Brewery owner took down the Colorado Springs shooter

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    (Behind a paywall? Likely other media sources will follow up the story.)

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    HERO! Next brewery to be featured in a Beer Advocate beer box???
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  4. PatKorn

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    Def interested in ordering a Mexican hoodie.
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    I have had problems with fruit flies in the beer but never crickets. From their website:
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    Great find!

    Glad the article stated he was there with his wife and kids. Would have been a horrible way to be outed to the national media if he was a closeted part of the LGBT community.
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    A GODDAMN HERO right here BA's!!

    Heard some of the interview with him this morning.
    Instincts and training kicked in as he helped to save dozens of people who were just out trying to have fun from this inhuman and disturbed monster.
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    Local brewery Benchtop does stuff with chapulines as well... Chapulin Exchange... a gose!
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    Shirts being ordered. I like the designs. Too bad I can’t get beer from them.

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    What a strange comment. Pretty sure going to a drag show has no bearing on who you are or your sexual choices one way or the other.
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    Or not...
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    Outed!?, he was likely more concerned about being Offed.

    Many people from the LGBT community have married partners and children.
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    True story
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    No one said it did. Please stop projecting your anti-LGBT thoughts on my comment, Lauren Boebert. Not everyone at LGBT bars is out. I’m simply saying it’s a good thing that he wasn’t someone in the closet since they plastered his name on national media.
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    Stinks when the every-man doing the right thing day in and day out is revealed to us all in times like these. I'd rather make sure this gentleman is taken care of for the remainder of his time on this rock rather than the person who brought him to light who we'll be taking care of instead.
    Glad this was posted this brewery deserves the bump. :beers:
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    My two moms thought that was a great comment. Please stop trolling. Again.
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    The “alleged” shooter was in court today and his face looked beat up! Just another reason to say thank you to Richard Fierro.
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    Sad situation. At least we can feel good about the brewery owner aspect of the story.
    I'm dating myself but that exact model of El Camino in all the brewery and media interview stories was the first car I ever bought brand new. I know, I know, El Camino, I have since moved on so many years later. After all, I drank Budweiser back then.
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    And again this is still a strange comment.
    Not everyone at LGBT bars is in the closet either, obviously.
    It just sounds like a very strange view considering, in the moment, he was probably more worried about being killed and protecting his family and others than what people would think of why he was at Club Q.
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    Some people in an LGBT-friendly location might be straight -- possibly an employee, or accompanying a group of friends, or having gone solo to enjoy the scene. In the 70s a friend and I went to Tug/s Tavern on Mission Boulevard in Pacific Beach, CA for taquitos, but bailed out after eating because of the crowd and noise. We stopped into a very quiet place across the street for a beer. My fellow carouser looked around at the ladies present and determined that we were probably out of our element. (I was slow on the uptake.) We left after a quick beer.
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    Do they sell bottles/cans/crowlers? Maybe we can work with someone local to acquire and ship to those interested in trying some of their beers.