Brewery invents "Reverse Guinness," a white stout with black head

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  1. darktronica

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    Picture as a teaser, rather than quoting the article. Some of the other pictures look... less off-putting? Quite curious how this was accomplished. Let's hear your theories, industry pros and homebrewers. I've long wondered what determines the precise color of a beer's head, given that some are quite divergent from the liquid's color, and beers with the same base SRM can have wildly different head color. These folks seem to have cracked the code and then abused the hell out of it.

  2. BrewsOverHoes

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    I’d be in to try it.
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  3. Ffenski

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    Looks very cool, but to get a black head from a white ale (or any ale for that matter), I'm thinking a lot of adjunctive adjuncts of adjuncts were used. Especially coming from 'Team Toxic'.
  4. nc41

    nc41 Poo-Bah (1,938) Sep 25, 2008 North Carolina

    Doesn’t look appetizing to me.
  5. HouseofWortship

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  6. eLMsITYbUM

    eLMsITYbUM Initiate (89) Oct 24, 2007 New Hampshire

    Don't really know how they did, but would try one. Seems a bit of a gimmick and they lost me talking about how insta...... That was my first thought when I saw it, honestly. The true question here is how soon until someone replicates it for the masses?
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  7. rgordon

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    I'm blinded by science, Mr. Dolby.
  8. bbtkd

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    Could be racist
  9. RobHB

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    My first thought: That's a weird looking candle.
  10. Bitterbill

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    Me neither but if I can find a single, I'd try it. If I finish it or drain pour it, at least I would know what my palate thinks.
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  11. PapaGoose03

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    Maybe a roasty-flavored black dye in the CO2 tank that rises to the top of the glass as foam? But the white part, I don't have a clue.
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  12. Bitterbill

    Bitterbill Poo-Bah (6,827) Sep 14, 2002 Wyoming
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    Ha. I will never see it. 1200 Liters brewed....
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  13. stevepat

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    they kinda lost me with the 'team toxic' moniker but the look of the glass fits and I'd call it a world class gimmick. Tell me who isn't curious?
  14. AlcahueteJ

    AlcahueteJ Meyvn (1,084) Dec 4, 2004 Massachusetts

    Love the gimmick but it looks gross.

    I'd try it.
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  15. dcotom

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    I call shenanigans.
  16. Snowcrash000

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  17. Peach63

    Peach63 Aspirant (204) Jul 17, 2019 New York

    I'm a home brewer and I'm baffled! :thinking_face:
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  18. HouseofWortship

    HouseofWortship Defender (664) May 3, 2016 Illinois

    Can you achieve that pale color by going ridiculously overboard on flaked oats so you have tons of white flour-like stuff suspended in the beer? Then just add a pea flower mixture. Problem solved.
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  19. Ranbot

    Ranbot Champion (875) Nov 27, 2006 Pennsylvania

    Thanks for the link I had never heard of pea flower. The "Reverse Guinness" looks disgusting, but those other applications to mixed drinks are interesting. I would guess the same rainbow of colors [literally] would be applicable to beer too. Gimmicky as hell, but the gimmick is more fun than most.


    Who wants to place a bet on when a beer made with pea flower and glitter arrives on the market? :rolling_eyes::stuck_out_tongue:
  20. DeltaAgent

    DeltaAgent Aspirant (229) Jan 16, 2016 Pennsylvania

    The interface between the liquid and the head was very clearly made by an additive being applied to the top of the beer and/or the foam. An interesting visual stunt, though.
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  21. Roguer

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    My first thought: October 2nd seems to be waaaaay too early to start rolling out April Fools columns.

    That really does not look appetizing to me. I'm not saying I wouldn't try it if offered (ticker's gotta tick .... ), but .... yeah, it just does not look good.
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  22. lester619

    lester619 Devotee (467) Apr 17, 2009 Wisconsin

    I'll start a thread and open up a dialogue.
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  23. lester619

    lester619 Devotee (467) Apr 17, 2009 Wisconsin

    In all seriousness, that looks absolutely ridiculous.
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  24. ssamon

    ssamon Initiate (70) Mar 17, 2010 Massachusetts

    Better yet, have a White Nite from Angel City in LA...its a white stout that has all of the roasted coffee/chocolate notes you get from a traditional nitro stout but in a golden color. Its a mind bender when first see and smell it because it doesn't add up.
  25. Tommixx

    Tommixx Disciple (364) Aug 15, 2007 California

    The albino in the black hat (as opposed to the Guinness descriptor, “the blonde in the black dress”). Do the bubbles also rise to the top of the glass, to complete the reverse Guinness presentation?
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  26. barnzy78

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    Looks disgusting. I'd drink it!:rofl:
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  27. rtrasr

    rtrasr Disciple (311) Feb 16, 2009 Arkansas

    I agree.
  28. ScaryEd

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    The beer should be called "Interracial Blowjob"
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  29. SFACRKnight

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  30. AlcahueteJ

    AlcahueteJ Meyvn (1,084) Dec 4, 2004 Massachusetts

    Couldn't you call Guinness the same thing?
  31. officerbill

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    Half way there

    (yes, I know it was an April 1st article)
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  32. BeerBobber

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    The look is kind of nasty but I would try it.
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  33. jesskidden

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    Yeah, that's the sort of "beer" I want to drink. :rolling_eyes:

    If a "macro" brewery responded about a beer in this manner, the geekery would freak out.
  34. Spikester

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    Reminds me of the sewage sump at one of the dams I worked at.
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