Can anyone offer advice on how I can put together a bottle share?

Discussion in 'Beer Talk' started by manillaroad, Dec 15, 2016.

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  1. manillaroad

    manillaroad (0) Jun 5, 2016 Florida

    I don't know many people IRL that are really into craft beer, but I would love to get together with people somewhere and share and enjoy some different beers from out of my collection.

    How hard do you think it would be to put together a small bottle share between people from this site? It doesn't need to be an über whale share, but beers of good quality that are maybe somewhat limited. I have some beers of my own that I could share too, of course.
  2. deford

    deford (0) Nov 11, 2013 California

    Don't go big the first time...just have a couple people over for a few beers. Don't put any pressure on yourself...that takes all the fun out of'll come in time....enjoy!!
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  3. lester619

    lester619 (0) Apr 17, 2009 Wisconsin

    There might be a specific forum for that kind of thing on here, I'm not sure. Other than that, you pretty much just did it. Throw it out there and see if anyone in your area would be interested. This is the place to find people that would be into it.
  4. Scott17Taylor

    Scott17Taylor (0) Oct 28, 2013 Iowa
    Society Trader

    First search if there are any in your area. There is one every month at a brewery by me, if not find a byob place you can host it at. I'm sure you'd have plenty of people who would be excited to join. I'd make sure you make it clear that it's not a whale share so no one brings a big bottle expecting everyone else to do the same.
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  5. Jmorey

    Jmorey (0) Feb 10, 2015 Michigan

    This is exactly how we formed our group.

    Someone put a post in the regional forum for our area. We all said that sounds great and had a google doc to sign up. It took us awhile but we eventually set up our first share. 9 guys I think? Maybe 10? And put away about 23 bombers. Ha. It was a good night. For some reason we went to hopcat afterwards. Not the best plan.

    Now we get together every quarter or so for a big share. Someone volunteers their house. We try to make it happen. Sign up sheet. What you're bringing, what you want to try. Snacks. Good. Sometimes wives join us.

    Now we have a FB group to stay up to date on local beer stuff. Where to Find things. Events going on. Someone's just to help someone out who needs a certain beer. Or just to say I am going to be at (blank) anyone want to join. We didn't try but we built a community.

    Also a few of us live close and have similar schedules. So we get together a lot. I see them at least once a week. Either meeting at one of our places for a few beers, at a brewery, bar, or tapping in town, or we go to beer releases and events together. Heck, that's what I am going to do right after I finish typing this. :slight_smile:

    Now I trade for beer or buy things because I specifically want to drink it wth these guys.

    Throw out a line out there, and find your people.

    Good chance there might already be a group and all you need is an invite.
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  6. manillaroad

    manillaroad (0) Jun 5, 2016 Florida

    Thanks. I don't really use social media so I won't be searching on Facebook or anything like that. I want to do this in KCMO so I guess I'll make a topic in the Midwest section after I figure out exactly what I want to do.
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  7. sharpski

    sharpski (585) Oct 11, 2010 Oregon
    Society Trader

    Hit that regional forum, I'm sure Kansas City has plenty of people interested. If you don't want to host the first one with all strangers at your house, perhaps a local bottleshop/bar has a small space you can use in exchange for some guaranteed food and drink orders. It takes a little work upfront, but finding a tribe has all sorts of benefits.
  8. manillaroad

    manillaroad (0) Jun 5, 2016 Florida

    That's a really good idea. Thank you.
  9. rightcoast7

    rightcoast7 (335) Apr 2, 2011 Maine

    We started a group the exact same way as @Jmorey described about two and a half years ago. First share was 6 of us, and we now have a group of about 12 people who have all become close friends. We share about every other month, hang out regularly, and often get together with wives/girlfriends as well. It's become an awesome group and all started with a simple post in the Southeast forum.
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  10. Jmorey

    Jmorey (0) Feb 10, 2015 Michigan

    I had forgot, that is what we did as well. We met at a local brewery the first time just to kind of get to know each other.

    Now we often toast to "Not being murderers" and that we found a good group of people.

    One of the guys doesn't use FB at all but his wife does, so she is a member and he checks what is happening from there. Not saying you have to use it. It allowed us to have a private area where we could discuss things, help each other out, post addresses for shares, etc. Things we wouldn't do on an open forum.
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  11. ThisWangsChung

    ThisWangsChung (0) Oct 15, 2011 Maryland

    Another thing to think about that people tend to take for granted:

    Find a place for someone to stay who had to drive a long distance (like, say, 60 miles). Usually the couch will suffice, but it would be a good idea to have a guest room ready for ANOTHER long distance tasting visitor.

    After all, a DUI costs about $10,000 :wink:
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  12. zacky_U

    zacky_U (0) May 22, 2013 Michigan

    Where about's in Michigan do you guys get together?
  13. Jmorey

    Jmorey (0) Feb 10, 2015 Michigan

    East Lansing area
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