Budweiser Wants Drinkers to Give Its New Nitro Cans a Shake

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  1. officerbill

    officerbill Disciple (374) Feb 9, 2019 New York

    "When serving a Bud Nitro Gold, Budweiser suggests shaking the 12-ounce can exactly three times “to infuse the nitrogen gas bubbles throughout” and then pouring the beer straight down the middle of the glass to achieve as much head as possible...

    “With notes of toasted caramel malt for a bold, flavorful taste, a silky-smooth finish, and a just-right 5.0 percent ABV, this one-of-a-kind lager is captivating.” "

    So the Nitro makes Bud taste good?
  2. jmdrpi

    jmdrpi Poo-Bah (6,684) Dec 11, 2008 Pennsylvania

    The article isn't clear if this is otherwise the same beer as Budweiser. If it is, I can't imagine an AAL being a good candidate for the Nitro serving method.

    Overall I think it's a bad serving method for any pale beer. And an especially bad serving method for any beer with a hoppy aroma/flavor (because IMO it totally mutes it).
  3. jesskidden

    jesskidden Poo-Bah (1,970) Aug 10, 2005 New Jersey
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    Based on the beer's entry on AB "TAP INTO YOUR BEER" site, it doesn't sound like it:
    .... so, "All Malt" ?
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  4. billandsuz

    billandsuz Devotee (427) Sep 1, 2004 New York

    Yeah, this is the answer to a question nobody asked. Certainly nobody around here anyway.
    Which makes a good second point.

    Nitro Bud will rule acres of shelf space, push out dozens of lesser brands, represent a half percent of ABI's total sales and therefore make more money in its short life than made by a few thousand craft brewers combined.

    Remember, the people in accounting and the entire marketing department get to decide what is the next big thing. Not us.


    Budweiser Nitro Reserve Gold. Can't wait for Budweiser Nitro Platinum, Nitro Reserve Platinum, Nitro Reserve Gold Lite and CBD Infused Nitro Reserve Gold.
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  5. beerwego

    beerwego Initiate (51) Dec 5, 2019

    I'm picking this up today. Will report back
  6. HouseofWortship

    HouseofWortship Crusader (776) May 3, 2016 Illinois

    I am not shaking a beer, especially that one. Sounds like someone is asking for Bud Nitro Gold shower...
  7. billandsuz

    billandsuz Devotee (427) Sep 1, 2004 New York

    Say what now?
    Normally you'd have to pay more for that.
  8. beerwego

    beerwego Initiate (51) Dec 5, 2019

    Demand dictates shelf-space after the dust has settled of any release, and none of the recent Bud products (all of which have been good to very good IMO) have taken up any shelf space apart from the width of one six-pack
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  9. billandsuz

    billandsuz Devotee (427) Sep 1, 2004 New York

    That's actually my point.
    The space of one six pack, across 50,000 retailers, is a hell of a lot of retail. And it is space denied to the competition. And it promotes the brand.

    They are not necessarily looking for these brands to have legs. A one or two year run for them is what is technically known as a shit ton of beer. Check out their list of brands. It's staggering.
  10. jmdrpi

    jmdrpi Poo-Bah (6,684) Dec 11, 2008 Pennsylvania

    Looking at their site, I didn't realize that AB owned Boddingtons. So I guess they already had the packaging setup.
  11. jesskidden

    jesskidden Poo-Bah (1,970) Aug 10, 2005 New Jersey
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    Boddington's has a widget, though, doesn't it?

    AB (pre-InBev) also had a short-lived nitro stout called Bare Knuckle mostly seen on tap but which also came in nitro can - maybe those were only test market/regional? At least I don't remember ever seeing it...

    (There was also briefly an AB-InBev Bass Stout, brewed in the US but listed here as a UK product - but one can clearly see "Baldwinsville, NY" on the label. Draught was served via nitro, but pretty sure the bottle was carbonated).
  12. beerwego

    beerwego Initiate (51) Dec 5, 2019

    Sorry, I missed the sarcasm. My bad
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  13. hottenot

    hottenot Aspirant (299) Aug 13, 2018 North Carolina

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  14. jmdrpi

    jmdrpi Poo-Bah (6,684) Dec 11, 2008 Pennsylvania

    They definitely used to, but I haven't had one in years. So I guess it would be a different packaging setup.
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  15. dcotom

    dcotom Poo-Bah (2,370) Aug 4, 2014 Iowa
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    Yeah, screw this. Let 'em stuff widgets in their seltzer cans.
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  16. Oktoberfiesta

    Oktoberfiesta Aspirant (283) Nov 16, 2013 New Mexico

    Wasn't bud light platinum a flop? It's still sort of around but the big push has stopped.

