Bruery 2019 RS/HS Allocations

Discussion in 'Pacific' started by fegelFatso, Dec 30, 2018.

  1. Goldrush

    Goldrush Initiate (98) Jun 22, 2008 California

    You can bring someone and the person with the Reserve card can bring someone too.
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  2. Thenomad512

    Thenomad512 Initiate (40) Mar 19, 2019 California

    It’d be an interesting experiment to try with this release. It seems like BA Ten fidy is a popular one people age and have said worked well but, I’m curious about the BPA in the liner long term?

    Also, since temp stability is a major factor in cellaring glass would probably protect better from swings depending on the setup?

    Sure could fit a lot more cans in the same space though....
  3. itsalegood

    itsalegood Initiate (26) Mar 31, 2019 California

    I didn't realize the person with the card could bring someone too. I'm headed there today for my first Monday.
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  4. fegelFatso

    fegelFatso Initiate (129) Jun 23, 2013 California

    I’m actually in town for a SMM!!! Yay!!!
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  5. pdmoore714

    pdmoore714 Aspirant (213) Dec 26, 2013 California

    From today's Playground 2.0 email:
    "We may also have a few seats Wednesday (04/03) at an event sponsored by our friends, The Bruery, in Playground. If you're interested in receiving more details, please email me at"

    Anyone here get invited to this super-secret event?
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  6. GiddyUp

    GiddyUp Initiate (35) Oct 4, 2017 California

    Damn, are tickets to the anniversary party getting more expensive every year?
  7. brewaddict

    brewaddict Aspirant (257) Nov 25, 2015 California

    BA Ten Fidy is the only canned BA beer I've tried to age and I've not had much success. I went three years on a vertical. Maybe it's the beer, maybe it's the can, but it falls off really fast. I wouldn't go more than 6 months on that beer. CR may be different.
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  8. mayorQuimby

    mayorQuimby Devotee (455) Jun 5, 2009 Tennessee
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    Identical experience. Just not sure if its the beer itself or the format...but I don't let this one last anymore either.
  9. mayorQuimby

    mayorQuimby Devotee (455) Jun 5, 2009 Tennessee
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    Last year the price actually went down (assumedly due to the reduction in total festival time). This year we seem to have reversed course...
  10. Fern13

    Fern13 Initiate (184) Jan 24, 2013 California

    The brewery list for the Anniversary party is killer! One of the best they've had for sure.
  11. mayorQuimby

    mayorQuimby Devotee (455) Jun 5, 2009 Tennessee
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    Is anyone seeing the allocations for April on the store? I'm only seeing the Anniversary tickets...
  12. AyeDogg

    AyeDogg Initiate (167) Oct 29, 2015 California

    Email said on the 4th
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  13. Buck86

    Buck86 Initiate (138) Aug 8, 2011 California

    Oh damn, I wish I could cash in my 2015 spending... The Playground doesn't fuck around when it comes to elaborate foods. I bet it will be a killer meal & beer night.
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  14. NDogg44

    NDogg44 Initiate (123) Oct 21, 2015 Texas

    Did the email go out? I don't have one in my inbox.
  15. Goldrush

    Goldrush Initiate (98) Jun 22, 2008 California

    The Acier is drinking very nicely. The last few anniversary beers had some heat on them when they first came out, but this is dangerously smooth.

    Really enjoying Sourrento as well.
  16. pdmoore714

    pdmoore714 Aspirant (213) Dec 26, 2013 California

    I'm at the SMM Brewer chat and they're saying 'we don't know how it will age but we're not worried about it breaking down in the cans.' They sent samples of Sourrento to can producer in Denver to confirm acidity won't impact lining. They expect people to age cans but we're all in on the experiment.
  17. juji23

    juji23 Initiate (50) Mar 15, 2015 California

    I believe the email said Available 4/4. I took that to mean we could order today but not pick up until then. Guess it’s all on 4/4.
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  18. ernh

    ernh Initiate (155) Jun 10, 2012 California

    Very cool, thanks for asking and passing along!

