Brew, Brew, Brew For the Home Team: Craft Beer Makes Inroads at Stadiums and Sporting Arenas

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    Pretty poorly researched article since in contains not a word about Petco Park in San Diego where a craft beer festival featuring over 20 breweries some 10 years ago has expanded to at least three like events a season, two venues in the stadium selling exclusively craft beer in bottles, at least 13 local breweries with offerings on tap at several venues in Petco, and three eateries operated by local brewers in the ballpark. With over 130 brewers in the county, Petco pays great tribute to what is a thriving local industry, and you couldn’t spare a mention? I expected better of Beer Advocate.
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    Major League Baseball says you can't...
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    Given how central beer advertising and beer drinking is to baseball I can only imagine this has to do not with protecting the wholesome image of baseball players but with not wanting to allow them any potential direct access to that sweet sweet sponsorship money.