    And here's a question. Nitro beers tend to make beers taste a bit flat. Some say it makes beers taste creamy or whatever. By and large, it's a flat beer sensation. Why would anyone want a flat or creamy Budweiser? Their appeal is that prickly co2 infused flavor, as with any carbonated soft drink.

    How were sales of the SA nitro IPA, and other styles?

    Nitro can also have the palate appearance of tasting warmer than it truly is.

    And since when did people want or see or desire head on a Budweiser? These are the beers that get filled to the brim at every chain restaurant in America.

    Now as others have been saying, this small push is devastating to other smaller craft breweries trying to make a push.

    This is no doubt a ploy to get their customer base to drink this during St Patrick's day festivities. Why have a nitro Guinness when you can have our nitro bud.
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  17. Tilley4

    Tilley4 Poo-Bah (2,188) Nov 13, 2007 Tennessee
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    I wont be one of them...Hell, I dont even like nitro Guinness because it flattens the life out of the beer... looks great...tastes flat...
  18. ilikebeer03

    ilikebeer03 Meyvn (1,031) Oct 17, 2012 Texas

    This sounds truly disgusting.

    Nobody will buy this. This is just a move to take up shelf space. How many people buy the mini-Budweiser 8oz bottles? Mango-a-rita? Clamato? There's no way their profitable on those products.
    But for every 6 pack of 8oz bottles that sits on the shelf (that retailers have to buy b/c ABInBev are their overlords in the alcohol game) that's one 6 pack that ISN'T a competitors beer.
  19. AccipiterofBeer

    AccipiterofBeer Aspirant (253) Nov 28, 2016 New York

  20. KentT

    KentT Aspirant (216) Oct 15, 2008 Tennessee

    aka Bud Bombs!
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  21. AZBeerDude72

    AZBeerDude72 Poo-Bah (1,936) Jun 10, 2016 Arizona
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    When they drop a Bud IPA or a Bud Stout I will take interest lol.
  22. AccipiterofBeer

    AccipiterofBeer Aspirant (253) Nov 28, 2016 New York

    it'd probably be worse than Guinness' Nitro IPA *shudders* You might want to check out their Black Lager if you can find it though.
  23. AZBeerDude72

    AZBeerDude72 Poo-Bah (1,936) Jun 10, 2016 Arizona
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    I loved the Freedom and Reserve they came out with. Will look around for the Black Lager.
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  24. jesskidden

    jesskidden Poo-Bah (1,970) Aug 10, 2005 New Jersey
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    "People"? Don't know, AB does, tho'.
    (Yeah, it's an old image - their current wording:
    Well, there's Pilsner Urquell's "Mliko Pour" (accomplished with CO2).
  25. Foyle

    Foyle Savant (951) Sep 29, 2007 North Carolina

    In general I agree with you, however based on my observations of local grocery stores (my main source of beer purchases), I am much more concerned about the shelf space that is being absorbed by seltzer and flavored "malternatives". In my area those products are hogging 1/3 or more of the cooler space that was 90-95% actual beers just a few years ago. Yes, most stores have a single slot alloted for Bud Light Platinum, Bud Reserve Lager, etc but those products take up a minimal amount of territory. I am trying to convince local retailers (and getting no where fast!) that they should set up a separate cooler aisle for seltzer, malternatives, and canned wine products.
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  26. HouseofWortship

