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Discussion in 'Beer Talk' started by Johnnyramirez, Dec 2, 2012.

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  1. Johnnyramirez

    Johnnyramirez Nov 17, 2012 California

    I was talking to someone who works at a BevMo today and was buying beer. Got some Green Flash WC IPA, SN Narwhal and a bomber of Double Bastard I paid and joked saying that luckily it's beer draining my pockets so it's not as expensive as wine. The cashier then tells me, oh you're just buying bottom shelf beer, our other store has the good $50 bottles. I laughed and asked what bottle she was talking about and she couldn't answer. I know what store she meant and the bottle is a 1.5 L of Chimay Blue for $35. This girl just didn't understand that beer is for the most part unlike wine, and kept insisting that all their beer was "bottom shelf". What craft beer if any do you guys consider bottom shelf?
  2. Schwerzpunkt

    Schwerzpunkt Oct 9, 2012

    Don't know that I would consider any craft beer to be "bottom-shelf". However, if I absolutely had to pick something...Shipyard, Shock-Top, (if you consider those craft), and maybe Magic Hat.
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  3. Brunite

    Brunite Sep 21, 2009 Illinois

    I recommend that all beers in green and clear bottles be kept on the bottom shelf to help avoid becoming light struck. Tuck'em in there deep fellas.
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  4. thecraftculture

    thecraftculture Nov 28, 2012 Florida

    Blue moon possibly.
    Yea, I wouldn't considered there would be any "bottom shelf" beer, in the same way that liquor has bottom shelf brands.
  5. thecommish101831

    thecommish101831 Jun 29, 2010 District of Columbia

    Saranac. Harpoon. Sea Dog. Blue Point. Lancaster. Stoudts. Carlsberg. All basic styles, cheaply priced, but not a lot of flavor or alcohol.

    Good intro to craft lineup
  6. match1112

    match1112 Mar 2, 2011 Illinois

    A local store puts the likes of Sierra Nevada and Anchor Steam on the botton shelf and Magic Hat on the top shelf.
  7. Schwerzpunkt

    Schwerzpunkt Oct 9, 2012

    I would like to propose Narragansett as a possiblity also.
  8. shand

    shand Jul 13, 2010 Florida
    Society Trader

    I'm not sure I'd consider Bacardi 151 and Everclear "top shelf liquors" personally.
  9. KelOne333

    KelOne333 Oct 16, 2010 Connecticut

    these all have good/decent regular rotation beers, but they're limited releases tend to be very good. Saranac, Harpoon, Blue Point in particular. I've never seen Stoudts considered a bottom shelf brewery.
    I'd definitely put sam adams on the bottom shelf. in fact, i DO put it on the bottom shelf. literally.
  10. mychalg9

    mychalg9 Apr 8, 2010 Illinois

    While that clerk sounded like a moron for making that statement, I personally sometimes consider ~$10 six packs to be like the bottom "tier" of craft beer. It's not necessarily a quality thing, its more like they are the breweries "regularly" scheduled beers. THen I guess their regular bombers would be tier 2 and their limited releases are tier 3
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  11. elNopalero

    elNopalero Oct 14, 2009 California
    Society Trader

    Cable Car six-packs. (No, not that Cable Car.)
  12. Johnnyramirez

    Johnnyramirez Nov 17, 2012 California

    I laughed it off since the manager and dude that is their beer expert at the store thinks Guinness Black Lager is a great beer and once recommended Double Bastard when I asked for a good stout since I was indecisive. You heard right. Double Bastard when I asked for a stout. He wasnt joking either
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  13. pearljam118

    pearljam118 Jul 5, 2008 Pennsylvania

    What's the point? Over analyzing a comment by an uninformed liquor store worker? The question more or less is tell me what beers you think aren't very good.
  14. Giantspace

    Giantspace Dec 22, 2011 Pennsylvania

    whole foods by me keeps bear republic and ballast point on the bottom shelf.

  15. Bluecane

    Bluecane Dec 30, 2011 New York

    Then consider me a bottom dweller.
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  16. whendeathsleeps

    whendeathsleeps Nov 5, 2011 Indiana

    Meh, would you ask a McDonald's employee about gourmet burgers?
  17. Stinger80OH

    Stinger80OH Nov 11, 2011 Ohio

    Thats f'd up...everything from Magic Hat is garbage...and I've tried everything that they distribute to Ohio just to make sure that I'm correct in saying they make horrible beers. I don't think SN makes a beer that bad. They are a huge, reputable craft brewer and putting them on the bottom shelf is an insult.
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  18. WassailWilly

    WassailWilly Sep 8, 2007 New York

    I cannot figure why people rag on Seadog,Shipyard,BluePoint and Harpoon so much . Do they produce some pretty meh beers ? Well sure but have you had a Hoptical Illusion fresh from the keg? Not to mention the special releases
    that IMHO ROCK 99% of the time !!
  19. Eastside151

    Eastside151 Jun 29, 2012 Ohio

    I would say one man's bottom shelf choice may be top shelf to others. So we should all support the craft brewers we like, ignore the ones that you feel are garbage, and stay away from the big evil baddies from AB/SAB...
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