Bruery RS/HS Allocations (2019)

Discussion in 'Pacific' started by fegelFatso, Dec 30, 2018.

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    some good ideas in here!
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    Well you have another year until you can drink the BA versions, so that just cut it by half.

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    lol damn , now i need to buy 2 boxes
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  5. ivegot3Dvision

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    Always better the 2nd day. I know this has been talked about a lot, but I prefer the weekday beers the 2nd day.
  6. ivegot3Dvision

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  7. brewaddict

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    Darren mentions in the IGTV post that they lost some of the brewing records. So it looks like they had to reimagine the intent for those beers. I assume they may not be 100% true to the original. He doesn't mention which ones.
  8. SHODriver

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    I wonder if BA six geese will become 'pleasantly sour with age' again.
  9. AndyBrewsBeer

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    My theory was that they would keep going all the way to the 25th day by coming up with funny new stuff for each new day.
  10. fegelFatso

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    That would actually be pretty cool!
  11. skelliott

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    Not to be that guy, but there's no 25th day. The twelve days of Christmas are Dec 25th to Jan 5th.
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  12. JustHappytobeHere

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    Basic tasting thoughts on a few of December’s beers, from a not particularly refined palate:

    Bakery Cherry Pie: mostly get cherry and cinnamon, barely any vanilla. HUGE cinnamon, almost to the point of a chalky mouthfeel. I’m not going to buy any cans, but if you particularly like the Bakery series, I’m sure you’ll have a better opinion of it.
    Graciano: I love the wine beer hybrids the past few years, and I dig this one. For me, Terroir Project: Malibu Carbonic was tasty, but felt like it was particularly carb-d (basically, I enjoyed it but felt extra burpy after drinking it). This one is in a similar vein but with less Terreux funkiness, more tannic red wine-ness. Definitely buying a few.
    Thomas Rutherford: a rich, complex treat. More oak than I expected, but without the overwhelming tannin blast from some red wine beers. This feels like a true blending of BT and the grapes, without one overtaking the other. An easy max for me, whatever the limit is.

    As always, the Ruekeller series is a great cool down/cleanser.
  13. ernh

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    Did you have Elizabeth Rutherford or Yount in past years, and if so where does Thomas stand compared to them?
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  14. JustHappytobeHere

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    Great question! I should've thought of that in my original post.

    2019 is my first year as a Hoarder, so I didn't have the chance to try Yount or Elizabeth Rutherford. But for more context, I've enjoyed several of the wine-adjacent beers from both Bruery and Terreux in the past, both red and white wine (RW BT, Summa Vitis, Vindictive, BA Valise).
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  15. ernh

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    Good to know, thanks!

    Get ready for sticker shock before you commit to maxing though:wink: Elizabeth was $60.
  16. Jonl0424

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    Can’t believe crickets so far from the last Instagram video
  17. ernh

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    What's the gist for those of us who don't 'gram?
  18. bigdaddypolite

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    Not sure about the video, but they posted this:

    With the release of the next Hoarders Small Batch box around the corner, our Bruers have added the final touches to the second half of this special collection. We selected some of the best barrels from our Hall of Barrels and the highest quality ingredients to bring you an unforgettable selection rooted in boundary-pushing experimentation and innovation. Hoarders Society members can expect boxes to hit their allocations this Wednesday, 12.4!

    Grain In Grain Out: This blend of premium barrels is focused around a mission to brew the perfect barrel-aged imperial stout base. We took a heavily wheated imperial stout aged in Wild Turkey Bourbon barrels since 2016, and blended to taste with a combination of Heaven Hill barrel-aged imperial stouts. The result is rich with notes of chocolate, dark fruit, and charred oak.

    Xmas Spiced Anniversary: 'Tis the season to be a Hoarder. For this Hoarders-only creation we took our bourbon barrel-aged anniversary ale and transformed it into the perfect holiday concoction. Ringing with notes of orange zest, cranberry, and holiday spices— this beer pairs perfectly with out of town relatives you can't wait to send back home.

    Oh, My Cherry!: Cherry, vanilla, oh my! We fermented our blonde barley wine with plump Montmorency cherries sourced from Michigan and laid it all to rest in bourbon barrels. After months of aging, we added even more cherries and top-quality vanilla beans. The result is a smooth, rich, and balanced melody of tart cherry and creamy vanilla.
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  19. stealth

    stealth Zealot (543) Dec 16, 2011 Minnesota

    And all 6 are listed on Untappd if you search for hoarders small batch no. 8:

    For those that dont have untappd, the other 3:
    Fruit of the Dragon: Our industrial countryside-like farmhouse facility is known for producing the traditional flavors derived from terroir-driven beers. Only for our Hoarders, we took a our foeder-aged wit and treated it to taste with dragon fruit and orange zest. Some might say the result in divine.

    Baklava Tart: The arguments over the origins of baklava are endless. The arguments over how tasty this beer is are non-existent. Tart yet decadent, sweet and complex. Our Bruers blended our bourbon barrel-aged imperial stout with a Flemish-style red and treated it with maple syrup and other decadent delights to create a beverage suitable only for Hoarders.

