Breweries you once loved, but don't anymore and why

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  1. JackHorzempa

    JackHorzempa (964) Dec 15, 2005 Pennsylvania

    Somewhat ironic (is that the correct term here?) you should mention Carton since at my local Retail Beer Distributor the amount (and number of brands) of Carton beer has expanded over the past few months. They are now carrying 12-packs of a couple of the Carton brands (e.g., Boat is one of them) and there are much more brands of four-packs to choose from. I personally do not buy these beers since they are quite pricey ('extra' markup since it is not a Jersey store?). I have enjoyed every one of the half-dozen (or so) Carton brands I have tasted in the past (mostly draft purchases). I just wish the prices were lower at my local store.

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  2. Mortal_Wombat

    Mortal_Wombat (0) Jul 7, 2020 Texas
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    Rahr & Sons for me. The ubiquity of better local lagers has made it harder and harder to justify buying from a place that seemingly flouts the conventions of the lagers they're brewing. I also don't much care for Dadgum or Hazy DC from their IPA offerings.

    I still pick up one 6 pack of Oktoberfest a year from them but it's more of a habit than anything.
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  3. puboflyons

    puboflyons (1,313) Jul 26, 2008 New Hampshire

    I actually think this can be said about many of the breweries that got their start in the 1980's and 1990s. They were taking on the "big guys" and offering a new alternative and fresher product. Now, in my area, there are at least 100 local craft breweries within reasonable driving distance and many are getting some of their products into the stores. Nowadays I rarely think about Stone, Sierra Nevada, New Belgium, Lagunitas, Dogfish Head, etc. when I am beer shopping.
  4. hillind

    hillind (489) Apr 24, 2010 Pennsylvania

    I actually had a Classic as well at Musikfest Friday, really enjoyed that beer!
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  5. oneeye

    oneeye (615) Feb 17, 2007 Pennsylvania

    What a great way to spend your afternoon. That looks absolutely delicious! Your review confirmed all of the above. I’ll go back to read the backstory. It’s been awhile since I reviewed a beer. I used to contribute on NBS. I may have to revisit the NBW thread and review a beer or two.

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  6. JackHorzempa

    JackHorzempa (964) Dec 15, 2005 Pennsylvania

    Please do come and join us on NBW, it is a great sub-community on BA.

    I was a long time NBS contributor and I continued on as it 'transitioned' to NBW. A number of the NBS regulars chose to stop participating on NBW because they were unhappy about the manner of the NBS -> NBW change (they messaged me in private and I did my best to assuage things here but...).

    It would be great to 'have you back'.


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  7. Spade

    Spade (737) Mar 27, 2006 Pennsylvania

    I didn't know they stopped packaging the Classic but had noticed it wasn't on the shelves lately. It's like they're throwing things at the wall to see what sticks.

    On the other hand, I also bought some Storm King last fall, and when I was at Parkesburg last month it was on tap. Of course, no way I'm drinking that without a driver.

    On another recent visit I had a Braümeister Oils with a soft pretzel, then a Hop Devil on nitro. It was glorious; like 2005 all over again.
  8. JackHorzempa

    JackHorzempa (964) Dec 15, 2005 Pennsylvania

    Yes, the beer selection at both Parkesburg and Downingtown does provide some variety. Unfortunately for consumers who are not local to those taprooms (and others like Center City Philly) this is just a tease.

    I want to buy 15-packs of Classic Lager at my local Wegmans and/or Retail Beer Distributor but I am now SOL here. :slight_frown:

