Brewery Updates in Minnesota (2020)

Discussion in 'Midwest' started by islay, Jan 2, 2020.

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    Yes, I believe this to be the case - Food and pickup only for today’s soft opening.
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    Hit Revel Brewing in Park Rapids the other day and I came away impressed. It's another home brewer starting a brewery which can be good sometimes (Bemidji, Jack Pine) and also not so good (I'll leave out the names). This one reminds more of the good ones than not so good ones.

    Everything I had was above average for the style. Their Chameleon is a nice drinking sweeter light ale. All Night Amber was delicious (got a growler of that one and enjoyed it even more at home). The Yetti Stout was a top notch chocolate stout with a load of character and flavor but a lower abv (thinking 4.3 or something like that). Long Day IPA is billed as a hazy IPA which didn't excite me but I thought I would try it and I'm glad I did. It drank more like a decent west coast IPA and then I discovered it is listed at 98.2 IBU. I'm not an expert on the hazy IPA's as they really aren't my thing but isn't that quite high for that style? Either way it was a good beer.

    It's a cool facility that is hard to explain with a sheltered outdoor section in one area. Service was excellent.

    I'll be back. Much, much prefer the beers at Revel in comparison to Hackensack's recently opened Rendezvous which is closer to 14 Lakes Brewery in quality in my opinion. This (Revel) reminds me more of the early beers from Bemidji and Jack Pine as far as clean, quality beers go. There is nothing crazy about their lineup. Just basic staples that are well made. I think they will be a big success in Park Rapids.
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    Sylvan Brewing in downtown Lanesboro has opened. Their Facebook page shows they have an initial six beers on tap.
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    Ineffable Brewing Co in Burnsville opened today. I tried a flight. The American IPA needed more hoppy flavor. Bitterness was OK. The Oatmeal Stout had good mouth feel, but also could use more flavor. The most flavorful was the White Stout.
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    I saw that all their beers were $7 no ifs ands or buts about it.
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    They had a bad habit of charging for X ounces of beer, and then using glasses smaller than indicated on the menu. I guess I'm not over it.
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    Not sure if mentioned here before, but Wooden Ship brewing looks to have secured a location at 44th and Zenith in the Linden Hills neighborhood of Minneapolis. This is a very residential location and one that I think could be successful as a neighborhood joint. Wooden Ship looks to be brewing elsewhere now, but I don't know anything else about the team.
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