Breweries that sell beer in 4-packs

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What do you think of 4 packs of 16oz cans?

  1. They're fine

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  2. They're annoying

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  3. They're fine if the cost less than a six pack

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  1. RichardMNixon

    RichardMNixon Initiate (0) Jun 24, 2012 Pennsylvania

    I've paid double for bombers that weren't half as good as Old Stock or FBS. Good beer can command a good price. Bad beer shouldn't be bought.

    A $10 4 pack at 7% ABV is still "more drinks" than a $10 bottle of wine, and no one seems to think $10 is an outrageous price for wine.
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  2. gfg0020

    gfg0020 Initiate (0) Jan 9, 2014 Texas

    It's been too damn long since I've been able to get it, but I guess it is $8 now that I think about it. I still wouldn't think twice about picking it up at $10, but $8 is an amazing deal for a beer of the caliber IMO.
  3. jageraholic

    jageraholic Disciple (329) Sep 16, 2009 Massachusetts

    what run of the mill styles does Stone sell in 4 packs? the only beers i've seen are Ruination, Oaked Arrogant bastard and Sublimely Self Righteous.
  4. Givemebeer

    Givemebeer Initiate (0) Apr 6, 2013 Vermont

    I was referring to the post I quoted which mentioned breweries that "rip off" customers with bombers and 4 packs.
  5. imbrue001

    imbrue001 Initiate (0) Aug 6, 2010 Pennsylvania

    'Cause people are dumb, man.
    I doubt this problem even exists in math friendly countries such as China. Now that I think about it.. I think they haggle for price on most things over there. People are dumb, man.
  6. Rekrule

    Rekrule Initiate (0) Nov 11, 2011 Massachusetts

    Price is a hard number but the value is relative. There are 4 packs I deem to be a good value at the marked price, many aren't. That goes the same with 6 packs and bombers. It it doesn't meet you value criteria buy something that does.

    Personally I find a move from bombers to 4 packs to be a step forward and 6 packs to 4 packs a step back. I reconsider the value of that purchase when the change is made.
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  7. kerry4porters

    kerry4porters Initiate (0) Dec 31, 2012 Arizona

  8. bubseymour

    bubseymour Poo-Bah (3,147) Oct 30, 2010 Maryland
    Society Trader

    The one thing I've sort of noticed is that California brewers (Anderson Valley, Firestone Walker, Green Flash, North Coast, Bruery, Stone etc. are more pricey here in MD (except for SN) than most other craft brewers offerings of equivalent style type. Maybe its the expensive cost of living in CA finding its way into pricing? Maybe its shipping to east coast? Not sure what it is but CA beers are definitely more expensive and not necessarily better all the time.
  9. keithmurray

    keithmurray Meyvn (1,405) Oct 7, 2009 Connecticut

    people are tripping over themselves to buy it, even if overpriced.
  10. DarkDragon999

    DarkDragon999 Initiate (0) Feb 13, 2013 Rhode Island

    Long Trail Double Bag is sold in 12oz 6 packs and 16oz can 4 packs. Its cheaper in the 6 packs and its 8 more oz and as much as I love cans you'd be sure Im gonna choose the 6 pack more times than the 4 pack. I think Torpedo is the same way where the 12oz 6 packs is cheaper than the 16 oz can 4 pack.
  11. rsvp

    rsvp Initiate (0) Jul 27, 2005 New Jersey

    Yeah, I have a hang-up about the 4-pk's. Just can't bring myself to buy them. I'm not sure I ever have other than Sam Adams Imperial White which I'd never seen as a 6-pk and don't think it ever was sold that way.

    I'd rather pay a higher 6-pk price. In my mind, if I like a beer enough to pay a higher price, then I want six, not four of them. Plus, if its a beer that I once bought as a 6-pk I won't buy it as 4-pk no matter the price - even though I know that doesn't make sense.
  12. readyski

    readyski Aspirant (268) Jun 4, 2005 California

    The local Safeway sells six packs of Sucks for 7.99! :slight_smile:
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  13. loafinaround

    loafinaround Initiate (0) Jul 16, 2011 New York

    whatever. I'll keep buying my "overpriced" sixpoint 4 pks. It's worth it to me... and obviously many others.
    besides, a smaller brewery will inevitably have higher cost / bottle for production and distribution than some huge/well-established brewery like sierra Nevada or lagunitas.
  14. Rimbimhoot

    Rimbimhoot Initiate (0) Sep 26, 2012 Illinois

    Rather buy a 4 pack than pay bomber prices. Better dollar per once deal
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  15. StLeasy

    StLeasy Initiate (0) Sep 8, 2013 Illinois

    That's what I figured, too. If so, give them a break, they just had their 2 year anniversary :stuck_out_tongue: And just started bottling 12oz in September. For $10/6-packs, you could try out Excel Brewing if you haven't yet. Their Eastside IPA is one of the biggest lemon-orange bombs I've ever had. Their Ryeday the 13th will cost you ~$20/bomber, but it was absolutely incredible. Sorry Boulevard, but Ryeday instantly became my new favorite rye-wine aged in rye barrels. And of course, there's always Schlafly.

