BrewDog accused of stealing marketing ideas

Discussion in 'Beer News & Releases' started by wesbray, May 12, 2019.

  1. wesbray

    wesbray Aspirant (294) Feb 29, 2012 Alberta (Canada)

    Check out this Twitter thread where multiple claims against BrewDog are being made:

  2. carolinabeerguy

    carolinabeerguy Savant (926) Oct 10, 2005 North Carolina

    This needs to be addressed.
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  3. GetMeAnIPA

    GetMeAnIPA Zealot (584) Mar 28, 2009 California

    That’s pretty f’ed up! That’s the same as stealing. So much time was spent on this with no intention of getting anything in return.
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  4. Sheppard

    Sheppard Meyvn (1,004) Mar 16, 2013 Virginia

    I feel bad for these individuals who have been taken advantage of but besides speaking out about a brewery whose beer I never see available, what else can I do? I can't really "vote with my wallet" when I'm not seeing their beer. Anyway, I have never had a BrewDog beer.
  5. Todd

    Todd Founder (5,581) Aug 23, 1996 California
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    (Updated the thread title and post to link to the original Twitter thread.)
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  6. oldbean

    oldbean Disciple (330) Jun 30, 2005 Massachusetts

    Professional marketing people talking about "equity punks" and mobilizing an "army of craft beer renegades" to promote your brand to their "network". You know what, maybe it's best that Joe Strummer didn't live to see this.
  7. sharpski

    sharpski Meyvn (1,128) Oct 11, 2010 Oregon
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    Did “freeing up the marketing budget” like this help buy the Stone Berlin facility?
  8. Snowcrash000

    Snowcrash000 Poo-Bah (1,552) Oct 4, 2017 Germany

    Well, the CEOs of a multi-million dollar company with an international presence of 75 outlets calling themselves punks is obviously ludicrous and anyone eating this marketing bullshit up only has themselves to blame.
  9. Zorro

    Zorro Poo-Bah (4,433) Dec 25, 2003 California

    Didn't they steal the idea from Lagunitas Hop Water?
  10. drtth

    drtth Poo-Bah (3,872) Nov 25, 2007 Pennsylvania

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  11. Todd

    Todd Founder (5,581) Aug 23, 1996 California
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  12. stevepat

    stevepat Defender (657) Mar 12, 2013 California

    Shady bidness right there
  13. MNAle

    MNAle Meyvn (1,475) Sep 6, 2011 Minnesota

    I no longer remember the specifics that led me to this, but I have had a low opinion of Brew Dog for a long time. I've never had their beers, so it is not about their quality as brewers; it is about their general ethos. Again, I don't remember what resulted in this, but I always look on them as just barely on the legal side of unethical.
  14. drtth

    drtth Poo-Bah (3,872) Nov 25, 2007 Pennsylvania

    Interesting how the overall picture changes as new details and information emerge.
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  15. sharpski

    sharpski Meyvn (1,128) Oct 11, 2010 Oregon
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    How so? I assume you’re referring to the invoice in Todd’s post above. My understanding is that she invoiced them after producing work specific to BrewDog (vs. a portfolio of work for other companies), spending hours outside of the actual interviews, and paying for a flight to them at their request, then was ghosted. Is any of this untrue or refuted by Brewdog, or have you seen other details/information emerge that would make BrewDog look less predatory?
  16. champ103

    champ103 Poo-Bah (4,447) Sep 3, 2007 Texas

    Oh I remember...mostly mediocre sometimes downright bad beer mixed with equally bad gimmicks/publicity stunts and a F*** off attitude, somehow claiming to be "punk," insulting CAMRA, visiting their Aberdeen pub and being completely turned off by ridiculous prices (not only for their beers, but the "rare and hyped" beers from the US being sold)...all made me just say so what and go to one of the great cask pubs within walking distance and drink Tim Taylor Landlord...oh thats a mouth full :slight_smile:

    I wouldn't be surprised if this was some kind of elaborate and gimmicky publicity stunt in itself (though I think not this time) :slight_smile:
  17. drtth

    drtth Poo-Bah (3,872) Nov 25, 2007 Pennsylvania

    When the thread began there was only a reddit dialogue in which a subset of people made allegations without providing direct evidence. There were redactions af aspects to the format that made it a bit difficult to follow. Later that is changed with a different source showing. Still later the Brewdog statement get posted, suggesting there may actually be two sides to the story. Even now the information is still incomplete, partly one sided and basically a "he said, she said" situation.
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  18. champ103

    champ103 Poo-Bah (4,447) Sep 3, 2007 Texas

    I'll say I haven't been to BrewDog Aberdeen in a long time (I haven't been to the new Castlegate location at all), so pricing and attitude might have changed. Also, they use to be all over Houston but haven't seen them in years. What was on the shelf was never worth the price IMO, and sat around so I'm not the only one with that thought.
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  19. rgordon

    rgordon Savant (939) Apr 26, 2012 North Carolina

    I have followed much of what these guys do, but just get bored with the banality and shamelessness. They're hard to ignore, but it is a pleasure when I keep doing it. Most of the time.
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  20. beertunes

    beertunes Poo-Bah (6,034) Sep 24, 2007 Montserrat

    Yeah, these hucksters would never stiff someone, then cast shade back at them. Unpossible!!!!!
  21. drtth

    drtth Poo-Bah (3,872) Nov 25, 2007 Pennsylvania

    Hmm, which set of hucksters, the Brewers or the Image Marketing Pros? :sunglasses:
  22. beertunes

    beertunes Poo-Bah (6,034) Sep 24, 2007 Montserrat

    Well, since the Squirell Stuffers are the only Hucksters whose history I'm familiar with......
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  23. wesbray

    wesbray Aspirant (294) Feb 29, 2012 Alberta (Canada)

