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Bruery partridge, turtle doves, French hens, worth?

Discussion in 'Beer Trading Talk' started by Lare453, Dec 25, 2012.

  1. Lare453

    Lare453 Meyvn (1,409) Feb 1, 2012 Florida
    Beer Trader

    I'm looking to get the first three of this verticle. How hard are these three t get? How limited are they?

    Partridge in a pear tree
    2 turtle doves
    3 French hens
  2. InebriatedJoker

    InebriatedJoker Zealot (586) Sep 16, 2010 Ohio
    Beer Trader

    The first two are going to be tough to get , your going to need some serious ammo , the three french hens should be rather easy.. Good luck.
  3. tbadiuk

    tbadiuk Aspirant (265) Feb 9, 2009 Manitoba (Canada)
    Beer Trader

    I can possibly help with 2TD if you can wait until spring (too cold to ship for me), just shoot me a BM with gots/cellar list/etc.
  4. moonknight31

    moonknight31 Devotee (470) Aug 23, 2009 California
    Beer Trader

    2td and 3fh should be slightly easier right now since the bruery released 8 cases of both of the non barell aged versions at the provisions within the last week. partridge on the other hand will be quite difficult even if your looking for the non ba version.
  5. AlexFields

    AlexFields Meyvn (1,263) Dec 13, 2009 Tennessee
    Beer Trader

    Partridge is basically a whale, a friend was trying to trade Rare + for the non BA version and coming up short for example. 2td is not easy to trade for but way easier than Partridge, I traded for a bottle with a Jackie O's beer I think and traded one away for something from HF (I think an E.). Three French Hens should be easy, you could probably still trade locals for it.

    BA versions are a different story, I got my BA2TD with some vintage Cantillon (Lou Pepe or something) and I don't really know what it would trade for.

    Also fwiw, 2td is really good and the others aren't. 3 French Hens in particular was kinda bad.
  6. Corbet

    Corbet Initiate (163) Nov 7, 2010 Michigan
    Beer Trader

    There seems to be a ton of bottle variation or hype influenced reviews - I've heard people say the first few 12 days of Christmas have held up well, I've heard other people say they're bad.

    I really need to start refrigerating the first few years.
  7. AlexFields

    AlexFields Meyvn (1,263) Dec 13, 2009 Tennessee
    Beer Trader

    I should have said 2td WAS really good--I haven't opened a bottle in a couple years or more so I can't say how it has aged. Same with French hens, it was bad fresh and I figured it'd still be bad with age so I didn't buy extras.
  8. CenCalMario

    CenCalMario Initiate (132) Jan 12, 2009 California
    Beer Trader

    As most verticals go, they're progressively harder to get going in descending order, adding BA to each one adds another level of difficulty.
  9. WassailWilly

    WassailWilly Initiate (0) Sep 8, 2007 New York

    I have 2 each of all except PIAPT all non BA
    Still need 5 Rings
    I will have one helluva vert when this series completes ........
    Instant Winter Ale Tasting baby !!
  10. CUE45

    CUE45 Initiate (0) Jul 29, 2008 Virginia
    Beer Trader

    Funny enough, I posted a 2 Turtle Doves for trade two weeks back and got crickets ... so much for trade value. I ended up having someone contact me to trade it and I was glad to give it up (been trying to trade it for years). Don't really care what I could have had, etc. Glad it's going to a happy home!
  11. tbadiuk

    tbadiuk Aspirant (265) Feb 9, 2009 Manitoba (Canada)
    Beer Trader

    Given your avatar picture, shouldn't you have drank it?
  12. CUE45

    CUE45 Initiate (0) Jul 29, 2008 Virginia
    Beer Trader

    Haha good one! I've had plenty of it though. I'm happy to let some go for something I've never had.
  13. pittsburghkid66

    pittsburghkid66 Initiate (38) Dec 24, 2009 Indiana
    Beer Trader

    The last several ratings for piapt have been pretty decent.
  14. Xul

    Xul Crusader (744) May 18, 2008 California

    Roughly a year ago, I traded PiaPT+2TD+3FC+4CB for all 4 of the Armand'4 beers...I'm by no means an active trader (haven't been for a couple years), so perhaps that's not a good indicator of market value, but it's mostly going to be a matter of finding someone who's willing to let a bottle go, and having something that intrigues them. I had an extra PiaPT and wanted another set of the Armand'4 beers without dealing with shipping from Belgium, so it worked for me. At this point, most of the people who have PiaPT either bought it on release and have been storing it since then (hopefully in reasonable conditions), or paid a serious premium for it later on. Either way, you're going to need something not just valuable, but interesting, to get a bottle.
  15. sandiego67

    sandiego67 Initiate (0) Feb 25, 2008 California

    There are a lot of 5 Golden Rings floating around on the shelves here.
  16. UCLABrewN84

    UCLABrewN84 Poo-Bah (11,760) Mar 18, 2010 California

    There's a reason for that.
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