Californian Triple IPAs

Discussion in 'US - West' started by bret27, Jan 31, 2020.

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  1. bret27

    bret27 Poo-Bah (2,021) Mar 10, 2009 California
    Society Trader

    I’ve noticed a bunch of announcements lately for triple ipa’s in California. Everyone knows about pliney in about a week. SARA just released canned ‘Of this world’ yesterday.
    I’ve also seen news about Heretic’s Evil 3 and El Segundo’s Powerplant. The breweries hype it up on social media like itheyre all equivalent to a PtY release.
    Anybody had these other lesser acclaimed tipa’s? And are they worth seeking out?
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  2. dcgunman

    dcgunman Meyvn (1,368) Jul 1, 2009 California
    Society Trader

    Yes. It’s the most wonderful time of the year. TIPA season.
  3. thuey

    thuey Defender (639) Nov 13, 2015 California

    PtY is tops for me. Power Plant is also a really good one. But for the most part, I really don't enjoy TIPAs. Of This World was a miss for me, personally.
  4. 310gts

    310gts Initiate (69) Jun 22, 2018 California

    Power Plant is worth picking up for the price/availability. always pretty solid. :+1:
  5. fegelFatso

    fegelFatso Aspirant (230) Jun 23, 2013 California

    I’ve yet to have a good Hazy TIPA... that being said, I’ve have very few bad WCTIPAs.

    It’s TIPA season... everyone wants in on Pliny Mania!!!!
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  6. bret27

    bret27 Poo-Bah (2,021) Mar 10, 2009 California
    Society Trader

    Does anyone know if power plant gets distribution to Bay Area?
  7. Frosty11161

    Frosty11161 Aspirant (233) May 2, 2016 California

    Hops of Fury should get honorable mention, not the best one though.
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  8. SDReaper

    SDReaper Crusader (715) Aug 15, 2013 California

    The Roustabout went on down at Societe
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  9. UnknownKoger

    UnknownKoger Defender (625) Jul 9, 2010 California

    I actually prefer Hops of Fury to PtY. I felt like Younger was too malty/sweet the last few years. I don't know
  10. thuey

    thuey Defender (639) Nov 13, 2015 California

    Yes. In fact, they even have it on tap at Toronado right... oh wait... it tapped out yesterday, it looks like :/

    I only tried it in bottle, from K&L Wines. But they don't have it in stock right now. They do get El Segundo drops regularly (probably due to the Hollywood location).
  11. pinballplayer

    pinballplayer Disciple (369) Jul 2, 2014 California

    I traded for like six different Monkish hazy IPAs to see what all the fuss was about and my two favorites were TIPAs.
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  12. ksheabutter

    ksheabutter Initiate (24) Aug 15, 2019 California

    i thought the monkish/OH/Cellarmaker TIPA collab was great.
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  13. dcgunman

    dcgunman Meyvn (1,368) Jul 1, 2009 California
    Society Trader

    Speaking of singing the tipa blues. I don’t do too much triples these days. But when I do it’s HoF or Dr Lupulin. Younger and Power Plant for me. There’s another Revision triple I enjoy. But it’s a hazy. Them don’t count. I like my triples clear so I can see through the abv’s.
  14. AlmostDeadly777

    AlmostDeadly777 Initiate (69) Apr 29, 2018 California

    If MT rebrews it, I really liked Avatar of Might from last year.
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  15. RossM

    RossM Initiate (57) Nov 27, 2015 California

    Is Knee Deep Simtra still good? A few years ago if you could find it fresh it was pretty solid.
    Also from the peak Noble days: Citra Yum Yum
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  16. dcgunman

    dcgunman Meyvn (1,368) Jul 1, 2009 California
    Society Trader

    I forgot about Simtra. Yes when it’s fresh. Remember the days when we would get Breaking Bud, Simtra and other Knee Deep bottles and it would just sit on the shelves collecting dust. Jeremy left to pursue his own dream in Sparks. I followed leaving Knee Deep shelf turds and it’s all Revision these days. Haven’t had any KD stuff since.
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  17. Bungletronics

    Bungletronics Initiate (37) Jan 5, 2009 California

    Institution's Always Wishing Too Late is decent. I'm not sure if it is packaged. I'm not an IPA person but I enjoyed this one.
  18. bayareahustla

    bayareahustla Initiate (179) Jul 13, 2012 California

    Altamont is canning their yearly brewed triple ipa SCARECITY and I believe its already on the market. Pretty tasty.
  19. vinylfiend1

    vinylfiend1 Initiate (95) Jun 8, 2013 California

    I’ll probably buy a can or two , I remember 3-4 years it beat out the younger at the bistro fest. Altamont stuff seems malty to me lately tho
  20. BayAreaJoe

    BayAreaJoe Savant (955) Nov 23, 2017 California

    Altamont has another good one in Maui 3X, really fruity hoppy & easy to drink. I've pretty much loved all of Revision's rotation TIPAs though they come in 22oz bombers. Dr. Lupulin has shown up in new 4x16oz. cans around here now
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  21. SoCalBeerIdiot

    SoCalBeerIdiot Crusader (711) Mar 10, 2013 California

    There were a couple years there where Mother Earth's Big Mother had me thinking "better than Younger." I'm not a big TIPA fan, though, so I haven't had it in a few years.
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  22. John_M

    John_M Poo-Bah (7,357) Oct 25, 2003 Oregon
    Moderator Society Trader

    Tried it this past Friday and felt the same way. Not a terrible beer, don't get me wrong, but clearly not in the same league with Younger (IMHO of course).