    If you don't want to pay that much for your beer, don't. Personally, I find their stuff well above average, and among the best local beers here. Only brewery I enjoy more is 2nd Shift, and as I'm sure you know, their stuff is $8-12.
  16. Pahn

    Pahn Initiate (0) Dec 2, 2009 New York

    i don't mean to be a jerk, but as long as i can afford it and it's in a format i can handle, i'm fine. $10 4pk, $12 6pk, i don't really care. just don't try to get me to pay $30 for your "not the best BBA beer in the world" bomber, and don't try to sell me a fucking IPA in a 750ml bottle. that's all i ask.

    (preferably don't sell me anything in large format)
  17. Davebeer50

    Davebeer50 Initiate (0) Jan 2, 2014 Massachusetts

    Or course I would love to have all beers at a great price and in 6 packs. Who wouldn't? But that is not the real world out there. There are and always will be 4 packs and bombers and some are vastly overpriced, and some are worth it. This whole discussion is exceedingly simple, and many folks have hit nail on the head already here- if you object to it don't buy it. That simple. Plenty of good beers out there reasonably priced in 6 packs. Or even some 12 packs. There will always be something to bitch about in terms of its cost. Have you seen the price of out of season asparagus lately? Damn.
  18. Davebeer50

    Davebeer50 Initiate (0) Jan 2, 2014 Massachusetts

    And of course it all depends on your individual economic situation...many don't care about an extra 47 cents for a good beer.
  19. dennis3951

    dennis3951 Initiate (0) Mar 6, 2008 New Jersey

    If you can get a beer just as good in a 6 pack for the same cost, why do you care?
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  20. TheFlern

    TheFlern Initiate (0) May 9, 2009 Idaho

    i only pick up 4 packs for special releases. i see green flash trying to push 4 packs at about $12 a piece right next to deschutes 6 packs at $10 a piece here in Jackson, WY. I will never buy a green flash beer because of this.
  21. Biff_Tannen

    Biff_Tannen Initiate (0) Dec 8, 2013 Missouri

    I love love love 4 Hands. I buy their stuff and have no problem splurging on their special releases. . I would buy more of it if it came in 6 packs instead of 4 packs.

    Same with Green Flash. Love their beer, don't buy it hardly ever anymore due to the cost/ounce.

    This thread isn't about any particular breweries, just the strategy in general which seems like it would turn off many buyers, as evidenced by many posts in this thread.
  22. StLeasy

    StLeasy Initiate (0) Sep 8, 2013 Illinois

    I personally enjoy Green Flash's year round Hop Head Red and WCIPA much more than any year-round Deschutes, and enjoy GF's limited releases more, too. I rarely get any Deschutes in 6-pack format, with the exception of (a couple cases of :stuck_out_tongue:)Hop Trip. Maybe a 6 of Red Chair each year, too.
  23. Stugotzo

    Stugotzo Initiate (0) Jun 13, 2012 Florida

    I hate to pee on your calculator, but....

    It's not nearly 50% more expensive.

    It's EXACTLY 50% more expensive. :stuck_out_tongue:
  24. Boca-X

    Boca-X Initiate (0) Jan 21, 2014 Missouri

    Supply and question...
  25. dortenzio1991

    dortenzio1991 Initiate (0) Aug 12, 2011 Connecticut

    I believe it has to do with consumers perception of pricing. People can justify a $10 4pk, but not a $15 6pk. Why do you think SN Bigfoot switched from 6pk to 4pk? The case costs the exact same price, but I'd bet more people are buying Bigfoot 4pks for $8.99 rather then 6pks for $12.99
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  26. ParkbrauFan

    ParkbrauFan Initiate (0) Feb 8, 2014 Iowa

    I was behind a guy in line to day at my favorite bier haunt. He came up to the counter with 6 4 packs of CW. Not sure what impressed me more, the $86 tab or his mad carrying skills for a 5'5" beer quaffer!
  27. imbrue001

    imbrue001 Initiate (0) Aug 6, 2010 Pennsylvania

    You never actually took Economics 101, I can tell.
  28. RusImpStoLuv

    RusImpStoLuv Initiate (0) Feb 14, 2014 Michigan

    I ran into this problem earlier, while the Betty behind the counter had no idea the price of a 4pack of Founders Breakfast Stout I got it for 7.99, the price of the rest of the Founders sixers....Lucky me tonight.....Though I didn't get gouged by no means, some stores just are out of touch with the real beer and so wrapped up in selling $1.09 Natty Ice's....
  29. raynmoon

    raynmoon Initiate (0) Aug 13, 2011 Colorado

    Saison Diego 4-pack $12.

