Can I request a new beer style be added?

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    I'm trying to gauge if it's possible and at what point it is justtied...

    English Golden Ale. It's an increasingly common style, yet hasn't a category. A few times I've started to write a review of one and thought 'what category should I put this under?'. I believe I've previously used English Mild Ale, and perhaps English IPA, perhaps even American IPA if it's strikingly floral/fruity.

    In fact it's a sub-genre of English Bitter, but to me quite distrinctlively different. The British Beer Judge Certification Programme list it as a distinct style from English Bitter. In brief, paler colour and usually more exotic hops, even US exotic hops (ie more comtempory/IPA vs a 'trad' English Bitter).

    These golden ales are cropping up a lot these days, a specific defined and formal category here might better keep them from being listed under other and erroneous styles.
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    I thought that a thread had been started a while ago to collect suggestions for styles to be added to the BA site, and was going to suggest that you add your request to the 'list'. But I glanced thru the list of threads from my search for threads with 'style' in the title and didn't find it.[title_only]=1&c[node]=34

    Probably if you were to read every thread you'd see a comment that BA is going to revise the list in the future, so your thread will add to the notes being collected. Something does need to be done to avoid the situations that you describe. We just need to be patient.
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    This is the thread in question:

    The request to add English Golden Ale has been made in this post:

    I wouldn't hold my breath for an update though, it keeps getting delayed and is obviously not a priority. Which is a real shame because BA desperately lacks such major styles as Kettle Sour Ale, Imperial New England IPA, English Golden Ale and others right now.