Bourbon and Rye

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  1. TriggerFingers

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    Rye is next in my whiskey evolution. I have gone from "wheaters" to "high rye" bourbons in most instances. Why not take it just a notch further?
  2. Brenden

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    Haven't tried the American. The rye is my first from Michter's, but I may have to take a crack at it based on that recommendation.
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  3. John_M

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    Have always enjoyed the Woodford reserve, so gave the double oak a try for the first time last month. Very nice bourbon indeed.
  4. JohnGalt1

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    I am not a JD collector, but I would HAPPILY throw a lot of beer at you if you are interested in possibly trading.... Fremont, De Garde... Etc.
  5. Dragginballs76

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    Sipping on this currently.

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  6. beerdedking

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    My first bottle of the Bourbon was butterscotch galore, however subsequent bottles leaned differently, more towards a traditional bourbon profile. Still seek it out though.
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