    Worst offender?
    Every liquor store in my area selling it for half price plus buy one get one free?

    Yes and yes
  30. Preluderl

    Preluderl Devotee (491) Sep 27, 2012 Pennsylvania

    Such a copious amount of crying about pricing. If it's too much for you, don't buy it. There are loads and loads of choices. No one is forcing anyone to pay a premium price.
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  31. jncastillo87

    jncastillo87 Initiate (0) Jan 27, 2013 Texas

    There are a few 4 packs I will pay higher prices for .. SixPoint Resin and Hi-Res and Founders Breakfast stout..I forget the name but there was a Triple IPA bomber at my local Krogers @ 13.00... fuck all that.
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  32. Boca-X

    Boca-X Initiate (0) Jan 21, 2014 Missouri

    Actually...if there is no demand for the said brew and you are still paying extra for that 4 pk...then you might want to revisit Economics 101? JUST SAYING...
  33. Boca-X

    Boca-X Initiate (0) Jan 21, 2014 Missouri

    I agree...even though the price per bottle/ounce may be the same per 4 or 6 pack the demand may be for the 4pks due to the overall cash invested?

    I sell B2B and see this all the time...I sell 5 gallon pails of chemicals for the said price of $80 and 1 gallon jugs for $20...I have 100s of customers who buy the gallon even though they use plenty of chemical to justify the 5. You would think with all the overhead costs it takes to run a business they would all buy the 5 and save $20/get a gallon free...but that is not the case.

    The demand is based on total out of pocket spent at that moment...nothing more (and I'd like to add, a very bad business decision).
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  34. Rekrule

    Rekrule Initiate (0) Nov 11, 2011 Massachusetts

    I'm all for 6 packs but would like to point out something I never see anyone mention. If every beer was in 6 packs there would be less available choices in any store you chose to go to. Retail space is finite. This would create bottle shops who only sell one beer (presumably the best seller) from a lot of breweries. (This is already a very real thing), and bottle shops that have a small collection of full line ups.

    While I do love six packs, bombers and 4 packs allow for more beer choices in the same space than all 6 packs would.
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  35. JuicesFlowing

    JuicesFlowing Initiate (0) Jul 5, 2009 Kansas

    Tallgrass sell 4 packs of 16 ounce cans for the same price as most six packs go for. Since their beer is really good, and I'm only getting denied the extra 8 ounces, it's no big deal to me.
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  36. Johnny_Muir

    Johnny_Muir Initiate (0) Jan 8, 2014 New Jersey

    Hahaha. Every time I shop for beer, I see bombers and laugh. I bought one once, just for kicks. Was a good beer, but not worth the money. Same goes for virtually all 4-packs I've ben dumb enough to buy.
  37. Johnny_Muir

    Johnny_Muir Initiate (0) Jan 8, 2014 New Jersey

    And whiskey.
  38. TheGator321

    TheGator321 Initiate (0) May 29, 2013 Connecticut

    price gouging
  39. BeerAssassin

    BeerAssassin Initiate (0) Aug 17, 2012 Antarctica

    You need to consider how much wine is considered 1 drink it's only 4-6 oz compared to 12-16 oz for beer. So that one bottle of wine contains at least 4 and up to 6 drinks. Wine is usually, but not always higher ABV than 7% (some wine is more than double this).
  40. RichardMNixon

    RichardMNixon Initiate (0) Jun 24, 2012 Pennsylvania

    I put "drinks" in quotes because it matters if you're looking at volume or the amount of alcohol considered a "drink." A "drink" is 12 oz. of 5% ABV beer. A 7% ABV beer is technically 1.4 drinks, equivalent to 7 oz. of 12% ABV wine, of which there are ~3.5 in a wine bottle, less than the number of bottles in a 4-pack.

    You could argue that people drink a glass of wine slower than they drink beer regardless of the ABV, but if you're drinking by "drinks" and not by volume, the 4-pack is the better deal.

    I do sometimes wonder where the cutoff is that we ought to treat a beer more like a glass of wine as far as drinking habits are concerned (and it's one reason that 15% ABV bombers drive me a little crazy). BCBS for instance is stronger than most wines: pouring the whole 12 oz. is like pouring yourself a pint of wine. Is it still normal at that point that we should have a serving of beer larger than a serving of wine?
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