    Here in Portland, Boneyard's Notorious and pFreim's TIPA are arguably two of the better TIPA's up our way, and Reuben's (from Seattle) makes an excellent one as well. Not sure if they're going to make it again this year, but last year Great Notion's Trying for triplets was outstanding as well.

    That being said, for every TIPA that comes across as outstanding, I've probably come across 2 or 3 boozy, sweet, over the top malt bombs that are borderline undrinkable. It seems to be a very difficult style to get right.

    (Note: Seems like a lot of folks from NorCal make it up to Portland and Seattle, which is why I thought I should mention these beers here).
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  23. dcgunman

    dcgunman Meyvn (1,368) Jul 1, 2009 California
    Society Trader

    Monday afternoon pour starting out with a triple from LCB King Of Haze V3. Lots of Pineapple and Mango flavors right up front to hide it’s 11%. Next to Revision’s Hops In A Can this is my 2nd favorite triple haze. One and done. On the triple that is. :wink:
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  24. _pat_

    _pat_ Initiate (56) Apr 26, 2016 California

    Tried Dr. Lupulin this weekend from the source in Sparks and while it was solid, I didn't think it was up to the level of previous years of Notorious, Big Chicken, or Younger
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  25. BayAreaJoe

    BayAreaJoe Savant (955) Nov 23, 2017 California

    Fieldwork just put out Tundra again.

    Alvarado's hazy One Giant Leap was released again this week.

    Henhouse Big Chicken is out again today.

    Heretic's Evil3 is out and about now too.
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  26. BaxBrew

    BaxBrew Initiate (0) Feb 25, 2016 California

    I'm really excited to see if Zach at Slice puts out a Triple. The first batch of Extremist when he was at Moonraker was incredible. Also, the batch I got last year at Moonrakers anniversary party was great as well
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  27. QuakeAttack

    QuakeAttack Crusader (748) Mar 19, 2012 California

    This should be on everyone's list. Very good beer which I always get when available. Happy to hear that it's in can's this year.
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  28. QuakeAttack

    QuakeAttack Crusader (748) Mar 19, 2012 California

    Used to drink Stone Ruinten every years (pick up 3-4 bottles). I haven't seen it the past couple of years. Sad.
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  29. AlmostDeadly777

    AlmostDeadly777 Initiate (69) Apr 29, 2018 California

    I saw in the AMA he did here on BA that they don't make it anymore cause it didn't sell. I really liked the orange peel and vanilla bean version of it too. Bummed to see them both go.
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  30. bret27

    bret27 Poo-Bah (2,021) Mar 10, 2009 California
    Society Trader

    Lots of great suggestions. Probably more than I can get through. thanks dudes.
  31. BayAreaJoe

    BayAreaJoe Savant (955) Nov 23, 2017 California

    Although LCB catches a lot of flak on here (and I've had issues with some of their cans maybe a year ago), I picked up their TIPA In Haze We Trust today because of your post above. Glad I did - some pretty great, redeemable stuff right here.
  32. dcgunman

    dcgunman Meyvn (1,368) Jul 1, 2009 California
    Society Trader

    I had never heard these guys until one of my Vegas trips and visiting Beer Zombies. I thought it was just okay. I don't remember what I had. But when I saw the cans come into my local I paid a little more attention. My local kid at the store told me about the collab with Revision. So I got a 4pk of the Collab.
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  33. QuakeAttack

    QuakeAttack Crusader (748) Mar 19, 2012 California

    Yeah, I get the business decision. Same reason that we don't see Double Bastard, OG, and a few others anymore. Still, some breweries figured out how to dial back some of their beers and still have limited availability for the hard core drinkers. Not Stone.
  34. walterfredo

    walterfredo Aspirant (203) Nov 22, 2011 California

    Auburn Alehouse ZZ Hop
  35. Ma9573

    Ma9573 Initiate (119) Feb 21, 2017 California

    Reuben's hazy Triple IPA is delicious. And that double that keeps winning the hazy DIPA gold at the Beer Championships. And their crush series....In fact I love their Hazies waaaayyy more than their West Coast style hops lol
  36. Geerd0g

    Geerd0g Initiate (0) Aug 29, 2011 Virginia

    Don’t know about the various Cali TIPAs, but do recommend some of those from Commonwealth from Virginia Beach. Wolfmother is a standout. Just tried Lantern Lighter, a milkshake TIPA from Abomination, last night. Sweet, rich, and spicy. Pretty smooth at 10.31%.
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  37. walterfarris

    walterfarris Initiate (42) Dec 7, 2017 California

    Claremont Craft Triple IPA (unaware of it has an actual other name). Clean, crisp, hop-forward, non-malt bomb TIPA that is insanely drinkable. Believe it’s all Mosiac too. Worth a try in my opinion
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