Cellador Ales is closing at the end of 2022

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  1. annakarina

    annakarina Aspirant (221) Jul 29, 2016 California

    From a recent email:


    As wholesale customers and some of our biggest supporters, we want you to be among the first to hear. Unfortunately, after six and a half years in business, Cellador Ales will be closing our production space and taproom location at the end of this year. While we are still exploring options to keep Cellador up and running in a new location, that future is uncertain.

    Sara and I write this email with some sadness but more than anything, we feel gratitude to all of you for all of your support.

    Let us start by saying thank you!!! Before anything else, thank you so much. To every single person who has supported us and helped us over the years, I’m so grateful for this experience; for being able to share myself and my art through this brewery, and for being a part of the exciting and supportive culture of craft beer in Los Angeles. It's such a cool community of passionate people who love what they do. And we want to give an extra big shout out to our club members. Every single year, your support and trust are what made this whole project possible. And to all our employees over the years; thank you for your time and dedication and the exceptionally high standards you met as the ambassadors of Cellador Ales.

    It’s been a long six and a half years with many ups and downs. Holy fuck, it’s astounding how much and how quickly things can change, and in ways you would never have guessed. Obviously, the pandemic is at the top of that list of ground-shattering upheavals. At the beginning of Covid, I couldn't imagine how the brewery would survive, but we adapted and made some tough decisions, and made it through the first two years. But...something I can’t quite put my finger on has been rippling through the industry in 2022; It has unexpectedly been the toughest year since the pandemic started, for us, and apparently many other small breweries.

    We came to the decision to close our doors through the confluence of many factors. Financial issues, lease issues, personal life changes, and more. It is important to us to get out in front of it, come up with a plan, and not have to make decisions out of desperation.

    Closing this location, like the beer we make, will be a slow process. We will be running the taproom through the end of 2022. We still have a lot of exciting beers to release, and we want to make sure that we honor our commitment to 2022 Syndicate and Cellar Door Club members to have a full year of benefits, and to release all of the remaining allocations that were promised.

    I love all of you. I’m sad to be closing this chapter, but also excited to see what will be next. If you see me please come give me a big hug.

    I hope the beers have brought pleasure and joy and fun to you and your family and friends. Please come visit as much as you can before the end of the year. And hopefully we can work out finding a new location or keeping the brand alive somehow.


    Kevin Osborne
    Founder / Blender

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  2. pants678

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  3. skelliott

    skelliott Initiate (77) Jul 2, 2013 California

    Well this sucks.
  4. elNopalero

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    Ufff. Are we watching an industry-wide shakeup?

    I don’t think it’s parents with kids, or millennials and their hard seltzers.
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  5. AlexM

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    Argh, sucks!
  6. sloejams

    sloejams Crusader (750) Oct 8, 2004 Oregon

    Bummer - I have fond memories of visiting their spot when I was working in the Valley. I've only recently started seeing their beers up here in Oregon, I'll have to pick some up.
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  7. thuey

    thuey Defender (624) Nov 13, 2015 California

    Kevin's a really down-to-earth guy, in the conversations I've had with him. Sorry to hear this news for him and Sara, but hope they make a comeback in the future. It's a tough time in general.
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  8. annakarina

    annakarina Aspirant (221) Jul 29, 2016 California

    I was on the fence about Friends Fest this year but bought a VIP ticket after I saw the email.
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  9. UnknownKoger

    UnknownKoger Defender (625) Jul 9, 2010 California

    Just saw this email. I only made the drive out to Cellador a couple of times, but everytime I've had one of their beers, I've always enjoyed it. Shame to see them go and hope they can start a new venture down the line
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  10. SoCalBeerIdiot

    SoCalBeerIdiot Crusader (708) Mar 10, 2013 California

    I could be way off, but I felt like the craft beer industry was already reaching a critical mass with the # of breweries and offerings right before COVID hit.

    Then after it hit, I just feel like a lot of people re-evaluated what's important to them and, as a result, there are fewer beer nerds out there willing to carry 3-4 memberships at a time, fewer of us that prioritize hitting up tap rooms every weekend, and fewer of us to hype up beer releases.

    Also, as a Customer Service Manager, I can tell you--lots of customers fucking suck these days. Entitled, spoiled brats ready to try and put you out of business for any perceived sleight are everywhere right now. And it's only getting worse. I can't blame anyone who has to deal with customers face-to-face from wanting to find something else to do.
  11. UnknownKoger

    UnknownKoger Defender (625) Jul 9, 2010 California

    After having several memberships five or six years ago, I now have zero. I definitely think that factors in. I think it's also tough to be a sour-centric brewery (pre and post-pandemic). Toolbox, Council, Good Beer Co, Phantom Carriage (though, it seems through no fault of their own)...while more non-sour focused breweries have closed I'm sure, I think it's more difficult to be -- for lack of a better term -- a "one trick pony". If you brew multiple styles, it might be easier to roll with the punches

    Having worked in customer service for a decade and having gotten out several years ago, I can't imagine what it's been like these last few years. People...they're the worst
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  12. Jesseix

    Jesseix Initiate (25) Mar 18, 2022 California

    Just read about this too, such a bummer. Kevin and Alex and all the staff are super cool, and it seemed like they were starting to get a little groove going of events now that things are opening back up. Definitely going to push some buddies and wives harder to come out for Friends Fest now.
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  13. DefenCorps

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    Property Rental costs? Inflation taking a bite out of people's disposable income?
  14. JBogan

    JBogan Savant (911) Jul 15, 2007 California

    Sorry to hear this news. They've made some great beers right from the start. As pointed out a few posts ago, it's got to be tough trying to make a go of it these days, for many different reasons.

