Brewery Updates in Minnesota (2019)

Discussion in 'Midwest' started by KarlHungus, Dec 27, 2018.

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    That would be U4ouric... :wink:
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  2. RAH-RAH-Beer

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    Inver Grove Brewing Co is advertising in Growler magazine as coming soon. They are related to Lakeville Brewing. Are they going to brew in Inver Grove as well? Does anyone know?
  3. BeerBoy

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    They posted in a while back looking for a brewer for that location, so I'd say yes, they'll be brewing there.
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  4. Windvaner

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    For those who live in the Rochester area, another new brewery coming your way August 13th.

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  5. BeerDrinkinGuy

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    Inver Grove Brewing Co is hiring....

    "We are currently hiring for ALL POSITIONS for our Lakeville and Inver Grove Heights locations. Open interviews for both this Monday, Aug 5th from 12-3.
    8790 Upper 208th St
    Lakeville, MN 55044
    Can’t make it? Download an application from our websites and drop it off during business hours."
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  6. islay

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    Bloomington, the largest city in the state that lacks a brewery, will have on the November ballot an initiative that, if approved by at least 55% of voters, will amend the city's charter to allow taprooms and brewpubs. The city would still have to pass regulatory ordinances as a legal infrastructure for such establishments, and they still would have to gain individual approval. The word I've always heard is that the powers that be in Bloomington are hostile to breweries, but at least this is a step in the right direction even if quite a few years behind the times.

    This Growler article is a few weeks old, but it contains some interesting info on Minnesota brewery developments:
    1. Portage Brewing Co. in Walker says sour and wild ales will be its bread and butter when it reopens.
    2. Lupulin in Big Lake is launching a new brand for its sour program, Scribbled Lines, which will be slow sours only (no kettle sours).
    3. ONE Fermentary & Taproom in Minneapolis, which was originally billed as a sour-and-wild-ale-oriented brewery, seems to have pivoted, now claiming that such beers will constitute 1-5% of its production
    It's not a brewery, but White Bear Meadery is now open in White Bear Lake.
  7. gudbrande

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    Article about Fat Pants from Southwest News Media. From the article:

    "Don Anderson will be the head brewer, and since his favorite beer style is IPAs, that’s what the brewery will specialize in. But he says they’ll cover the spectrum of styles with their 18 taps, such as stouts, porters, lighter beers, non-traditional beverages and eventually some sours.

    Those non-traditional beverages are important to Linda Anderson. She hopes they will cater more toward women and people who don’t typically drink beer, with Don Anderson noting to make them, they’ll likely use barley based alcohol to mix into a cocktail.

    “Because as a woman myself, going into a brewery with him (her husband), he would know immediately the kind of beer he wanted, and I’m looking at the menu going ‘Alright, well, what am I going to like?’ So my whole idea was, while this is Fat Pants, we want to bring a Fancy Pants menu to Fat Pants so that women can walk in and have a menu for them,” she said.

    The Fancy Pants menu will feature the mocktails and Fat Pants’ lighter beer options."

    My wife declared that she'll never set foot in the place.
  8. RAH-RAH-Beer

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    was there any timeline for opening Fat Pants?
  9. KarlHungus

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    From the sounds of it they're trying to open in the 1950's.
  10. islay

    islay Aspirant (278) Jan 6, 2008 Minnesota

    Arbeiter Brewing, in planning for Minneapolis, released a West Coast IPA in collaboration with Bad Weather at Bad Weather's St. Paul taproom last week (Instagram).

    It appears that Fergus Brewing Co. in Fergus Falls has produced beer and is distributing to some bar accounts. Its taproom still is under construction (Facebook).

    Forbidden Barrel Brewing in Worthington expects softly to open before the end of August (Facebook).

    Sleepy Eye Brewing Company and Coffee Shop in Sleepy Eye hopes to open the coffee shop portion in September, but the brewery supposedly will open this winter.

