Boulevard Leans Into Hard Seltzer

Discussion in 'Beer News & Releases' started by officerbill, Jun 26, 2020.

  1. officerbill

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    I've gotta admit that, given their lineup of beers, I never imagined Duvel owned Boulevard making seltzers.

    But at least there's this good news:
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    They probably just looked at the market and saw where the money was. I am seeing way more craft seltzers available now than even two months ago.
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  3. socon67

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    I have to ask; is the hard seltzer segment going to take hold unlike the other malt beverage crazes (hard soda, twisted teas, lime-a-ritas)? I'm seeing breweries jumping onto this including the smaller ones. They wouldn't be making these unless there was a demand.

    I just had Evil Water's salted caramel hard seltzer and I'm finding I'll stick with beer. And I do drink seltzer, but not a fan of the aftertaste.
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    According to Beer Marketers Insights, "Seltzer" now makes up nearly 8% of the total beer market, with the Top 6 macro brewer seltzers (Mike's White Claw and BBC's Truly, along with the brands AB, Constellation, Molson Coors and Diageo) controlling 98% of the market, leaving a mere 2% for all these "craft :rolling_eyes: seltzers".

    If this thread is combined with the other "Seltzer" thread, my apologies for the duplicate info.
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  5. officerbill

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    From a 07/19 Bloomberg article
    So, yeah I don't think hard seltzer is going the way of wine coolers and expect to see more local breweries join in.