Beer Brussels (Antwerp, Ghent) March 8-17, FT: US BA Stouts, Barleywines, Sours ISO: Lambic, Vintage beer

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  1. Ltr2107

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    My wife and are going to be traveling to Belgium again in March and will be there between the 8th and 17th with a car. We generally spend most of our time just outside of Brussels (visiting the city pretty much every day) and do day trips to Antwerp & Ghent. I'm looking for some lambic - either non-shelf stuff or older shelf stuff. Nothing particular in mind with these. We also love vintage Belgian beer - lambic, saison and trappist in particular. Reach out if you have any interest and we can start a conversation

    ANTEAD Bourbon 2017, Rye 2017
    Driftwood Bourbon, Rye, Apple Brandy
    Picture in Reverse (Bourbon BA and Mead BA)
    Bourbon barrel Evening Bell
    Maple Syrup double barrel Evening Bell
    Barrel aged Sunday Brunch
    Object Permanence
    Mexican Brunch (2017 & 2018)
    Sunday Brunch
    2557 BA Anniversary Stout blend
    Holy Nights
    Also have access to any hoppy releases

    Sante Adairius:
    West Ashley (2016)

    Shelf saisons & some BA sours

    The Rare Barrel:
    Some 2015 releases
    All 2016 releases
    Some 2017 releases
    I have access to pretty much any TRB release if there's something you're looking for specifically, let me know

    I have some other random US bottles and have access to others - reach out if there's anything you're interested in. Cheers
  2. Koen1987

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    Would be interested in Maple Syrup double barrel Evening Bell, which HF beers do you have?
    Maybe access to some of the Bourbon County variants?

    I've visited Kane before, very nice brewery.