    Thesis Beer Project
    in Rochester softly opened this past weekend and has its grand opening on Tuesday, 8-13-19 (Facebook).
  11. HeadRetention

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    Boom Island is having a soft opening August 16th at the new location
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  12. islay

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  13. islay

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    Trout City Brewing in Preston opens today (8-15-19). For you obscure brewery fans, there's a connection to the shuttered 2 Rivers Brewery in Lanesboro.
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  14. gatornation

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    If your heading south this weekend (towards Iowa:grin:) stop at Karst in Fountain,then Trout City a little further south both right off of Hwy 52.
  15. Chumley22

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    Pretty impressed with New Boom Island. What a big time change. Hope they don’t run out of beer!
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  16. ZAP

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    Don't have links but breweries/taprooms planned for Park Rapids and Hackensack. Both about a year out. A new one in Grand Rapids should open before the end of the year.
  17. RAH-RAH-Beer

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    I found a reference to the Hackensack brewery:

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    Behind a paywall. :rolling_eyes:

    It’s easy to figure this one out, not so much the other ones that @ZAP identified.

    You and @Bighuge makin’ a play in your golden years, hey? :grin:
  19. ZAP

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    I wish. Thought about it but not at this point. Park Rapids was discussed at the city council meeting last spring. They were looking to get laws changed to allow and the indication was the council wa open to changing the laws. Haven't heard much since but a logical place. The Grand Rapids one has been in the works for awhile..will be in an old movie theater or something like that.
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  20. HawkEye19

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    If you're speaking of Rapids Brewing Company, it's going to be in a new building just south of the Hwy 2 and Hwy 169 stoplight. Was looking like a nice place when I was up there mid-July.
  21. ZAP

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    Yes that's it. Rapids Brewing. I'm a bit confused as I just did a little searching on it and there were articles about the new construction but on their web site it references the old theater.
  22. kccoop07

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    Anyone hear anything about a new BIP in Burnsville, possibly on Nicollet Ave?
  23. hopb4fg

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    I wonder how much push-back Town Hall will give them, with their beer named "Mango Mama:?
    Did Town Hall register the name?
  24. Chaz

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    Rumor has it that there are a couple of plans for down that way. :sunglasses:
  25. islay

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    That is remarkable that Rapids would name a beer "Mango Mama IPA." I doubt Town Hall trademarked the name; it's a brewpub that sells a couple thousand barrels a year and has brewed hundreds, perhaps over 1000, unique beers. My guess is that someone at Rapids heard the name in passing a while ago and it stuck in his head, and now he's attaching the name to his own beer not realizing that another well-known beer from the same state is what put that idea in his head in the first place. I'm also guessing that the name will change prior to Rapids' opening.
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  26. CityofWind_brew

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    It’s been a while since I’ve traveled here on business, just landed. What are the must hit spots nowadays in Msp? I’ve been to surley and dangerous man dozens of times already. Plan on hitting barrel theory tonight. Anything else you’d all suggest?

    Thanks in advance.

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  27. islay

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    Birch's Lowertown, a few blocks from Barrel Theory, I think is making the best beer in St. Paul. If you like German styles or are a history buff, check out Waldmann near downtown St. Paul. Really good beer and really cool venue (restored 19th century German-American saloon). That's my top recommendation in the Twin Cities after Surly, all things considered. Bad Weather is a pretty good brewery next door and worth a stop if you go to Waldmann. Elsewhere in St. Paul, near Surly, Bang makes good beer in another cool venue, a converted grain bin.

    As for Minneapolis, Sisyphus, La Doña, and Utepils, which I'd rank in that order, are a good trio a little west of downtown. Finnegans in downtown Minneapolis is doing superb work. Town Hall just southeast of downtown is a living legend. Fair State and Indeed are my favorite breweries in Northeast Minneapolis (same area as Dangerous Man) for beer, although Bauhaus probably has the best venue and atmosphere (and pretty good beer). Wild Mind and Venn are doing good work in south Minneapolis vaguely near the airport.
  28. cheeseheadinMinneapolis

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    BlackStack in Saint Paul will have the beer you want since your into NE/Haze IPA
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  29. KiddVideo

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    For sure Barrel Theory and Black Stack.
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  30. islay

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    At the risk of a slight tangent... I stopped by Maple Island for the first time in years and got a flight of the pre-Prohibition lager, blueberry hefeweizen, EPA, barrel-aged imperial stout, and IPA. All were without noticeable flaw, flavorful, and perfectly decent, dare I say slightly above average?, craft beers. I too long had Maple Island very close to the bottom of my Minnesota brewery rankings, but it has shot way up in my estimation. I encourage folks to give it another shot.

    Human sacrifice, dogs and cats living together, u4ic and Maple Island making decent beer... mass hysteria!
  31. FallingKnifeDan

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    We're brewing. More info coming on our social media pages soon.
  32. pandera

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    This is good news.

    If things keep heading in this direction, Agnew will have to update his article -