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Discussion in 'South Atlantic' started by BeerPrince22, Jun 23, 2022.

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  1. BeerPrince22

    BeerPrince22 Zealot (681) Feb 21, 2016 Illinois

    I am headed to Charlotte in August for a buddies bachelor party. Any recommendations on breweries/beer bars that have a lively crowd in the late afternoon/evening? Preferably a decent outdoor space with good beer. The group is in their late 20/early 30's. Half are beer nerds and the other half couldn't care less.

    I know we will stop at Resident Culture, Burial, Heist and Fonta Flora but can do these during the day if they are more of a beer nerd atmosphere.

    Dinner recommendations are appreciated too. Thanks!!
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  2. Mortal_Wombat

    Mortal_Wombat Pundit (836) Jul 7, 2020 Texas

    Olde Mecklenburg is a must stop. It's not a straight up party but their outdoor area is great and so is the beer.
  3. NoMoreBeerBelly

    NoMoreBeerBelly Pundit (801) Dec 2, 2009 North Carolina

    Lively like a lot of people or lively like people mixing and mingling?

    Resident Culture Southend is the "nightclub" of breweries. No outdoor space. Cocktails, tacos, good beer.

    The Resident Culture Plaza Midwood however is traditional brewery...with covered outside seating facing the east so it is almost all shaded in the evening. Really the only place that meets that criteria in late afternoon in August. Its always "lively" but in a traditional brewery way.

    I really like HopFly as well. But again...the outside seating is facing the west. Full sun until after 7pm.

    Fonta Flora, while a favorite of mine, is typically not that busy and the outdoor space is full August sun. Do NOT go there until the sun is behind the buildings of uptown. Much better in the evening, plus Optimist Hall is busier after dinner.

    Heist (at least Barrel Arts) is never terribly busy which very nice if y'all want to hang out and talk. Some shade, not a ton.

    Birdsong's patio has shade and it usually pretty busy on a nice day. I would say "older" crowd here. Mid-30's+

    Olde Meck has the largest biergarten, some shade trees, and usually busy.

    And last but not least...Sycamore for "the scene". Its busy, ladies are dressed to impress, banker bros getting shitfaced, etc. You don't go there for the world class beers. But its not bad and their very large patio is always busy.

    I would just say this though: It's August in Charlotte. It WILL be oppressively hot. It will be stupid humid. If you are from Illinois...y'all are gonna want to be in the A/C 100% of the time. LOL. I have lived here 23 years and still not used to August.

    Dinner? Good Food On Montford for a nicer dinner. One of the best places in town for a decade+. Midwood BBQ in Plaza Midwood for a casual BBQ dinner in busy spot. Alexander Michaels in uptown when you want a cold, dark place for a great meal when you realize its too f-ing hot out. The Cellar at Duckworths. Awesome speakeasy spot in uptown with amazing tap list, cellar and cocktails. Get a reservation however.
  4. BeerPrince22

    BeerPrince22 Zealot (681) Feb 21, 2016 Illinois

    This is perfect. Very helpful, thank you! And lively as either or you mentioned. Will probably hit all of the places you mentioned. The people in our group who don’t care for beer will probably be all in on Sycamore.

    I am not well in humidity so was already expecting and fearing this lol. I ask sure it will be 15 minutes outside and then inside the rest of the time.
  5. SCbrewpubfan

    SCbrewpubfan Crusader (456) May 27, 2010 North Carolina

    I'd add Salud Cerveceria to your list and Salud bottle shop. Good beers on tap in both places.
  6. Subcontrabass

    Subcontrabass Initiate (0) Jun 21, 2014 North Carolina

    Plus great pizza!
  7. BeerPrince22

    BeerPrince22 Zealot (681) Feb 21, 2016 Illinois

    Rough agenda of places we are planning to hit over 3 days:

    Resident Culture (Plaza Midwood)
    Heist (NoDa)
    Fonta Flora
    Old Meck

    Let me know if any other additions!!
  8. NoMoreBeerBelly

    NoMoreBeerBelly Pundit (801) Dec 2, 2009 North Carolina

    One addition I would add is when you get sick of beer...head to Great Wagon Rd distillery and drink some locally made Irish whiskey. It's quite good and their cocktails are great...or just go for the whiskey shots LOL. They have beer as well for anyone that doesn't do the hard stuff. Pro Tip: Get the whiskey flight...they are very generous pours :-) It is up in Noda, across the street from Divine Barrel Brewery (which is also worth a stop). The owner/distiller is as Irish as it gets and if he is there, you will 100% know who it is without every hearing a description of him.

    More about alternatives based on how the day is going:

    If you are at Old Meck but aren't feeling German food, Protagonist Brewery is directly across the street. Brewery, giant pizza slices, bourbon bar with cocktails, and nice outdoor area so something for everyone.

    Tired of the crowds and want a quiet brewery for a bit? Lower Left Brewery (around corner from Olde Meck).

    Dying from the humidity? Brewers at 4001 Yancy (Victory/SixPoint/Southern Tier tap room). Huge indoor bar/brewery/restaurant. Good food, cocktails, loud and lively. Also in the Olde Meck area.
  9. BeerPrince22

    BeerPrince22 Zealot (681) Feb 21, 2016 Illinois

    For sure will check out the distillery for a change of pace and can stop at Divine too. Thanks!

    How is Suffolk Punch? Solid food, beer and atmosphere?
  10. NoMoreBeerBelly

    NoMoreBeerBelly Pundit (801) Dec 2, 2009 North Carolina

    Atmosphere is millennial hangout along the rail trail. Only ate there once but was kinda drunk from brewery hopping so can't really comment. They do some heavily fruited, must stay frigerated, sours if that is your thing (one of the few, if not the only one doing these) and they have been really good (jawripper series). Rest of their beers are OK but I haven't tried a ton besides the jawrippers. If you are with a group of guys on a bachelor party it will fit the bill as its always busy and lots of young ladies in attendance. If it was a bunch of beer dorks, I would say pass. It is directly across the street from Triple C brewery which is more my (late 40's) style. Laid back, dog friendly, solid beers across the spectrum but you don't go there for the scene.
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