  9. champ103

    champ103 (1,585) Sep 3, 2007 Texas

    And, it might have been because of this thread, but I decided to go have an afternoon beer at Holler today. Which use to be my Sunday stop no matter what. Now, this is the first I have been in a few months. Though low an behold they had a new Saison on. Which is the first new beer from the new brewer. It was decent, I just reviewed it over at the NBW thread. I also heard they have a new Cold IPA coming soon, so they are jumping on that train. Guess I'll check that out as well eventually. While I had an enjoyable enough time today, it wasn't the same as when the Holler's were there everyday and you could pick John's brain about everything, and they were both very knowledgeable on all things brewing and business wise. Not to rag on it now, but just seems to have lost its luster for me.
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  10. defunksta

    defunksta (873) Jan 18, 2019 North Dakota
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    Sierra Nevada all the way here. Once I heard they were ditching their Oktoberfest this year that was it. How are you going to ditch the Oktoberfest for a hazy beer? Their Oktoberfest was good and I did not see this coming. For now, I am boycotting Sierra Nevada for what it's worth.
    I haven't encountered the same frustration with Toppling Goliath as others have. Although I have been disappointed in some of their recent collabs, I thought Radiant Haze was fantastic and a good price point.
    For now, Sierra Nevada in on my Blacklist for not participating in Oktoberfest. Sacrilegious.
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  11. JackHorzempa

    JackHorzempa (964) Dec 15, 2005 Pennsylvania

    If they have named this beer yet you should make a suggestion: Crazy Train.

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  12. Benish

    Benish (923) Mar 13, 2013 Utah

    Sierra Nevada. I have no hate. I love them but sadly every time I’m in the store, it is just IPAs and their trademark pale ale.
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  13. unlikelyspiderperson

    unlikelyspiderperson (1,068) Mar 12, 2013 California
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    They're still making an o fest, just not distributing it nationally
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  14. deanzaZZR

    deanzaZZR (446) Jan 8, 2015 California

    Alvarado Street in Monterey. They were my main crush during my brief dalliance with hazy IPAs. They were not easy to find locally so getting ahold of an Alvarado hazy was a joyous thing.

    Now that I have straightened by beer life out, the IPA you will find in my glass is WCIPA FTW....
  15. unlikelyspiderperson

    unlikelyspiderperson (1,068) Mar 12, 2013 California
    Society Trader

    They seem to get a lot less love in general these days. They were a golden child in the world of hoppy beer there for a while, now I feel like they barely get mentioned
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  16. HorseheadsHophead

    HorseheadsHophead (1,081) Sep 15, 2014 Colorado

    In my haste, I forgot to mention one of my own personal reasons for boycotting breweries--when they stop dating their beers. I remember a bunch of breweries like Peak Organic Brewing who used to date their beer and then stopped dating it. That's an instant boycott for me.
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  17. cyclonece09

    cyclonece09 (993) Aug 5, 2008 Wisconsin

    Not craft, but Miller in Milwaukee. They have slashed their advertisement in Milwaukee, giving up the naming rights to the stadium literally across the freeway from their brewery. And now at our basketball arena, they lost the contract to A-B.

    All of this even 5 years ago would of been unthinkable.
  18. jonphisher

    jonphisher (944) Aug 9, 2015 New Jersey
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    I know you’re pretty close @Urk1127 there are three places within a mile of me Carton lately. Could just be the stores not ordering it…?
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  19. fegelFatso

    fegelFatso (423) Jun 23, 2013 California

    May I ask what inspired your screen name? (I only ask because the school I teach at is called De Anza and I’m wondering if I just ran into a coworker here… that’d be cool!)
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  20. Domingo

    Domingo (1,294) Apr 23, 2005 Colorado

    For me it's probably Great Divide. They used to be my favorite brewery in CO. and one of my favorites in the whole world not that long ago. Yet over the last 6-7 years I feel like they lost their way. They used to be ahead of the curve when it came to beer trends and they pushed the industry forward. I loved seeing what new seasonal item they'd release next. Now it's like they just watch what Avery, New Belgium, Bell's, etc. are doing and copy them 6 months too late. "Avery has a new IPA using 3 specific hops? We need one by years end, too! Hard seltzer is catching on? Let's create a whole new line of them that will gather dust next to the Truly!" Feels like everything they do is a late reaction to what some other place their size has already done. It would be one thing if their efforts were better, but they almost never are. Their Hazy (which was a CO exclusive for a while) might be their only real winner in years. Their beers are still fine, quality-wise, but their creative direction is just kinda sad. In 2022 you can't just keep cranking out me-too clones and Yeti variants that mostly taste the same. I don't think they can go back to the Ridgeline and Bee Sting days, but you can't out-do the other regional breweries (often with corporate coffers) by copying them.
  21. Urk1127

