Bruery 2019 RS/HS Allocations

Discussion in 'Pacific' started by fegelFatso, Dec 30, 2018.

  1. fegelFatso

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    Dude... this is awesome! Any idea if that inspired a future Bruery beer?
  2. HouseofWortship

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    Think how different history would have been if you'd just have been honest with him.:wink:
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    "You make a fine beer, but if you don't commit to having an employee that is certified to operate a forklift on call at all hours of the day in case I stop by and want my rare archive releases from the back of the warehouse, you'll never amount to anything."
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    LOVE THIS! Hahahahahaha
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  5. fegelFatso

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    Okay Barry, here comes my next complaint.

    I just tried BanAnswer...

    Do you want Drunk Minions!?!? CAUSE THAT’S HOW YOU GET DRUNK MINIONS!!!!

    LOL... Obviously I’m joking, and that was an awesome beer!
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  6. ernh

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  7. IcyTrout

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    Down with milk stouts!
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  8. Black_Rider

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    think it inspired the Bruery itself
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  9. fegelFatso

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  10. swanfungus

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    Hey man, it's gonna be okay. You can tone down the enthusiasm. You're not going to lose your membership for lack of exclamation points.*

    *...I think.
  11. ernh

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    Exclamation points are the new threshold.
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  12. anvindr

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    must post >75 sincere exclamation points about the bruery on major social media forums in order to be considered for hoarders
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  13. stealth

    stealth Zealot (532) Dec 16, 2011 Minnesota

    Waiting for an apology about how just because he said he loves the stouts doesn’t mean he doesn’t like the other Bruery beers.
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  14. fegelFatso

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    Let me stress that, despite my love for their Stouts, I definitely have love for their other styles as well. I hope nobody took my words offensively, and that I’m still welcome to The Bruery. ;D
  15. Black_Rider

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    you're on notice
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  16. swanfungus

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    Have no fear, I think you've done a marvelous job this week ingratiating yourself to DEAR LEADER. :clap::clap::clap:
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  17. stealth

    stealth Zealot (532) Dec 16, 2011 Minnesota

    Fairly certain you have deep set loathing of the Bruery that you mask by being overzealous. We see through you.
  18. Bonescjv

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    I think this might be my first post ever on BA but came across this thread and thought I would share my experience as an RS member. I’m reading this thread and complaint, and I do think Bruery could handle some customer issues better... for example, a year ago when Vindictive II was released I payed $40 a bottle and then literally a month later it was re-released at discount $30! I thought they should have given refund or even store credit but their response was something like this is how sales go, nothing we can do about it, will look into future sales, etc. I’ve been a huge fan and long time Bruery beer drinker but thought they should have handled it differently. My two cents.
  19. skiking70

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    I’m honestly surprised they didn’t refund your money. I’ve purchased merch that was sold cheaper and they refunded the difference. It may have something to do with alcohol laws.
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  20. Daniel_T

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    I love that it's been this long and everybody was so concentrated on the details of the story but yet NOBODY called me out for using the word typewriter instead of keyboard. :grin::grin::grin:
  21. Akusei

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    Not to disrupt the hug-it-out, Kumbaya vibe that has more recently developed in the wake of high amounts of frustrations but...

    (There's a TL;DR at the bottom)

    I read Barry's email about their proposed changes, his apology, and the rest of it.

    I'm curious what gives those who seemingly have confidence these changes will deliver the results we expect or service we desire?

    I don't believe Barry, The Bruery, or its staff have bad intentions or are bad actors but I am less than confident that they'll be able to consistently meet expectations. It's also possible my expectations are too high, not in line with what The Bruery is trying to convey, or even wildly unreasonable.

    Outside of some special sales events like Archiversary, Black Friday, or 12 Days of Christmas like events, I don't really want to deal with F5 battles in order to spend $500. It creates unnecessary amounts of anxiety and frustration. That is to say, for monthly allocations, I think they could be better at identifying really special beers and not creating these (Chocolate Reign) situations. We've seen similar problems 2 or 3 times already this year and I'd have thought something like Hold the Spoon or Bakery would've put The Bruery on notice that we're overly fanatical at times, so when it comes to something super legit and special, the backlash to upsetting the apple cart would be much greater in magnitude. As such, taking additional precautions would be warranted.

    Unfortunately, that did not happen. What we ended up with are some solutions that *might* alleviate or prevent future mishaps. But I don't know how those procedural changes would correct, prevent, alleviate, or mitigate something like the issue revolving Chocolate Reign. Not inverting allocations would certainly result in more of the product in HS members' hands but being unable to properly identify exceptional or special brews and conservatively or properly allocate accordingly was not part of their solution. Barry identified the problem but made no mention outside of the inverted HS/RS allocations. We can very easily still run into haves and have nots situations like this in the future.

