Buying and ordering kegs?

Discussion in 'Home Bar' started by dsal89, Jul 30, 2012.

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  1. dsal89

    dsal89 Disciple (331) Jul 6, 2008 Indiana
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    How easy is it to buy a keg of craft beer?

    If i went into some of the stores i frequent and ask to order something can they just simply order it or does it have to be in back just waiting to be bought?

    Also, if a keg can just be ordered can it be something that may just be draft release or would it be limited the just what is already available in bottles?

    THanks for your time and cheers!
  2. cubbyswans

    cubbyswans Aspirant (238) Jun 10, 2008 Missouri
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    It can depend on your state, but generally it's very easy to buy a keg of craft beer. No store I know carries craft kegs in stock, because kegs of craft aren't bought for home consumption very often. It could sit forever and never get purchased. I order a keg from my local store and it shows up within 1-3 days depending on the store and when their distributor makes deliveries. What is available is up to the distributor as to what they wish to sell for off premise consumption. Mostly, it's whatever you can find in draft in your area. Limited beers are generally hard to come by, though, unless you know someone who can hook you up. The distributors generally would rather allow their good bar accounts to have these beers.
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  3. dsal89

    dsal89 Disciple (331) Jul 6, 2008 Indiana
    Beer Trader

    ^^Awesome! Thank you very much, sir
  4. cracker

    cracker Disciple (300) May 2, 2004 Pennsylvania

    FYI cubbyswans, in Philadelphia and surrounding burbs there are several beer distributors that carry craft beer kegs in stock. As you mention, availability depends on the market and demand. Both of which are large here.
  5. canoale

    canoale Initiate (0) Apr 9, 2010 Ohio

  6. cubbyswans

    cubbyswans Aspirant (238) Jun 10, 2008 Missouri
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    Of course our distributors carry craft beer in stock. Their business would be a nightmare if they didn't. Sure would be hard to supply the local bars if they didn't. I didn't say distributors don't stock craft beer. I said stores do not. Individual consumers in my state, and many others, cannot purchase directly from a distributor. Thanks to the way they have set up their three tier system. Distributors here have little to no contact with the end consumer unless the consumer seeks them out for an inquiry or complaint. The distributors here sell to retail locations. Consumers buy from the retail locations. So when I order a keg from my local beer/liquor store/gas station/grocery store any of the other 10,000 places I can order a keg, they call the distributor to order the keg if it is available at the distributor. I pick the keg up from whichever store once the distributor delivers it to the store.

    Maybe consumers can purchase from a distributor in PA. That's also why I said It depends on your state, because they all have their own alcohol laws. I have read that in Utah it is illegal to buy a keg at all.
  7. fineout

    fineout Initiate (0) Apr 23, 2010 Rhode Island

    Along the lines of this thread, how do you know whats available from the distributor? Will the store have a list of the specific beers, or do you have to sit and call and ask?
  8. mikehartigan

    mikehartigan Disciple (305) Apr 9, 2007 Illinois

    Bigger stores often have a good idea of what their distributor stocks. Smaller stores that sell very few kegs likely don't bother to keep track. Call the store and ask.
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  9. firecrotch23

    firecrotch23 Initiate (125) Mar 4, 2011 Pennsylvania ,, These two have lists that get updated regularly
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