    Urk1127 (935) Jul 2, 2014 Pennsylvania
    Society Trader

    I assumed it was a combination of both distribution and store ordering. I used to go to the Canals in Lindenwold and it's just a craft beer desert as expected. But solid imports. If I go to Canals in Berlin I have better options. Also Wine Works in Marlton had a ton of stuff but is pricey.
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  22. jonphisher

    jonphisher (944) Aug 9, 2015 New Jersey
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    Yes winerworks is one I was thinking of, it’s about a mile away and yea they upped prices as of late. Canals bottle stop and joe canals Marlton both had boat a few weeks back as well.

    I bought two 12 packs of boat this summer one at Wineworks early the next was a canals bottle stop for 4-5$ cheaper which is nuts so yea I agree Wineworks has been gouging.
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  23. thebeers

    thebeers (1,461) Sep 10, 2014 Pennsylvania
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    Actually, at the time of the settlement Tracy Evans said, “When someone offers to change, as humans we have a few choices and I have made the choice to see what Founders does with the path that they are about to take.”

    As others have suggested, the settlement probably included some sort of language at Founders’ insistence limiting what he’s able to say about the company. Impossible to know, of course, as the company hasn’t released the agreement.

    It’s worth noting that it’s not just Evans’ experiences that painted Founders in a bad light. When workers decided to protest their treatment at one of the locations, Founders shut down that location. When the company hired Garci Harkema as diversity and inclusion director, she soon after resigned, publicly stating that her suggestions on diversity and inclusion were ignored.

    So, I agree with Evans: let’s see what they do. I haven’t seen anything yet, though.

    In fact, I vaguely remember around that time the company making some sort of promise to donate money to the community as part of its trust-building process, and when I checked to see who they were donating to, the thing I found the most about on their website was their donations to animal shelters. (Hopefully, there’s more now; that was a good while ago!)
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  24. cmiller4642

    cmiller4642 (0) Aug 17, 2013 West Virginia

    3 Floyds. I used to seek out their beer all the time. Now it's hit and miss and stupid expensive. I don't know why but Zombie Dust went from OMG the best beer ever to ehh.
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  25. JackHorzempa

    JackHorzempa (964) Dec 15, 2005 Pennsylvania

    Just to double-check: you are stating that 3 Floyds suffers from batch variation?

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  26. Resistance88

    Resistance88 (739) Apr 9, 2015 California

    Youre just saying what i said

    If he really cared about change he woulda rejected their dirty money and fought for change
    But he got has bag and went silent which is why i say it must have not been that big an issue

    When people genuinely care about change they fight

    He didnt , so fuck it. He sugned on the dotted line that said " seal your lips. "
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  27. thebeers

    thebeers (1,461) Sep 10, 2014 Pennsylvania
    Society Trader

    That's a thought, but people who need money to live often make compromises.

    You're also ignoring the other employees who took action against Founders' racism and didn't settle a lawsuit against them.
  28. Resistance88

    Resistance88 (739) Apr 9, 2015 California

    i was gonna add more

    If it werent for evans it wouldnt have come to light, so that was raising awareness.
    Thats also where it ends tho. Raising awareness is step oneand making compromises makes you a non factor when it comes to these issues IM( Humble) Opinion.
    But i don't wanna derail this any further

    Shout out to all of us fighting the good fight...even sellouts who " need to makeca living"
  29. pixiesfanyo

    pixiesfanyo (294) Oct 25, 2010 California

    Bunch of cranky old farts in here.
  30. ilikebeer03

    ilikebeer03 (850) Oct 17, 2012 Texas
    Society Trader

    I'll go the opposite direction of most folks here (though I suppose that's not really the purpose of this thread :slight_smile::slight_smile: ) .
    Still love:
    Sierra Nevada

