Beer Brussels 11/5 ISO: Cantillon / 3F; FT: HF, Kane, US Hops

Discussion in 'In-Person (International)' started by mkurylko, Oct 29, 2018.

  1. mkurylko

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    I'm going to be in Brussels on 11/5 for the day and would be looking for Cantillon and 3F, specifically - Vignerone, St. Lam., Magic Ghost, Lou Pepe Geueze as well as the 3F Open Beer Day one offs and the 3F glass decanter.

    Ideas of what I would trade are Hill Farmstead MC5, Aaron '18, Kane A Night to End All Dawns, Goose Island Bourbon County '13 and '15, Bruery Chocolate Rain '12 as well as whatever hops Other Half has for sale this week.

    Message me if you're interested.