Brewers Edge Mash and Boil

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    It looks like you can get the M&B unit alone for $300, or the M&B unit and a pump and a water heater for $420. The $420 one seems to have some of the improvements mentioned in this thread.
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    Yeah I know this is an old thread, but... I have one of these M&Bs (with pump), been using for about three years, and like it quite a lot. It's not a panacea, but, for the money, it's great. I've learned a few things over time...

    1) The unit heats to whatever temp you set it to, then cools 5*F then heats again. So if you want a 152* mash, and set it to 152*, your average mash temp will probably be closer to 150* given the oscillation between the high and low. I usually set my mash temp 1-2 degree higher than what I want knowing the average will be somewhere in the middle.

    2) Scorching. Yeah, there will be some scorching on the bottom. I give the wort a good stir and scrape the bottom every 10 mins or so, and it's not too bad.

    3) Ouch!. The legs on the grain basket are made of thin gauge metal. I've had two separate baskets, and both had legs with edges that were like knife blades. BE CAREFUL when washing. I've cut my fingers up a few times on those dang legs.

    4) Batch size. I've made 5 gallon batches as well as some 3 gallon high gravity batches (because it wouldn't handle all the grain for a 5 gall batch) just fine. I don't think batch size should matter (within reason).

    I want to get a Grainfather when I grow up, but for now, the M&B is perfectly serviceable. Just keep some bandages handy when cleaning.
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    Some 100 or 120 grit wet/dry sandpaper, or a dremel type tool with a steel brush or buffing wheel attachment could help with that.
    It'd take a bit of time but it's a one-and-done effort.
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    I have this with a pump — worth $50 extra IMO. Also, use 8 oz of rice hulls for wheat or high grain bills. I made a Belgian Dark Strong Ale, OG 1.091 and reached that number with the rice hulls.
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    I'm about to use my Brewer's Edge Mash & Boil with pump for the first time. How come nobody just uses the sparging basket as a hop spider? I don't see how hop particulate that could drop through it would be any worse for the pump than the grain particulate that will fall through during mashing and sparging. One guy on here even said his hop spider was too fine mesh to be efficient.
    Thanks in advance! I just joined. I haven't brewed in 17 years.
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    If I were using whole cone hops, sure, the basket would work. Pellet hops will more than likely just flow right through the basket. Plus I can't fit my chiller and the basket in there at the same time.