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    I recently moved to Point Pleasant, NJ and I was wondering if anyone had recommendations for bottle shops in central Jersey, especially out east. I don't mind travelling if it's a really great place, though.
    I had a favorite bottle shop in Maryland called Stateline Liquors (highly recommend if you're in the area). They have 35 beers on tap and they allow you to break 6 packs and cases, so you can get singles of any beer they carry. I'd love to find something like this in my area, so please please let me know if you know of a place like this is New Jersey. Or any place that has an extensive build-your-own-6 selection.
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    Welcome to the Ocean County, the heart of the Jersey Shore!

    A go-to favorite bottle shop for me is Wegman’s on Rt. 35 in Ocean Twp., Monmouth County. An easy ride from Pt. P. There’s a nice selection of NJ brews and they’re generally quite fresh. The place is huge. Lots of singles and mix-six choices, too.

    There’s also a Joe Canal’s on Rt. 70 in Brick, very close to you. Check the IPAs for freshness.

    And just about any Spirits Unlimited location will do. I like the one on Brick Blvd. near the Silverton border and the Crossroads location, corner of Rts. 37 and 166 in TR. Both have growler fill stations.

    Cheers and good hunting!
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    Well, in NJ a liquor store has to have a specific license (Plenary Retail Consumption License with Broad Package Privilege - "32") to sell growlers, and many do not. Of some of the stores I frequent that did sell growlers, that section of the store is now just storage. (Not sure if it's a result of the pandemic or just customers moving on).

    I can't think of any that allow breaking up of any 6 packs or cases for single purchases, but they probably exist but more common are "Single Sections". I usually ignore them.

    When I go to PP these days (often, all my in-laws live there), I stop into the Spirits Unlimited on Rt. 35.
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    Thank you so much! Wegman's on 35 and Joe Canals on 70 are both great, I've sort of stumbled on them before. I'm going to try to check out the Tom's River Spirits today if I get the chance. Spirits usually is pretty solid. The one right down the street from me (Corner of Brick Ave and 88) has a pretty good selection too FYI, and of you ask nicely they sometimes sell singles of beers from 4 and 6 packs!
    I went into the rt 35 spirits yesterday a d they had a decent selection for sure, but not a lot of singles. Oh well, I guess breaking 6s and 12s isn't super likely in the area. I wonder if I could find something like that further north.