Breweries you once loved, but don't anymore and why

Discussion in 'Beer Talk' started by DEdesings57, Aug 13, 2022.

  1. beerjerk666

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    Ballast Point.

    Bought and sold how many times now?

    Sculpin, to me, is a joke now.
  2. JerzDevl2000

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    I used to find in loads of places this time of year and loved it as an alternative to all the Marzens, Octoberfests, and Pumpkin beers that dominate from now until early November.

    Now, I can't find it anywhere at all. Why is that?
  3. Rug

    Rug Poo-Bah (2,225) Aug 20, 2018 Massachusetts
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    Absolutely. I need to pick up 90 Minute more often as well. And 120 I tend to get 1 or 2 4-packs each year. Did a side-by-side of a 2006 vintage and 2020 vintage a few months back, maybe one day I'll actually get around to posting my notes from that lol
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  4. HorseheadsHophead

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    I recently tried 90 Minute again and it just came across as absurdly boozy and syrupy sweet to me. To each their own, but I personally wasn't a fan at all.
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  5. jaxon53

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    Pipeworks. I don't know what it is, but there beer just doesn't do it for me anymore.
  6. JayORear

    JayORear Meyvn (1,487) Feb 22, 2012 Pennsylvania
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    Trillium, for reasons well-covered in previous posts. I do like the Twice the Daily Serving series, but you can hardly call those beers.
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