    I'm not suggesting their usual method of determining demand isn't mostly accurate but I think the fact that they equated CRe to BT, CR, MW, and GM instead of BT:Reserve is a bit bewildering and shows questionable judgement. No one's perfect but at the end of the day it seems odd to me.

    All that said, for those of you who think these changes will prevent future problems along the lines of CRe, what is giving you that confidence? Why do you think these changes will prevent a future CRe event?

    I like the changes but it surprises me that previous issues this year alone weren't enough of a warning signal to be more on point with allocations for what I believe is a rare and special beer. While the changes may prevent Spoon/Bakery problems, I'm not so sure the problem triggering all the fury over the last couple weeks is solved by the changes. How do these changes prevent a future CRe mishap?
  22. ernh

    ernh Initiate (159) Jun 10, 2012 California

    I remember that sale. It's so unusual for a bottle to be discounted on its own (as opposed to sets), let alone that high a percent. I'm quite sure it was a typo by whoever setup the sale, because the bottle price went back up to $40 in the following sale.
  23. johnInLA

    johnInLA Champion (846) Jun 12, 2005 California

    So in my case, I think the changes will alleviate the problem. Because I will change my behavior in accordance to the new rules. In the past, I would take my time ordering bottles I wanted because I had confidence that my allocations would be available for the entire allocation window, with very rare exceptions. That is no longer the case, so I am changing my behavior to align with the new rules.

    In other wordss, if there are bottles I really want, I won't delay, I'll order during the HS window. For me, that's problem solved.

    Now some may counter with, what about RS?

    As you point out, CRe is more like BT Reserved, then BT. Black Tuesday Reserved was an HS exclusive. So if that moves into RS, yes, you may have to order early. But that is also the case in other clubs I am in too.

    That's not to say they shouldn't have done a better job with allocation limits. Yes they should have,

    I do see two solutions, that they may want to consider:
    1. Start with lower allocations and increase them after a few days into the allocation window
    2. Use a Wish List option, where you get a small number of guaranteed bottles, followed by Wish List allocations that will be fulfiled if the supply allows.

    I've seen both of these models work well in other clubs.
  24. skiking70

    skiking70 Devotee (436) Sep 23, 2014 Maryland
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    You bring up a couple of new points in your last paragraph. I would say Bakery and Hold The Spoon we’re semi new ideas from the Bruery and people were excited. The Bruery made more Bakery, problem solved. Why people freaked on hold the spoon I have no idea, due to the lack of excitement for out of the lunch box. Hold the spoon should’ve been made available to the societies, but it wasn’t, an unfortunate mistake on their part. The Bruery lost some money, because they didn’t sell straight to the consumer.

    The real issue is CRe and the inverse allocations. This was a huge mistake and I’m sure someone got spanked for it. The second issue with CRe is the quantity available. I disagree with the second allocation perspective from The Bruery side of things. The “hype” sold it out in a day and a half. These guys want to make money. They do a second allocation and maybe people try it and don’t $50 like it and they are left with inventory. I’m not apologizing for them, because they can do better with meeting their customers needs. Trickling the beer out slowly is not one of them imo.
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  25. fegelFatso

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    That’s Dear Supreme Leader to you bubb!
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  26. Thenomad512

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    Big Bruer is watching.
  27. Dimidiata

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    I believe that was the Apfelsap cart...
  28. johnInLA

    johnInLA Champion (846) Jun 12, 2005 California

    I think you are missing my point with starting with lower initial allocations. The intent is not to hold back on a large inventory. Its to spread inventory across your membership evenly, so everyone has a fair shot at getting some..

    Then if the batch doesn't sell out, you make more available by raising limits, OR fulfilling wish list selections that are already locked in.

    As I said, I am in other clubs that use these models and they work well, for both the brewery and its membership.

    Now if the concern is you need to sell your beer fast before people try it because once they do, they won't want to buy it. Well that's a different problem. And probably not a great long term business plan.
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  29. skiking70

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    I truly agree with everything you’ve said. I would like all of those points you’ve stated to be put in place. I was doing a counterpoint from a breweries perspective. As much as I want it to be all about the customer, I just don’t know if that is 100% realistic. I hope they make the changes you’ve proposed.
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  30. Akusei

    Akusei Initiate (13) Aug 15, 2017

    Is selling based on "hype" where The Bruery is looking to take their sales strategy? I hope not.

