Cask Ale NYC? Preferably traditional British Styles

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  1. jmerriken

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    Hello, I am traveling to NYC in a few weeks and I have a love for traditional British Cask Ales. I am staying near Greenwich Village. I had some cask ale at Spotted Pig the last time I was there, very nice! Any other recommendations would be appreciated. I probably wouldn't be willing to travel much further than Brooklyn or the north end of Central Park. Thanks!
  2. Feaor

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    The Grand Delancey has two cask lines, it also has a killer taplist in general, might be the best bar in Manhattan for craft beer.
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  4. BoardwalkBock

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    Blind Tiger *usually* has a cask but I’ve only seen a british ale on once or twice. They did have Von Trapp Helles on cask back in November which was stellar. Since you’ll be in GV, I’d just stop in to check. Their tap list is usually stellar.

    Haven’t been to Grand Delancey yet but I’ve heard great things.
  5. rozzom

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    Just to warn you that more and more these days, the Spotted Pig Bitter is old/stale and often sour. You may get lucky, but I’d ask for a taster first.

    I’d “fourth” Grand Delancey as the overall pick - they’ve had something from Fyne Ales available since they opened. Gingerman definitely has British or British style stuff on cask from time to time (unfortunately right now though there’s a triple ipa....). Blind Tiger doesn’t know how to handle casks well, and anyway I’m not sure I’ve ever seen anything British/British style but I guess given location and if boardwalk says he’s seen one once or twice it’s worth a shot. Shakespeare sounds interesting but still never been. Spuyten Duyvil in Brooklyn can have one from time to time. Breslin (same owners as spotted pig) have cask but same issues as SP
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    I'm planning on heading to Grand Delancey tomorrow so can't speak for them yet. Cask Bar & Kitchen had two on cask when I checked them out about a month ago. The last couple times I've had cask at Gingerman, it's been served freakishly cold for cask. I'm looking back and Blind Tiger does serve English styles sometimes. Coniston Bluebird Bitter and Harviestoun Old Engine Oil are a couple I had there in the past and yes the Von Trapp Helles was excellent.
  7. Padraig

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    Two Hearted on cask in Grand Delancey last week was superb. Have also had Jarl and another Fyne I can't recall there which were both in great condition.

    I've just about gotten over the sparklers. They also use Aitken fonts which I guess must be pretty rare in the US?
  8. rozzom

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    They do? I could have sworn they had fairly standard hand pulls when I went on opening day. Maybe they changed or i just wasn't paying attention
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  9. Feaor

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    They definitely don't unless they've changed it in the last few weeks. I've only ever been to one place even in Scotland that has them.
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  10. rozzom

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    yeah those things always stick out to me because like you I’ve only seen them once or twice - in Scotland - one being at the pub in Gullane me and the boys had a few pints at before going to the church to get hitched! that was the first time I saw them and I initially thought “they’re serving landlord from a fucking keg?!”
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  11. zid

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    Here's their setup from last month:

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    yeah - not aitken fonts
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