Cascade Brewing releases Tropical Grasslands, its first sour beer in a can

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    PORTLAND, Ore. –– Jan. 13, 2020 –– Cascade Brewing, a pioneer of the sour beer renaissance, is releasing its first sour beer in a can. Tropical Grasslands is available in single 12 ounce cans starting today at both Cascade Brewing pubs in Portland; four packs are available through very limited distribution in California, Oregon, Washington and Idaho. This beer will not be available on draft.

    Tropical Grasslands is a Gose-style ale aged in oak barrels for up to 10 months then infused with fresh orange zest, fresh lemongrass, ground coriander and Oregon Coast sea salt (5% ABV).

    "Tropical Grasslands is the first in a new series of canned sours that are designed to be crisp, easy-drinking sours with clean and complex flavors,” explained Kevin Martin, director of brewery operations for Cascade Brewing. "With soft acidity and fresh flavors, this canned series will be a great gateway sour for those new to sour beer, and will also appeal to the sour beer connoisseur looking for a softer approach to the style.”

    Unlike Cascade Brewing’s bottled sour beers, Tropical Grasslands and future canned sour beers are meant to be consumed fresh, not aged. For more information, visit and engage socially at @CascadeBrewing.

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    Actually sounds pretty good. Cascade does some proper mixed fern stuff, and this sounds like a well thought out beer
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    It does sound good, and it's one I'd like to trry. Unfortunately though I don't recall seeing any Cascade beers in my neck of the woods. Oh well, maybe I'll come across some at some point during my travels. Best wishes to Cascade on a successful new beer.
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    These guys specialize in the "Wild/Gose" so this might be worth checking out. Thanks for the heads up Todd!
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    Cascade used to be in my area of California, Orange Country, but haven’t seen them in awhile. They used to be highly sought after if I recall correctly or at least some their beers. Then I think people got tired of super sour beers for $30.
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    Their stuff only shows up here at high end shops and only occasionally. Ultimately I think these "slow sour" type beers have a pretty narrow market sliver due to their unique flavors that are not for everyone all the time and their inevitably high price point. Be interested to see what this beer retails for?
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    Me too. There's nothing I could find about the beer on their website.

    I agree with your take on their sours as well. I find some of them interesting to try from time to time, but the sour component is pretty intense in many of their sours (with a pretty noticeable vinegar flavor at times), and the price point is daunting as well. I used to go over to the Cascade barrel house pub downtown from time to time to sample some of their sours, but even that became a bit too rich for my blood after a while. I just didn't like the beers enough to want to pay the sort of prices they were charging (for even just a small pour).
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