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  1. Jtmorgan0203

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    Hey everyone,

    I've seen older threads going into details on cycling jerseys and who currently has some available. I am interested in getting a few. was curious if any of you have spotted any locally in your regions of know of places that have them.

    I know Deschutes has a few, I've seen previously that RR amongst others has. but many of the older posts with links or options have died or the jerseys are no longer available.

    I appreciate any feedback! I am also open to trading a few beers or breweriana for local jerseys I may not be able to purchase online.

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  2. schteve

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    Tree House had some during the warmer months.
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    Thanks everyone!
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    De Dolle has a freakin' awesome one.
    Although you need to go to the shop. Maybe reach out to B.United to see if they can help with the hook-up if you can't get to Belgium.
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