Carlsberg to trial 8,000 bio-based beer bottles across Europe

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    That sounds to me like it's a cousin of plasticized cardboard i.e. beer in a bottle-shaped box, but we've got to start somewhere to reduce our carbon footprint. I'd use these 'bottles' without hesitation.
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    If it doesn’t affect the taste or experience of the beer, I’m fine with it. However, if we have to sacrifice any aspect of product quality I wouldn’t be in favor of using these. Cheers.
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    Of course, don't know how it is in Denmark but in the US, "recyclable" does not mean it can easily be recycled by the consumer. Take for instance those plastic PakTech 4- and 6-pack holders. Right on 'em they say "RECYCLED & RECYCLABLE - 100% rHDPE" but most town/counties can't recycle them and won't accept them.

    Instead, they expect me to drive 20 miles or so (w/$5 gasoline) and just give them to a brewery - which will probably reuse the ones that are the correct color (?) - and give the rest to PakTech. So I'm "donating" to the bottom line of the brewery and some big plastic manufacturer? Hey, gimme a cut.* (Obviously, if one routinely buys their beer at a brewery that accepts them, it's not quite as burdensome).

    This is an interesting aspect of aluminum cans - which, as we've all heard, are easily recycled. When they first replaced steel cans in the 1960s, contrary to what one would expect, some early environmentalists weren't too keen on them. From a 1964 "outdoor" column:
    * (Ever try to "recycle" Styrofoam 'peanuts'? I had several lawn-sized garbage bags full and the recycling websites said to bring them to a UPS or FedEx retail store and give them to them. Wait? Don't they buy them for their own use? But I should just give mine to some huge corporation so they can save money?

    I had several beer boxes full of VCR tapes after my parents died. Checked the county recycling website and found a place that accepted them. OK. Drove 20 miles, put down my two cases of tapes and began to get in my truck when the guy says, "Wait. I gotta count them. They're 50¢ each."

    "Fifty cents each? I'm gonna make out on this deal!" I think to myself.

    No, they wanted me to PAY half a buck for every tape they were going to "recycle"...)
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    Keep in mind you are paying them to shift the risk of who is going to get caught throwing them into the river, aka “recycling”, from you to them.
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    Indeed. The gulf between CAN be recycled and WILL be recycled is VERY wide. That is why I have cut down greatly on plastic packaging, and discontinued entirely putting plastic into "recycling"bin (or trash), and instead re-use or compact and store all I end up with. So far four years worth, compacted into plastic containers, and those in cardboard boxes, takes up about four square feet of space in a corner of the garage. Better solutions for plastic are in the works, and I will "recycle" plastic when they come on line locally.

    And for packing peanuts (styro only), UPS store WILL take as many as you can bring in if they're clean and dry.
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