Can You Taste the Music? Breweries and Bands Collaborate on Beers Inspired by Song

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  2. Ssmith999

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    3 Floyds has been doing this for years. Sorry to see no mention of them here.

    Ragnarok- porter with Amon Amarth is probably the oldest I can remember. They have many since...collabs with Pig Destroyer, Eyehategod, At The Gates, Cannibal Corpse, Obituary, Municipal Waste, High On Fire, Exodus...
  3. BBSpencer

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    Thanks for reading, Ssmith999... and yeah man, familiar with 3 Floyds' pioneering work in this arena. For this story we chose to focus on some of the "newer" collaborations, or the second (or even third) wave, if you will, with the sort-of exception being the Clutch re-release. That brief nod in there to the traditional crossover of metal/craft was certainly, in part, directed in 3 Floyds' direction. Cheers.
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  4. Ranbot

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    Nice write-up and longer than most of BA's stories. Well done.

    On the subject of creating signature beers for concert venues, Gwar has partnered with Cigar City for at least the last 3 years to make a signature beer for the annual Gwar-BBQ music festival.

    We've discussed in the forums how music/beer collaborations are mainly with heavy metal bands, and as a fan of metal and craft beer, it's all fine by me. It still surprises me though how the relatively niche metal genre outnumbers all other music genres collectively for these beer collaborations. Beer is a fairly universal drink, so I feel like music artists of Country, Rap, Pop, Electronic etc. might be missing out on something big here.
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  5. BaronVonBoilsOver

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    Very cool article. Something I've always believed and have tried to implement into any brewing programs I've been apart of. I've been lucky enough to be involved with the development of signature beers like Slayers 666 RED ALE from Nils Oscar brewery out of Nyköping Sweden as well as GHOST and I'm Flames, all facilitated by an amazing group of women out of Stockholm who started the company "Brands For Fans" and take this theory of music and drink as the core value of the company. I also love the concept of pairing music and beer, just the same as you would food and beer. I'd even go as far as to say that music and sound waves themselves can have a direct influence on the brewing process itself and even certain frequencies can effect fermentation stages in different ways. Beer is alive and wants to boogie!
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  6. afrokaze

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    I was hoping there'd be some mention of music other than metal, but no luck. Not even the Positive Contact collab between Dogfish Head and Dan The Automator from 2011? Run the Jewels did a collab with Goose Island for their last tour/album, and have another one one the way this year with a different brewery. There are plenty of hip hop inspired beers out there too, if not necessarily collabs. There's some good ones here: Even Sante Adairius did one last year called MF Choom. There are plenty from other genres too that deserve attention here.
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  7. Todd

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    Many of the replies here and elsewhere seem to be missing the point, because many seem too hung up on the fact that their preferred brewery-band collaboration isn't mentioned. As I read it, the piece isn't just about collaborating to make a beer wherein its name and label art might be the only real connection. It's much deeper than that, and acknowledges that the act of brewery-band collaboration isn't new, as the blurb suggests:
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  8. BeerPugz

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    Band-Brewery collabs are just a cash grab by both said band and brewer. Hell, it's even trickling down to wines (Wongraven, Slayer, Motorhead, Papa Emeritus, Tool/APC, AC/DC, E-40). Limp Bizkit (more like Fred Durst) has vodka. AC/DC also has tequila. Yada yada, yawn. This is just like Michael Jordan cologne (remember that from your childhood?! =]) and all the other countless celebrity frags. Hulk Hogan has a grill too!

    Lookout for the Killswitch Engage beer in April! <-- What a joke. I'll hunt for KBS.

    But everyone has a difference of opinion. The above is mine.
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  9. kidzord

    kidzord Zealot (505) May 7, 2013 Illinois

    Maybe I'm "missing the point" as everyone else, but my first thought as well. Just surprised to see no mention of one of the breweries who have been doing this the longest and most consistently. All the bands mentioned above as well as Pelican, Lair of the Minotaur, Mastodon, Corrosion of Conformity, Skeletonwitch... more I'm surely missing.
  10. danscott

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    Another interesting aspect of this trend is that many of these beers are never packaged, but are omnipresent at music festivals. Phish, for example, teamed up with Sierra Nevada to make FOAM Pilsner which is generally only available at shows or at a local bar when Phish is in town for a show. SN has produced a number of beers for both fests (Outside Lands, Bonnaroo) and bands (Mother Hips).

    Cool story.
  11. Keene

    Keene Initiate (0) Sep 11, 2009 Washington

    Yep. Anchor's Brotherhood Steam, made with the Chris Robinson Brotherhood, is another example.
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  12. ppp

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    Certainly in the UK, the one that everyone is trying to emulate is the Iron Maiden beer, Trooper, which has been a massive commercial success - over 15 million pints in less than 4 years. It's not some arcane thing that's only found at music festivals, it's in most supermarkets and some huge proportion (85%?) is exported. It obviously helps that they're a band with a hugely loyal fanbase (and well-established branding), and that their fans are more likely to drink beer than say Spice Girl fans. But it does seem to have broken out to some extent - a crossover hit to use the music industry phrase.

    It means that some bands are now taking the brand extension thing quite seriously as a commercial venture - Madness have set up their own brewery, although I think at the moment they are brewing at Portobello.

    Most disappointing has to be the New Order beer brewed by Moorhouse.
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  13. Stoutmaster9

    Stoutmaster9 Aspirant (285) Dec 30, 2016 California

    Rather glad someone mentioned the Iron Maiden brew, looking forward to that one! The pints from England tend to be grand, but alas, do not seem to travel well (California Hobbit here!) ... Or perhaps, in an alternate reality, the barley wine Old Nick could inspire a metal band!
  14. Psilo

    Psilo Initiate (0) Jul 11, 2017 California

    I recall a beer being sold at last year's Coachella with a name paying tribute to LCD Soundsystem's "Dance Yrself Clean". Don't know how involved the band was. Too bad you couldn't take it out of the beer garden to enjoy with the music, as I agree that there's something special about the combination.
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