Can’t get service for my True TDB 24-48…

Discussion in 'Home Bar' started by shrinkhead, Dec 16, 2021.

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    so after 7 years of excellent service my True TDB-24-48 stopped cooling. first I thought it was the temp controller but switching it out did not do anything. Everything is running as it should in terms of compressor being ON and fans operating and coils being clean. I called a million service guys but the residential guys don’t work on it since it’s a commercial unit and the commercial guys don’t work on it since it’s in a residence. Go figure.

    anyone has any suggestion/ recommendation for a service tech for this situation in Boston area ?

    lastly the course of events was as follows: leading up to the failure I noticed a few days before that the cans felt like had warmed and then cooled rapidly as they were a little wet to the touch. Then the internal temp went up to 45F and after that down to freezing. following this the unit stopped working. coils are not frozen btw and the drip tray is empty too. my current guess is a Freon leak but if that’s not it I have no clue.
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    Welcome to BeerAdvocate @shrinkhead :beers:

    The downside.....this forum doesn't get as much participation as some of the other BA forums, and your concerns might not be addressed pronto.
    On the upside, there are folks here who are knowledgeable in refrigeration and in True products specifically. My guess is you'll get some helpful feedback.
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    This is a clear sign of refrigerant being low . . . I'm guessing it's running constantly and inside temp is same as outside.

    This is a clear sign of defective thermostat . . . the cooling operation is working but the regulator is defective.

    But if you've replaced thermostat that rules this out . . . so your symptoms don't make sense.

    My suggestion is to contact a refrig-serviceman individually, maybe when they're on a call and out of office. Ask them if they'll take a look and offer 50 bucks an hour* (which is more than their boss is paying them but less than an official call). Let capitalism solve your problem. I mean who isn't looking for extra dough around Xmas?

    *make sure they know you're paying cash . . .
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    Do the true units have a service port by the compressor? You could buy a cheap gauge set and check the charge.