    Holy BOP!: Mmmmm...BOP! Premium barrels of Sour in the Rye were treated with blood orange, peach, Holy basil, and Thai basil. Brued to taste and inspired by the Monday after work cocktails we've come to love— this sipper is loaded with fruit-forward flavors, is easy to drink and absolutely refreshing.
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  20. ernh

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    Those sound awesome... Leaps and bounds beyond the last box. Unfortunately I just can't justify getting these boxes anymore. No one to drink the sours:slight_frown:
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    I’m with you on that (plus overfull cellar), but sour wise, this might be better than others. The wit wouldn’t be sour would it? And BakTart sounds related to melange 1 which is a good sour (at least for me). So it would just be the one unless I’m missing something. Will have to take a look at this one!
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  22. stealth

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    I’m going to have to suck it up and buy the box to get to try that Grain In Grain Out. Sounds amazing.
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  23. goofyballer

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    Thanks for the reviews! For Graciano:

    Did you happen to have Bourgogne Noir (can't remember if it was HS only or HS/RS) a year or two ago? If so, how would you say Graciano compares?

    I really loved BN and would be super down for another hybrid like that.
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  24. JustHappytobeHere

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    Ah, I forgot about Bourgogne Noir. I loved that one, too! I remember really liking BN and would rank it above Graciano, but I'll need to try Graciano again to be more fair.

    I would say definitely grab some Graciano if you liked BN, though. Not necessarily as good, but definitely in the same realm.
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  25. ernh

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    Very interested to hear from those who pickup promptly: Thomas vs Elizabeth, and whether BA Pipers works or is too heavily peated. One Untapped described it as more intense than Scotch Parabola, which sounds daunting, especially for 750ml.
  26. AlmostDeadly777

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    I personally would only split BA Pipers with 3-4+ people. I'd never attempt that one solo, my taster was enough for me.
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  27. Jonl0424

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    I thought speyside barrels weren’t peaty, and I believe the bruery posted on a checkin that it wasn’t released yet
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  28. Xul

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    The majority are not, but various distilleries in the region do produce some peated expressions. Has the Bruery disclosed, hinted at, or described the barrels they used?

    It's showing as on tap at Terreux as an RS exclusive on Untappd.
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  29. fegelFatso

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    I wish they had done some BBA Eleven Pipers too because Scotch Barrels are very risky... I would have loved to try the, um, safer BBA version alongside the more risky Scotch version.
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  30. Conneringo

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    Society Trader

    Passing on this box, crickets please continue.
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  31. kbenson

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    I buy a lot of beer from the Bruery but even I've reached my breaking point after just buying that BT box and the 12 days boxes, both of which I could not pass up. This Hoarders box is coming too close on the heels of those for my wallet. Also, I probably need to max Thomas Rutherford (Yount and Elizabeth Rutherford are a couple of my favorite beers ever) as well so, yeah....
  32. chong138

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    Easy pass on everything for me to end the year. Here's to hoping the 2020 releases are more balanced through the year instead of all the good stuff all at once.
  33. Jonl0424

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    Based on their calendar, it looks more evenly spread out
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  34. goofyballer

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    Grain In Grain Out sounds like they're going for the sort of thing that Side Project does with their Derivation series? I've only had one of those, and it might still be the best beer I've ever had.

    Can't wait to try it.
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  35. Thenomad512

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    This is why I definitely think cutting down on box size (and this price) would be beneficial. Splitting a box is nice when it can be done. I buy a ton as well but, have to balance wants from several other breweries.

    I am excited to try Graciano as I loved BN and was hoping to score some more during the last sale.
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  36. IKR

    IKR Defender (652) May 25, 2010 California

    It would result in more money being spent on my part. Too much money backloaded towards the end of the year resulted in me passing on everything except my must haves. Not to mention membership renewals towards the end of the year.
  37. JustHappytobeHere

    JustHappytobeHere Initiate (2) Sep 6, 2018

    I was pleasantly surprised to get 2 included Graciano, so I only bought 2 additional. Maxed on Rutherford though.
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  38. InfiniteJester23

    InfiniteJester23 Initiate (99) Apr 26, 2017 California

    Was weird to do my last allocations pick-up as a member on Friday. Even though it was the right choice for me not to renew (due to changing beer preferences, no longer being a local, and not identifying with the new corporate culture of the brewery), I'm going to be quite wistful hearing about the 2020 releases on this thread. So thanks for all the good beer memories (or, lack of any memories whatsoever when it comes to BT release parties...) over the last three years!

    Also, having opened a bottle of Grain In, Grain Out last night: if Bruery shifts to using something more like this as its imperial stout base instead of SHIT and BT, I'm going to be even more sad about not being a member. This is a damned fine BBA stout!
  39. Jonl0424

    Jonl0424 Initiate (71) May 23, 2015 Michigan

    Wish I could get more of a read for 11 pipers scotch ba on untappd, most people are posting pics of the regular version
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  40. kbenson

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    Over the weekend I had a bunch of folks over (no I did not try to solo these myself!) and we opened all the 12 Beers of Christmas that I had in my possession (basically from 3 French Hens through 10 Lords-A-Leaping with a few BBA variants thrown into the mix). All the beers were stored upright at room temp (around 76 degrees) since I acquired them. I'm pleased to report all of them held up really well and were incredibly enjoyable. Kudos to the Bruery team for making beers that could stand the test of time and come through with flying colors!

    I think the "hit" of the evening was 7 Swans , but they all tasted great and it was great fun going through them as a vertical. I'm looking forward to next year when I have my boxes of the re-brews so I can do a vertical of all of them fresh. I almost wish I hung onto my original bottles so we could do side-by-side comparisons of the aged beers against the re-brews but I'm happy to have enjoyed my originals this year (I still have a few originals for next year).

    I will also say that in my mind the BBA versions were a bit disappointing. Not because they weren't delicious beers (almost everyone thought they tasted great). They all were, but I think it made the beers taste "generic". The bourbon barrels masked a lot of the subtle flavor complexities of each of the base beers. Tasty, but not as fun...