Camden Town Brewery Partners with Anheuser-Busch InBev on Road to Expansion

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    LONDON (December 21, 2015) – Camden Town Brewery today announced that it is partnering with Anheuser-Busch InBev (AB InBev) to pave the way for further growth and expansion. The partnership will enable Camden Town Brewery, the London-based producer of Hells Lager and Gentleman’s Wit, to expand its operations, bringing more of its popular canned, bottled and kegged beer to more people. The deal will see AB InBev acquire Camden Town Brewery.

    Founded by Jasper Cuppaidge, the owner of The Horseshoe pub in Hampstead, Camden Town Brewery started full production in 2010. From an original staff of three people, it now employs a team of 95 and has sold 12 million pints in 2015. Their beers are available in over 1000 pubs, bars, restaurants and retailers around the UK, as well as further afield in Sweden, Australia and Japan.

    The deal follows a successful bid by Camden Town Brewery to raise capital via crowd funding and will support the company’s plan to build a second brewery in London, employing 30 more people and meeting growing demand for its products. The partnership will enable Camden Town Brewery to brew more of its own distinctive beers and continue to innovate, while maintaining its focus on quality.

    Jasper Cuppaidge said: “Our growth has been phenomenal. To keep up with the demand for our distinctive beers we’ve had to look at expanding our brewing capacity and team. AB InBev is going to be our strategic partner, helping us maintain the character and quality of our beers, while giving us access to the investment we need to drive Camden to being ever more successful at home and abroad.

    Opportunities like this come rarely. We believe we must have the ambition to grab this opportunity and turn Camden Town Brewery, and the quality it stands for, from being an outstanding London brewer to being a world famous one.”

    Iain Newell, European Director of Specialities & Craft, AB InBev, said: “We have a passion for great beer. Camden Town is a creative business with a great range of brands that will complement our existing portfolio. We will support their ambitious plans for the future, using our expertise and global distribution network to help them get their great beer to more people.”

    The deal is expected to close by 7th January 2016, following which Camden Town Brewery will become a wholly-owned subsidiary of AB InBev. Terms of the agreement are not being disclosed.

    About Camden Town Brewery
    Camden Town is one of London’s most exciting brewers. Its products include Hells – the flagship brand which accounts for approximately 50% of sales – Camden Pale Ale, Gentleman’s Wit, Pils, Unfiltered Hells, Ink and India Hells Lager. For more information visit or check out the company on twitter, facebook or instagram.

    About AB InBev UK
    AB InBev UK Ltd is the UK trading subsidiary of Anheuser-Busch InBev SA/ NV, a Belgian-based public traded company (Euronext: ABI) and global top five consumer goods company. In the UK, AB InBev employs nearly 1,000 people in our two breweries and local headquarters. We are proud to offer the UK’s leading premium beer and cider brands, including global brands Budweiser®, Corona® and Stella Artois®; international brands Beck’s®, Leffe®, and Hoegaarden®; and local champions Bass® and Boddingtons®. We are a founding member of the Portman Group, member of the British Beer and Pub Association, supporter of the Drinkaware Trust, have partnered with the Alcohol Education Trust and are a signatory to a number of pledges as part of the Public Health Responsibility Deal. We have set ourselves the goal through our people, products and work to be the Best Beer Company Bringing People Together for a Better World. Learn more at or on Twitter through @ABInBevUKI_News.

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    I am sure the move will not impact their average to mediocre quality output
    but will increase the number of people with access to their products
    and increase the number of legal proceedings, court cases &
    their ability to sue even more brewers than at present.
  3. EmperorBevis

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    Also this move has led to Brewdog bars no longer stocking Camden Town products
    In turn on twitter someone asked big cheese James
    'When will Brewdog be too big & corporate to stock their own stuff'
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    This is quite sad. I have only had limited exposure to Camden Town being new to London, but I guess I don't have to pursue it further.
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    Camden Town Brewery are suing me claiming sole rights to make jokes about them taking legal action for comic effect
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    You're on fire the neet bud
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    Camden Town aren't "one of London’s most exciting brewers". Their brewery is fully automated, and most of the stuff they churn out is only required to be passable enough for people who fall for the marketing to be able to tell themselves how edgy and cultured they are. Their business practices are poor as hell, they have no wit and are rather ungentlemanly to boot.
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    Sounds like a perfect fit.
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    and don't forget much is contract brewed in Germany.
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    never really buy them as it is, places that stock them mostly have more interesting choices available. I also recall that they threatened weird beard with a lawsuit for naming a beer Camden Town beard, which was then renamed kuntish town. I did see recently in m&s a couple of women going crazy over the Camden pale ale going 'that's the one that we like!!"
  12. Ruds

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    There's nothing wrong with the majority of beers CT produces, I've never had a dud from them.

    They just saw a gap in the market and targeted it well ... namely the lager drinker.

    They make good lagers in my book. There is nothing average or mediocre about their quality but for your average beer nerd, lagers aren't the most exciting offering.

    Their India Hells is solid summer crushing juice.
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  13. CwrwAmByth

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    Their Hells lager certainly tastes average. I'd rank it roughly the same as the cheaper German helles you get. And that was my opinion of it before the legal business too. Not a dud but unadventurous and seemingly striving for mediocrity.
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    Just found out about this myself on wow247 (link below)

    Got to say I agree with @EmperorBevis The beer was pretty mediocre @CwrwAmByth... def hits the nail on the head it was mass produced before this deal so not a real change in the grand scheme.

    The thing that sticks out for me though is what they say in the wow247 article... is this gonna be like the early nineties and this move marks the beginning of the macros hovering up the smaller guy.
  15. CwrwAmByth

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    Well I think Ruds is right in that they spotted the gap in the market, to cater for the lager drinkers, so the deal makes business sense as they'll be able to get their stuff to people who want some thing vaguely different but not the adventure or excitement a lot of beer lovers like you'd find here or on RB. It's a different attitude to a lot of breweries too. At least there will probably continue to be a good demand for a lot of quality and variety that will make microbreweries economically viable.
  16. Melvintrude

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    They're my standard 'couple of pints before the football' brew in SW10. Nothing special ( a bit like the football currently)

    Their previous round of investment raising was quite amusing; Valueless shares for wannabe hipster twats " I like, own a brewery, yeah?"
  17. CwrwAmByth

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  18. Aye

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    That's why I love this forum. Camden are/were deathly dull as fucking ditchwater and certainly weren't in it for the love of beer. Is Jasper The Grasper staying on to be a shill and mouthpiece to UberMegaPissSwillCorps?

    P.S Meantime suck balls too
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    At least Brewdog do make some decent one-off/seasonal/collaboration beers, and their bars are pretty good, if a bit pricey. Wankerish branding/rhetoric aside of course.
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    Too right!
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    There's even an article on Zythophile about it
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