    So for CR, is it fair to interpret that their take is they simply don't know how the can will effect aging vs bottle because glass and aluminum do a different job of regulating things like temperature etc, but that they feel confident the can packaging itself won't do damage?
  19. ernh

    ernh Initiate (155) Jun 10, 2012 California

    I wonder if this was a response to folks who wanted a chance to try beers before committing to buy (sorry DC)? Or just a boring logistical delay.
  20. SHODriver

    SHODriver Poo-Bah (1,938) Aug 13, 2010 North Carolina

    I had one from 2016 recently and it tasted fine to me. It's been cold almost that whole time though.
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  21. annakarina

    annakarina Initiate (139) Jul 29, 2016 California

    We tried one from a few years ago along with a fresh BA Ten Fidy at one of the West LA bottle shares a few months back and I think it was split about 50/50 with which one everybody liked better.
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  22. elemenohpee1

    elemenohpee1 Aspirant (228) Oct 29, 2014 California

    Last year they said the anniversary beers would stop seeing distribution in 2019. Is that true? Is Acier a pre-public release?

    Edit; found the post on last year's thread. @PMR said it'll probably be the last year of distribution but still for sale to public in the tasting rooms
  23. johnInLA

    johnInLA Champion (839) Jun 12, 2005 California

    I do remember that. Personally, I'm glad they changed there minds. The Anniversary Ale series is one of my favorites from the Bruery.
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  24. drewone

    drewone Poo-Bah (1,546) Sep 18, 2006 California

    Can you post please? Thx
  25. Fern13

    Fern13 Initiate (184) Jan 24, 2013 California

    Partcipating Breweries Include: • The Bruery • Bruery Terreux • Offshoot Beer Co. • Alesmith Brewing Company • Alvarado Street Brewery • ANXO Cidery • Aslin Beer Company • Arizona Wilderness Brewing Co. • B. Nektar Meadery • Bagby Beer Company • Beachwood Brewing & Blendery • Blackberry Farm Brewery • Bottle Logic Brewing • Burgeon Beer Co. • Burnt Mill Brewery • Casa Agria Specialty Ales • Cascade Brewing • Cellador Ales • Central State Brewing Co. • Cerebral Brewing • Cloudwater Brew Co. • Courtyard Brewery • Crooked Stave Artisan Beer Project • Field Recordings Wines • FiftyFifty Brewing Co. • Finback Brewery • Firestone Walker Brewing Company & Barrelworks • Fonta Flora Brewery • Great Notion Brewing • Green Cheek Beer Co. • Highland Park Brewery • Homage Brewing • Horus Aged Ales • Mason Ale Works • Mikerphone Brewing • Monkish Brewing Co. • Noble Ale Works • Orpheus Brewing • Other Half Brewing • Pinthouse Pizza • Pizza Port Brewing Company • Revision Brewing Company • Reuben's Brews • Richvale Wine Co. • Sante Adairius Rustic Ales • Shacksbury Cider • Side Project Brewing • Societe Brewing Company • Superstition Meadery • The Answer • The Collective Brewing Project • The Lost Abbey • The Rare Barrel • Three Chiefs Brewing Co. • Tin City Cider Co. • Upland Brewing Co. • Voodoo Brewery • WeldWerks Brewing
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  26. PBRandJ

    PBRandJ Initiate (102) Jul 18, 2016 California

    Also for Hoarders out there,

    • Hoarders Access Includes:
    • • 30 minutes early entrance for Hoarders.
    • • An exclusive Hoarders area with special selections from The Bruery and industry friends
  27. 562Brew

    562Brew Initiate (59) Mar 5, 2018 California

    Curious how many bottles Three Chiefs brings after the HPB anniversary
  28. IcyTrout

    IcyTrout Initiate (146) Feb 1, 2018 California

    Is the party 4 hours again this year? Ticket limits so I know if it's worth my time bugging my buddies for one?
  29. Fern13

    Fern13 Initiate (184) Jan 24, 2013 California

    • Saturday, May 4, 2019 at The Phoenix Club (1340 S. Sanderson Ave., Anaheim, CA 92806).
    • Hoarders Society 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. (early entry)
    • Reserve Society 11:30 p.m. to 3:00 p.m.
  30. itsalegood

    itsalegood Initiate (26) Mar 31, 2019 California

    I've never been to their anniversary party. The ticket price is a bit more than I was anticipating. What are your opinions on this event?
  31. 562Brew