    Recently I've wondered how a very similar brewery, Sour Cellars in Rancho Cucamonga, is able to make it. I hope they are able to ride out this storm. Here's wishing all the best to the good folks at Cellador.
  15. annakarina

    annakarina Aspirant (221) Jul 29, 2016 California

    Cellador's one of my favorite breweries but I definitely haven't visited as much as I'd have liked because over the past few years sours really fuck with my system, and some of Cellador's in particular can be incredibly sour. I was really happy to hear there would be other styles at Friends Fest this year. Although I'd be completely fine just drinking their slow pour pils.
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  16. Hype_Train

    Hype_Train Initiate (169) Feb 8, 2017 California

    Never went there and only had beers that I've sampled over the years but it sucks when a popular business closes for many reasons. I'm surprised more haven't at this point and I do worry it's only a matter of time if the economy and other factors continue this path.

    Good luck and godspeed Cellador!
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  17. mhucker28

    mhucker28 Initiate (81) Apr 24, 2020 California

    This news really sucks. I hope they can work out something before the end of the year but I’ll be sure to stock up and visit them as often as I can in the meantime.
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  18. dcgunman

    dcgunman Meyvn (1,348) Jul 1, 2009 California
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    Need more than just sours. Sorry to hear.
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  19. Resistance88

    Resistance88 Zealot (515) Apr 9, 2015 California

    They have one of the best Pilsners ive ever had.

    The Slow Pour they do is god tier.

    The place was a 6 minute drive from my mom's house, but everytime i left there i felt like a damned fool .
    I always spent too much money here, but my wife loves sours and horsebeers.

    1) They were Expensive
    2) They're far as fuck
    3) i think it's hard to have a big local scene when most of your beers taste like Matsumoto Warheads( joke)
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  20. AyeDogg

    AyeDogg Aspirant (205) Oct 29, 2015 California

    Way too far for me, 50 minute drive heading west with no traffic. Maybe a closer to the greater LA tasting room could of helped them a couple years ago.
  21. HopHead84

    HopHead84 Poo-Bah (3,767) Nov 29, 2006 California
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    I like this place, but you had to drink the sours fresh or they became brutally acidic, in my experience.
  22. Yabu

    Yabu Disciple (300) Feb 4, 2015 California

    Did they ever can that?

    Cellador Ales is about 20mins from my home, but rarely since my friends don't like sours. I had been hoping they would start doing IPAs, but now might be too late.
  23. Resistance88

    Resistance88 Zealot (515) Apr 9, 2015 California

    I dont think they ever canned it

    You should go enjoy one by yourself one day. You'll regret not going once they close. Take a crowler with you of the pilsner and save it
  24. aventinus

    aventinus Initiate (19) Jan 4, 2022 Oregon

    Thankfully slow pour Pilsner will live on. It was just Brouwerij West's Popfuji... just poured slow. Was surprised it wasn't Macleod's Van Ice Pils, since that was the brewery brewing Kevin's recipes, but that yeast BW is using is so aromatic, so I see why. I wonder if BW will consider a slow pour option at their place. Until then, Popfuji is in four packs, so you can enjoy it at home!
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  25. Resistance88

    Resistance88 Zealot (515) Apr 9, 2015 California

    Id rather die than bring a 5% beer can into my fridge.

    I never knew it was Popfuji. I see it all over but i have 0 interest in a pint can. Drinking one at Cellador is different.

    I think i timed them once..took more than 5 minutes to pour.

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  26. annakarina

    annakarina Aspirant (221) Jul 29, 2016 California

    Friends Fest was a blast but these wrist bands were a bit much.

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  27. Jesseix

    Jesseix Initiate (25) Mar 18, 2022 California

    I was bummed to miss it, fuggin Covid…
    How was the turnout?
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  28. ComradePalmer

    ComradePalmer Initiate (196) Jul 27, 2015 California

    Decent turn out at the friends first. No real lines for any pour and plenty of beers were flowing.

    But the burger vendor ran out of food for a bit and there wasn’t enough restrooms for the crowd.
  29. annakarina

    annakarina Aspirant (221) Jul 29, 2016 California

    The beers were all really good. My favorite were the Wild Barrel Mission Impechable, Craftsman Third Flor, Modem Tones Aged in Librarian Barrels with Vanilla, and Smog City French Twist.

    My only issues were only having two food vendors was disappointing after there were several more at the previous Friends Fest and more seating would've been nice. It seemed like the tables inside and the few seating spots outside were occupied by the same people the entire time and they never got up for other groups to sit.
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  30. Jesseix

    Jesseix Initiate (25) Mar 18, 2022 California

    Went to an event at Cellador a few weeks ago and they were in the process of clearing out the barrel room (they're keeping the front of house space). Alex mentioned that they have been looking around for possible new spaces, so hopefully they'll be able to work something out... this is the latest update from their email today:

    What's happening right now?
    We are still open in our taproom in North Hills. We've had to give up the barrel room, but our taproom will continue to operate until the end of December, 2022. Everything in barrels was bottled/canned/kegged, so we've got plenty of beer, and have got releases lined up almost weekly through the rest of the year!

    What's the future look like?
    That's still TBD. I've been pounding the pavement and looking for locations. The most likely scenario is one in which we sublease some space from an existing brewery that's got the room to spare and then get a taproom back open ASAP. There are definitely interesting prospects. Conversations are happening and are ongoing. Nothing is ready to send to print.

    I deeply appreciate all the support and messages we've received since announcing the closure of our North Hills brewery. I hope we'll continue to see you at our North Hills location, and that I'll have a new spot to invite you in to soon!