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    Soooo, some of you know I have been a fan of Anchor Brewing in San Francisco for many years - have been to the brewery multiple times, done tours, etc

    I was a bit bummed by all the negative feedback here about their "re-branding" and label "re-fresh" from January when I created a post about it, etc....I get it - people don't like change and this one was pretty dramatic and was not well received by many.....the liquid inside is the same, so I understood the rationale behind it...unfortunately, for me here in NE OH, their distributor still sucks and they only stock Steam and OSA - no Liberty Ale, Porter, Old Foghorn, etc

    I have a tradition going back 8 years now, of ordering their beautiful etched Our Special Ale (holiday) glass on their online, I was disappointed that I did not see this new glass or much else on the website this month, when I usually order, the beer / label, the glass changes yearly with a different CA native tree featured on the label and glass to match. So, like any true beer nerd, I reached out and emailed Anchor directly - several times, and tried calling - no answer, response to my emails asking if this years 2021 glass would be available to purchase as I have always done....

    Later I saw they had a FB post about the OSA and I made a comment about the lack of response and the not so good customer service, to my glassware query.....fairly quickly after that I got a message on FB, from someone in SoCal who works for Anchor and asked what I was looking for.....2021 glass....seemed pretty obvious from my post / comment.....anyway....she asked for my address, and said she would look into it....
    That was last week - today, a nice box was delivered from Anchor in SF, and what a lovely care package it is!
    4 ea 2020 OSA glasses (apparantly they are not doing 2021 due to supply issues), an Anchor hat and scarf, and a package of coasters and a hand written note! Sweeetttt! I wish there was a 2021 glass in that box, but that was an awesome gesture and made my day!

    Thanks for the care, Dina in LA, and thanks Anchor, for putting my faith back into customer service!

    What kinds of GOOD customer service from breweries have you experienced??




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    Always good to hear good customer service reports from favorite breweries.

    FWIW -- I can add similar stories from others; small and large. The majority of brewery people are good folk.
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    Well, sometimes some frank, respectable, and persistent inquiries do pay off.

    I've had several nice experiences overall. The best was from Oskar Blues. There was a lot of chatter on BA about the reformulation of Mama's Little Yella Pils, questions and speculation about what was changing with the beer, but no one apparently contacted the brewery directly for details. I emailed them with questions about what was changing.

    Shortly afterwards, on an early Saturday afternoon, I got a phone call from their head brewer and had a great conversation with him for over 30 minutes. I'm sure he had more important things to do, and especially on a Saturday, and all I was was a curious consumer. But, the fact that someone at his level of operations took time to call and chat out of the blue really impressed me.


    Here's the link to my post on the forum post with notes I took while talking with Tim Matthews (OB's head of brewing operations).
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    I had a bad bottle from Upslope brewing. I reached out just to give them a heads up, they sent me a replacement bottle, t shirt, stickers, and a gift card for a couple free pints at their taproom. Amazing service.
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  5. BillAfromSoCal

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    I had a six pack of a collaboration NA beer between Athletic Brewing and Boulevard. I reached out to Athletic via their website and asked them if the inordinate amount of suspended solids was "normal" becasue they looked unlike what I have seen in other beers. They not only responded very quickly with an explanation, but in very short order they sent me a generous and delicious compensation, even though I did not ask for one. I joined their "club" and never once have I had an issue with their performance. They deliver what they say they will in a predicable manner and they make it very easy to customize the monthly allocations. Order two six packs and delivery is free. AND....they give 2% of revenue to local trail maintenance. They are a stellar example of service.
  6. Alefflicted

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    Always warms my soul to hear of good customer service! Props to Anchor for resolving your issue.
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    That is great customer service, indeed. I am one of the BAs who expressed dissatisfaction with the radical label change. The previous labels were so very unique and American. Sadly, I can only find Anchor Steam where I am, and not very often. I truly miss a good glass of Liberty ale.
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  8. Giantspace

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    I had a cherry syrup bottle of big bad Baptist , no reply back. Epic is in my no buy list.

    Fonta Flora is bullshit service. Promises that never happened, phone calls that go unreturned.

    Otter Creek was really poor as well.

    Poor service and you are on the no buy list, forever.

    victory, DFH, Saranac, SN , Boston beer and Shane from Sixpoint have all given great service.