    562Brew Initiate (59) Mar 5, 2018 California

    Not sure on Hoarders, but Reserve only gets 2 plus 1 DD this year.
  32. AndyBrewsBeer

    AndyBrewsBeer Initiate (88) May 6, 2015 California

    It is one of my all time favorite beer events. Here is a mostly complete beer list from last year: The venue has plenty of space and there aren't lines longer than 60 seconds for 95% of the beers. The only thing that seems a bit inconsistent from year-to-year is the food service/quality. And last year it was really hot, so the frozen Bruesicles really helped. From a pure beer perspective, you will not be disappointed. And as an added plus, they are going to have wine, cider, and mead this year!
  33. johnInLA

    johnInLA Champion (839) Jun 12, 2005 California

    This will be my fifth consecutive year attending. I've enjoyed it every year. As with most events, it really depends on what you are looking for. What works for me, might not work for you. If you like beer from The Bruery, then this is a good event, as they always bring a number of one off's, many of which are quite good. If you want to sample a number of other good brewery's this is a good event too. The brewery guest list is always good, and most of them bring something special. As for the food, some people put more weight on this then me. I'm there for the beer. For me, the food has always been good enough.

    While I agree most lines are short, some can be quite long, but even those tend to move fast.

    As you might expect, many of the most sought after kegs do tend to kick early, so you'll probably want to get your top pours in early.

    As for the price tag, I paid $96.97 for a FWIBF ticket this year. In terms of just the festival itself, I think The Bruery Anniversary party is in the same ballpark. .

    Overall, I look forward to this one every year. This year is no exception.
  34. Frosty11161

    Frosty11161 Devotee (415) May 2, 2016 California
    Society Trader

    There is always 1-2 sleeper great beers that doesn't get much notice.

    -FOb1 early blend lasted almost the entire event, of course pre-hype.
    -Kentucky Hug from Tustin Brew Co 2 years ago was fantastic especially when considering no adjuncts.
    -Last year's hot AF event I really dug the Pear Saison Cellador brought to help cool down.

    I don't think I'm going this year as I am no longer a member, but I always recommend trying something from each tent (unless there aren't any unknowns being offered). It also really helps if you have a buddy there with ya as you can share a pour or have one stand in a long line while other gets fills.
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  35. elemenohpee1

    elemenohpee1 Aspirant (228) Oct 29, 2014 California

    How much are tickets this year?
  36. mayorQuimby

    mayorQuimby Devotee (455) Jun 5, 2009 Tennessee
    Society Trader

    It's fabulous. This will be my 4th year making it out for it; has never disappointed. The Bruery one-off's are usually killer and the lack of full blown crush from a crowd perspective is a huge benefit. I feel like sans Bottle Logic, the lines are typically moving quite well. Have done Extreme Beer Fest multiple times and it's nowhere near as good. Did Dark Lord Day for 10 years and traded that experience in for this annual trip with no regrets.
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  37. yokels

    yokels Initiate (56) Sep 5, 2015 California

    It's $80 this year. Was $60 last year and $70 in 2017. I like the comparison to FWIBF. Food is worse and also lack of pre/post shares but festival beer list seems just as good. Also the lines at Bruery Anniversary will def be shorter than FWIBF.
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  38. itsalegood

    itsalegood Initiate (26) Mar 31, 2019 California

    Thanks for all the replies. I don't really need talking into, it's my husband that does. I'll show him the posts later. I think they might just persuade him.
  39. johnInLA

    johnInLA Champion (839) Jun 12, 2005 California

    Never been to the Boston Extreme Beer Festival, but I would put the Los Angeles Extreme Beer festival, above The Bruery Anniversary party.The lines were short ( other then the bathroom ), the access to brewery staff was excellent. the lineup was amongst the best I've seen, plenty of elbow room, great venue ( top floor of a high rise ).

    Really hoping Extreme Beer festival makes another appeareance in Los Angeles.
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  40. NDogg44

    NDogg44 Initiate (123) Oct 21, 2015 Texas

    I'll agree with that! EBF LA was one of the best run festivals I've ever attended. TONS of space to walk around and the only long line was Weldwerks, so we just got in that when we needed a break.
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