    I understand they're a business and I absolutely want them to be successful in making money for the ownership group, employees, and the rest of the stakeholders' sake. I agree in that I don't think trickling out beer is the right course of action for all their beers but I think they could be judicious in utilizing a "trickle method" where applicable.

    Part of making that decision would be relying on knowing their members (is this something our members will buy at $X? And how much will they buy?), recognizing what they have (is this special/amazing/rare/new/delicious?), knowing how much they have available to sell (we only have enough for 5,000 bottles), and balancing those a bit better when low availability, *special*, and beer style/profile all seem to coincide with one another.

    Let's not forget that as part of the membership relationship we front a good chunk of money individually and a lot collectively each year. $700 paid out in a single payment in September where benefits don't begin for another 3-4 months isn't a throwaway detail. Part of our benefits as members is getting access to small batch, low volume, and other beers which aren't exactly off the shelf. We've already all bought into the hype and creating FOMO and experiencing artificial, perceived, or exacerbated scarcity seem highly unnecessary. Having half or a small group of members through mismanagement of availability lock out the rest really sucks.

    I do believe The Bruery should try to "spread the wealth" when it comes to products they know are highly special. I get that they won't always be perfect on this front but I also have to think they taste it before they bottle it and know if it's a winner. I suppose I'm just really naive and surprised they messed up on this release, especially in light of earlier mishaps this year.

    I think in addition to the changes they've employed, they could re-introduce the wish list option on some of these "hype" machines as a pre-sale option. There are a variety of reasons people missed out on being able to pick up an extra bottle or four and while complete inaction can't be solved for, I do believe there are ways in which The Bruery could balance their supply/demand better while serving their society members and remaining (highly?) profitable.

    I don't want The Bruery to take losses but I also want to avoid missing out on beers I might not see again for years. And yes, getting only 1 bottle of something I was looking forward to for about a year feels like missing out. I don't think balancing sales and servicing their membership are mutually exclusive activities. Maybe they are and I'm way off base on this. That's part of why I'm throwing all of this out there, so I can better level set my expectations and possibly find a better long term solution that allows The Bruery to continue to succeed while taking care of their society members and avoiding situations like this down the road.

    Going back to my original question of whether or not the current changes will actually solve for a future CRe situation--it doesn't seem like the they really do. I guess that's fine but the way a good number of people suddenly changed their tunes and put down the pitchforks made me think I had misunderstood something in Barry's email. However, the CRe problem seems like it can happen again and none of their changes really remedy the situation. To be fair, managing the inverted allocations mitigates the problem for HS members...albeit at the detriment to RS members. Let's not delude ourselves, a scenario where it's a small or no allocation combined with 6/3 or 4/2 buy limits and low availability can still result in large portions of the membership completely missing out.

    Maybe this is all just how it is and what we have to live with or maybe there's another way.
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  31. Black_Rider

    Black_Rider Zealot (550) Mar 26, 2013 California

    as a Lit major, it makes me happy to see people putting their essay-writing skills to good use in this thread. your teachers would be proud
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  32. Akusei

    Akusei Initiate (13) Aug 15, 2017

    That's pretty funny! In looking back on it, it has a bit of "wall o text" feel to it. my bad!
  33. elemenohpee1

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    4 days off this thread and now I'm too far behind to catch up.
  34. Coth24

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    You basically hit all my points in my post last week (or whenever it was). The bigger issue for me was the failure to identify CRe being a special release and saying well if we've offered x allocations for GM CR MW then y amount of allocations should be perfect for CRe. I referenced the BT Reserve comparison as well. Because really then it should be just a Hoarder only beer but to clarify I don't mind the fact that its available to reserve/hoarder both, but the allocations should have been better thought out. The fact that we keep having to deal with the apologies afterwards and saying we will make it better instead of being proactive (especially on CRe which should have been a no-brainer) is what gets me.

    The question here is if people have confidence the changes will fix these problems. I think they will help, however, I end up just getting the feeling that it'll be a new set of problems/apologies/fixes to replace these ones.

    Also, to whoever mentioned that they might want to sell out fast that way if people try it and don't like it they've already made their

    On another note i did go do a side by side CR/CRe last week going in knowing I'd end up even more annoyed if I really enjoyed it. Lets just say I left the taproom annoyed lol.
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  35. anvindr

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    my main question is:

    how many sentences does it take for a bruery society member to make a point?
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  36. Akusei

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    I'm fairly certain Buck did it in one...maybe two...
  37. annakarina

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    These posts are all the same post.
  38. Black_Rider

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    this really deserved this
  39. fegelFatso

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    Have I mentioned how sorry I am for offending anyone by my rants? I mean, I even lost a friend over it.
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  40. Black_Rider

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