    HouseofWortship Crusader (776) May 3, 2016 Illinois

    "Hey, we could increase profit margin if we put less beer and more air in each can!"
  27. craigbelly

    craigbelly Savant (933) Dec 31, 2015 Iowa

    who is this beer marketed towards???? we'll all try it and bash it on here, but the normal bud light drinker will turn up their nose at this. they only care about "drinkability"
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  28. ypsifly

    ypsifly Meyvn (1,076) Sep 22, 2004 Michigan

    The local Bud house hates me because I refuse to stock the trendy bullshit that ABI has been trying to jam down everyone's throats. Good luck finding any BL Seltzer in my store. I will pass on the nitro shit as well. Remember when SA put out those nitro turds a few years back? This is history repeating itself.
  29. jesskidden

    jesskidden Poo-Bah (1,970) Aug 10, 2005 New Jersey
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    Anheuser-Busch -
    "The only time we're not a few years behind a trend is when we fail miserably at attempting to create a trend."
  30. rgordon

    rgordon Meyvn (1,038) Apr 26, 2012 North Carolina

    Gallo was always gifted at copying success from risk takers and acting as if they had found El Dorado Ain't nuthin' new unda da sun! If it might glitter it might be gold.
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  31. EmperorBatman

    EmperorBatman Initiate (101) Mar 16, 2018 District of Columbia

    I never was a fan of nitro, it obscures the flavor and fills my stomach too much. That’s also why I refuse to drink Guinness Draught - I much prefer their beers which aren’t nitro-filled.
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  32. dcotom

    dcotom Poo-Bah (2,370) Aug 4, 2014 Iowa
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    We won't all be trying it.
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  33. HouseofWortship

    HouseofWortship Crusader (776) May 3, 2016 Illinois

    They should just rebrand this as Budweiser The Bends...
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  34. thesherrybomber

    thesherrybomber Initiate (165) Jun 13, 2017 California

    If it were a traditional English style, I might be interested
  35. Singlefinpin

    Singlefinpin Devotee (489) Jul 17, 2018 North Carolina

    My last can of nitro infused beer, was a New Belgium Nitro Cream Ale, this comes under the heading of, "It seemed like a good idea at the time..." Easily one of the worst beers ever!
    So to say I'm a skeptic? Yeah, maybe just a little....
    Now I had a Boddingtons canned stout at Christmas and I was surprised at how good it was.
    Bud Nitro, I truly hope it is good, hopefully some one will weigh in, but it probably won't be me!
  36. Vitacca

    Vitacca Crusader (751) Sep 15, 2010 Wisconsin
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    I drank a sample can of this last weekend. Poured it vertical just like you would a Guinness. Zero nitrogen presence. I am curious if 3 shakes would of helped but it was so fucking disgusting I’ll let someone else try that experiment.
  37. craigbelly

    craigbelly Savant (933) Dec 31, 2015 Iowa

    Ok, maybe just us who have a friend that works at Doll Distribution are...
  38. billandsuz

    billandsuz Devotee (427) Sep 1, 2004 New York

    I just got around to reading the Food and Wine article in the OP because, well, who cares?
    Jesu Friggin Christo these people at the macros never fail to let me down.

    "but Ricardo Marques, group vice president of marketing core and value brands at Anheuser-Busch, explained the logic to me. “The nitrogen bubbles are at the top of the can, so in order to hit peak refreshment, the drinker must flip the can several times in order for them to mix with the beer,” he told me. “If our recommended pouring ritual isn’t implemented the beer won’t be as smooth as it could be.”

    Who the fuck speaks like this? group vice presidents of marketing core and value brands?
    Oy. My head hurts for not caring but being insulted at the same time.

    Fuck You Budweiser. Just Fuck You and your total absence of soul. You kill beer.

    I need Trappist, stat.
  39. Klister

    Klister Aspirant (222) Oct 27, 2010 Maine

    I really like the Black Lager and it’s under $9 for 4 here. Just be careful the Bud Copper Lager packaging is very similar and I ended up with a 6er of that. The Copper isn’t schwill but it’s not special either.
  40. Oktoberfiesta

    Oktoberfiesta Aspirant (283) Nov 16, 2013 New Mexico

    My local grocer has Budweiser black lager in their sales/clearance cart. Its marked at $5/6, which is about $2-3 cheaper than normal. They weren't buying it then, and they aren't buying it now.

    I checked the labels. It expires next week. It's gotta be six months old at this point.

    I'm not sure they know who their market is. These aren't bad beers. Copper reserve was solid. But we all know bud drinkers go for Mass quantity.

    These are all shelf space stealers and they know they can sell them at a loss and be okay.

    The Seltzer's have overtaken real beer choices too. Between ABIs experiments and hard Seltzer's, our choices are as limited as they were 5 years back.