will still be plenty of cans around at various breweries and Bier Cellar, just maybe not a "hotter" release that may have come out.

    Your plan of starting at BBB makes sense since it's next to the train station. I also would have recommended Goodfire, and Austin Street is also very good. Personally, I wouldn't make a one-time trip to Portland without hitting Industrial Way, partly because Allagash is amazing, and partly because the 4 other breweries on the same block are all very good, with my favorite being Battery Steele for IPAs. There is also the original Austin Street location in that block. That allows you to bang out as many as 5 stops without another car ride. If you have time, you can then go back to East Bayside, where there is Goodfire, Oxbow, Austin, Lone Pine, and Rising Tide (I put those in order of my personal preference) all within walking distance, as well as Brewery Extrava, which is Belgian-focused and I've only been to once, so I don't have a strong opinion on them yet (but I enjoyed what I had).
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    Thanks for the replies. It's not until August but I do love to plan!
    I appreciate a 'hot' release will be in much demand but would only be looking to buy a cross selection of cans to take home. Just wanted to gauge just how popular some of these places are, also if that my route made sense. With only 5 hours I want to ensure I maximize my time. So thanks for the info so far, cheers.
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    5 hours can go fast, especially when enjoying libations at an excellent brewery. I'd do Bissell, then head to Industrial Way for Allagash, Austin St, Battery Steele, Foundation, and Definitive. Your afternoon could quickly disappear here, 3 in the same building, 1 in builiding next door and Allagash across the street. If you still have time, then Uber to Goodfire and/or Oxbow.
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    Thanks you! looks like I could squeeze in an extra couple of hours, which would be great.
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  9. redbill

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    hijacking this thread for a similar Portland question. I won't have much time there, am there on non-beer related trip this weekend. I will be stopping at Bissell for a couple drinks and cans to-go. And probably will have dinner nearby at Salvage BBQ. I should have time for 1 more brewery or bar/restaurant.

    So, if there was 1 beer related place I should go to in the greater portland area, where should I go? Can either be for a brewery with great to-go beer I can't get in Mass, or a great tap-room experience, or a bar/pub/restaurant (not fancy), with a good Tap list.

  10. Piels25

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    Novare Res
  11. Newport_beerguy

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    If time is an issue, that probably rules out the industrial park, and besides to go to one place and avoid others would be a shame. So I think Novare Res or in the event that is not your jam there are 2 other establishments on that same street (Highroller Lobster and Thirsty Pig) to find some taps you'd like.
  12. rightcoast7

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    Yeah I'd have to agree. Tempted to say Allagash, but Novare is much closer to your other destination and will have a sick taplist pretty much always. Plus more vintage Allgash and Oxbow bottles than you can shake a stick at--if you shake sticks at those sorts of things.
  13. RobCorriveau

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    I just pulled this trip off yesterday for the Swish release and ended up hitting up Austin St, Goodfire and Oxbow. They are all within walking distance (maybe 1/2 mile walk round trip) and there is the Duckfat outpost at oxbow for food. Rising Tide and Lone Pine (which you can get in MA) are also right there.

    With that, Novare Res is a great one-stop shop and should have most of these beers on tap.