    The brewers. Hope that helps
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  24. drtth

    drtth Poo-Bah (3,872) Nov 25, 2007 Pennsylvania

    Question already answered above.
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  25. wesbray

    wesbray Aspirant (294) Feb 29, 2012 Alberta (Canada)

    Seems like a very low price for a marketing plan
  26. JamFuel

    JamFuel Poo-Bah (3,802) Mar 26, 2009 Sweden

    Brewdog have been stealing stuff from the get go. Their whole marketing schpiel was taken wholesale from Stone, the "you won't get it" and "you're not worthy" thing. So this doesn't come as much of a surprise to me. BD are also hypocrites when it comes to being independent, but that's a whole other thing.
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  27. Todd

    Todd Founder (5,581) Aug 23, 1996 California
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  28. jayrutgers

    jayrutgers Initiate (193) Oct 29, 2011 New Jersey

    Popehat said that James posting that was in poor judgment. Popehat is an attorney. Brewdog is dumb.
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  29. drtth

    drtth Poo-Bah (3,872) Nov 25, 2007 Pennsylvania

    What was the most petty about this is that after CAMRA insulted them they stooped to hitting back.
  30. NeroFiddled

    NeroFiddled Poo-Bah (10,836) Jul 8, 2002 Pennsylvania
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    If I may interject a bit of common sense into this discussion, this goes on all of the time. Let me repeat, THIS GOES ON ALL OF THE TIME. BrewDog is far from the first company to do this, and they're certainly not the worst, nor will they be the last. THIS IS CURRENT GLOBAL CORPORATE CULTURE, end of story. And I should note, this works in the other direction as well. How many small breweries have been screwed by marketing companies and so forth? What it comes down to is the big fish eats the little fish - that's how it works. Life is not fair.

    Final thought though, did anyone expect less of these guys? I know it's craft beer and you expect more, it's all shiny and happy and you wish for more guys with integrity like Sam Calagione, but there aren't really that many out there. Times have changed. It's all about money and most people these days are not generous and giving, they're uncaring thieves and hustlers - THIS IS CURRENT GLOBAL CORPORATE CULTURE.
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  31. Roguer

    Roguer Poo-Bah (4,180) Mar 25, 2013 Georgia
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    "Life is not fair," is never an excuse to do the wrong thing. That's precisely why life is worse than it should be: people falling back on that tired excuse.

    If companies behave unethically, they should be called out for it, regardless of how common it is in that particular corporate environment. One can be cynical and realistic and realize that nothing is going to change - that's fine - but calling it out is still the right thing to do.

    Change may not come from standing up for what's right, but change will never come for refusing to stand up in the first place. Apathy and cynicism are what allow corporations and individuals to commit wrongs, big and small, while the "little fish" pay the price.

    (Whether or not BrewDog is clearly in the wrong here, I might add, hasn't been conclusively proven to me. There's still a lot of back and forth.)
  32. Ranbot

    Ranbot Champion (861) Nov 27, 2006 Pennsylvania

    Here's my common sense... If the consumers think a company acted inappropriately they can punish them at the cash register, on social media, with lawful protests, etc. Regulations, laws, "CURRENT GLOBAL CORPORATE CULTURE" standard practices have zero jurisdiction over consumer/public opinion. Consumers are also under no obligation to be rational in their purchases and responses, whether positive or negative. I think the "end of story" is consumers can buy what they want.

    Right. And if enough consumers think it's appropriate to call them out, then that's what will happen. There are 7000+ other options beer options out there to choose from.

    Agreed. Although, I personally haven't thought much of BrewDog's company morals since the "equity" offerings, so I already don't buy their beer. The resolution to this scuffle probably isn't going to change that.
  33. oldbean

    oldbean Disciple (330) Jun 30, 2005 Massachusetts

    I don't think you're radically off base here, but I'm also not quite sure what point you're trying to make.
  34. jayrutgers

    jayrutgers Initiate (193) Oct 29, 2011 New Jersey

    What's neat about this situation is that the laws and regulations involved are not aligned at all with 'current corporate global culture', whatever that is. The law is on this woman's side.

    Also, 'current corporate global culture' for this is to just hire a marketing firm to do a job and pay them for that job. You would take pitches from a few companies where they would describe on a surface level what they would do and what services they would provide, and you'd pay the one you want to go with.
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  35. NeroFiddled

    NeroFiddled Poo-Bah (10,836) Jul 8, 2002 Pennsylvania
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    I'm all with you there buddy,but let's face it, life is not fair. Accept it. Deal with it. Try not to get fucked over.
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  36. NeroFiddled

    NeroFiddled Poo-Bah (10,836) Jul 8, 2002 Pennsylvania
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    Fookin right mate, if you believe BrewDog to be in the wrong don't buy their shit, and F'n tell others not to buy their shit! Piss all over them!
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  37. NeroFiddled

    NeroFiddled Poo-Bah (10,836) Jul 8, 2002 Pennsylvania
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    Ahhh, my point was simple, that BrewDog is no less guilty than most corporations across the globe that put money over everything else. They're only in it for the money, and they'll F over anyone they get the chance to.

    I'm a little surprised, to be honest, that people didn't understand what I was saying. There are very few businesses left anymore that have a conscience, and we should support them when we can find them.
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  38. BayAreaJoe

    BayAreaJoe Champion (886) Nov 23, 2017 California
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    Reposting that lady's invoice out of context was Tacky AF.
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  39. cavedave

    cavedave Poo-Bah (2,575) Mar 12, 2009 New York

    I always had a suspicion that stuffed squirrel beer container was a stolen idea