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    Hi folks,

    I found one thread that lasted a few years but not much new thread activity. My wife and I will be in Cape Town (de Waterkant region) at the end of June. We're flying from northern California and might (not certain) pack some beer to bring with us and share. Aside from that possibility, we're always looking for beer bars/restaurants to taste the local beers and food. Any leads would be appreciated.

    cheers, John
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    I think I replied on the prior SA thread. I lived there a couple years back, so it's possible my info would be dated. But...

    First and foremost South Africa is a wine country. If that's your thing, you are going to love it (go to Stellenbosch). Pinotage there is what got me to drink wine at all (previously only enjoyed beer).

    That said, the craft beer movement was starting to come on stronger there. In Cape Town, you are going to have endless options for food and drink. You have to go to the Beerhouse on Long Street. Fun bar to meet people from around the world, and a beer selection that is second to none in the country. There's also the Cape Brewing Company CBC which shares the venue with a winery (Spice Route, I believe it was called). To be honest, I wasn't too impressed with their beers but was one of the few nearby breweries at the time.

    Hope this helps. Anyway, you are going to love Cape Town - possibly the most beautiful city in the world. Cheers!