    Sure I'd like to see some of the 'classics' come back from Stone and Sierra Nevada. But Stone IPA; that's hard to beat. This 'you voted, we brewed' series - wonderful. Sierra Nevada Pale Ale, Torpedo, Dankful, etc. - wonderful.
  31. retention_

    retention_ (107) Jan 8, 2022 North Carolina

    I used to be a big fan of Southern Tier. I miss the old Blackwater series lineup when it included Choklat and Mokah, as well as other big beers they used to make like Back Burner and Oat among many others. Harvest is a decent IPA and I still like Warlock but those are the only two beers I even look at from them anymore. I guess 2xIPA is pretty good too but I rarely see that one fresh. It doesn't seem to sell all that well and the new Blackwater lineup is mediocre.
  32. JackHorzempa

    JackHorzempa (964) Dec 15, 2005 Pennsylvania

    Do you have an opinion on whether the purchase of Southern Tier by ABV is the 'source' of these negative changes?

  33. checktherhyme

    checktherhyme (458) Apr 8, 2008 Washington

    Why Kulshan exactly? I’m not super familiar with their beer other than when I’m in Bellingham a few times a year.
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  34. keithmurray

    keithmurray (991) Oct 7, 2009 Connecticut

    I can't remember the last time I had a ST beer. The stouts they uses to make were awesome (Mokah, Java, Oat and Choklat) and for some reason they went away from them. I also liked the original version of the Live Pale ale when it forst came out about 7 or 8 years ago, but they changed the recipe for the worst.
  35. The_Genera_Tsao

    The_Genera_Tsao (107) Sep 9, 2016 Rhode Island

    My dad used to deliver the packaging for them probably around 2007 or so and would come home with a few packs of shoals pale ale, brown dog and their original IPA. He didn’t drink beer and would leave them in the basement for parties or whatever. They are the firsts beers I learned to drink and compare others to. I loved the obscure marketing and commitment to a few select styles. They were bought out and now have become Smuttlabs which is probably the furthest thing from what they started as. Peanut butter and jelly beers are fine if you’re into that but I miss the old glass bottles and consistent flagships.
  36. BBThunderbolt

    BBThunderbolt (1,880) Sep 24, 2007 Kiribati
    Society Trader

    Eh, when they were new, I thought everything they made was very good-to- great. I drank sooooo much Bastard Kat, it was my favorite IPA for years.

    As they grew and expanded, I still loved them, but was, in my mind, not quite as good, but still very, very good. I don't hate them, but I rarely go to any of their 3 locations in town. If I'm out with friends, or want to grab a sixer of "drinking beer" to take to a share or cookout, I'll happily grab one.

    To answer the question in the OP; I used to love them. I don't anymore, but I still like and respect them.

    Kinda like the perfect break-up if you will....
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  37. BBThunderbolt

    BBThunderbolt (1,880) Sep 24, 2007 Kiribati
    Society Trader

    But, back then, those were very unique beers. Today, every monkey with a brewery is making similar things.

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  38. Arassuil

    Arassuil (0) Jan 21, 2008 Australia

    I've kicked this can so many times, may as well kick it one more time.
    Red Hook - Loved when it debuted. Tapered back to 'really liked' when they started filtering it and called it ESB a few years later, then it just seemed to get blander and blander.

    More recently here in Australia:
    Little Creatures Pale Ale - used to have some yeast in the bottles back ten years ago, and certain dates were hoppier than others. Later, not long after Lion Nathan bought them out, they were another clear bland weak pale. If I go into a pub and its on tap, I may still have one unless they have Cooper's Pale.

    And not sure why all the hate for Sierra Nevada. I like the fact they still make good IPAs and haven't gotten on the fruit salad bandwagon.
  39. ZebulonXZogg

    ZebulonXZogg (949) May 5, 2015 Illinois

    My craft beer experience started with Stone, Bells, Founders, Lagunitas and many others, they brewed beers I liked, so I bought them. Their breweries grew, they got older and saw a chance at "the good life" and sold. Plenty of small local brewers in my neck of the woods, some good, some not so.
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  40. DarkDragon999

    DarkDragon999 (280) Feb 13, 2013 Rhode Island

    Redhook is practically gone from my area. Havent seen them in years and 10 years ago they were everywhere. Cant say I miss them but I wouldnt have minded trying some of their beers I didnt have.
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